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I was inspired off of some photoshoot pictures of famous actor, Adrien Brody.. who looks a lot like Monty Fiske (Monkey Fist) an English Villain on the tv show, Kim Possible. This picture was drawn off of this picture of Adrien Brody -------> [link]

I couldn't decide on whether to have it colored, or turn it black and white, so I did both.

Monty and Adrien = hottie-hot-hotties 8D

Amount of time.. 3-ish hours. Wasn't paying attention and took breaks and such.

I'll be uploading the production pictures in my scraps soon.

More of these kind of things will be done when summer gets here ;)

<333 Sarah
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Oh my :la:
I've added this in my Monty folder a long time ago and still haven't commented? He's so smexy here, and I can see the reference to Adrien Brody :love:
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Awwwww yeeeeeeeee... they're both smexy as fuck C: hahaha
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:drool: O_O Fantastic!
LilLyon's avatar
hehe, thanks.
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Yeah. Oddly, he looks a little bit like... me! XD
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...What? Pics. Prove it haha
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Going through your gallery, I can honestly say that nobody captures Monty like you. Thank you for producing such wonderful art to drool over. :glomp:
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AWWWWWWW <3 Thankyou! I feel like I've done my job now! :heart: :hug:
No, seriously.. that makes me SO happy!
And thanks for all the favs!
I promise to draw more Monty art (omg, def).. I'm just on a huge David Bowie fix right now (oh, yea, and school.. lol :P )
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Um, hi. This is incredibly motherfucking hot.
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Adrien Brody crossed over with cartoon fantasies... yea, unfortunately, very hot. LOL. What's funnier is how old this pic is but how much people actually like it <3

P.S. Did you hear about Heath Ledger? I want to cry... :(
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Oh my 0_0 must... tear... eyes... away... from... screen... nope, not working :drool: Good GAWD that's pretty dang hot... :D
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W o w ... stunning. Really, really hot. I love your style, it's amazing! And I like his outfit here hehe ... you know, I was also thinking of Adrien Brody and how he looks like MF! (should be the other way round really!) I love both version but the BW one is classy <3
LilLyon's avatar
Lol, thankyou!
I love Adrien Brody. When I first saw him in King Kong, I was like.. "woah.... that dude looks familiar some how xD" Haha. And then of course, I've seen ALL of his movies since then <3
Thanks thanks thanks!!
And thanks for the fav! :)
Han-Wik's avatar
I can't believe I didn't fave this earlier! You say it's ''old'', but I don't care. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be interested in Adrien Brody, or actors in general, for that matter. Further, thinking of Brody as a ''living Monty Fiske'' would be the last thing to come to my mind. Seriously, it's like with singing and moods: it's infectious!:sick: (I know ''catchy'' is the right word, but...!). Complete with fever and everything. And I caught it from you.XD

I like how you ''Brodyfied'' Monty. Two hotties in one...very good, original idea. :heart:
Also, like I've told you before, one of the resons for why I like your art, is because you always use your own original style. It's Keep it up!
LilLyon's avatar
Awwwww thankyou =)
And I'm glad I got you to like Adrien too ;) He's amazing. I still need to go see his newest movie,.. "The Darjeeling Limited" though O__O But, yea, I would use him as refs for Monty. Hahahah.
Katay-chan's avatar
Woah.... I just freaked out in giddyness when I saw this! Its draw so well, by far the best Monkey Fist fanart I've ever laid eyes on.

hehe... I like too imagine thats what he looked like when he was 20 something. Its wonderful too see MF love is out there! Because the guy oozes of attractiveness! And I really love that he looks innocent, not a good guy, not a bad guy.

And so (now that I've finished my MF rant) I applaude you on making him look so hot. He looks like he could sell perfume. X3
LilLyon's avatar

OMFG... SO ARE YOU ANOTHER MF FAN? HELLLLAAAA.. Basically in the KP fandom I'm kind of known as the chick who is the biggest fangirl of his... hahah! I haven't had much time to draw, but I'm dying to draw more of him.

And, yeaaa.... I noticed that he looks a lot like the actor, Adrien Brody (who I love dearly), so I used a picture of Adrien for this picture... and yup C:

He's hella hot<3

Do you go to [link] ???
Katay-chan's avatar I haven't been there! Is it a KP general site, or does it more focus on the 4th season?

I just then looked up Adrien Brody, and I've just discovered that I like him but just didn't know his name! XD I adored him in King Kong.

hehe, yesh I have a mad love for the monkey man! Just like everything about him, body shape, voice, attitude. It all rocks!! He's such a dashing villian!

I'll have to draw him sometime in the near future! ...when I eventually crawl out of all this homework I have!!
LilLyon's avatar
Yessum.. it's an all general KP site.... everything's there. I'm one of the moderators, and of course, I try to recruit as many MF lovers to the site as I can XD Lol. He's def dashing <3

And, yea, .. King Kong is what got me into Adrien Brody and I've seen almost all of that man's movies now C:

And, oh god, I know how homework is.. D: Lol.
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