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Impossible to be a cosplayer?

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 2:38 PM
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I'm just sitting here an evening in one of my irritating depressing moods. ..
Is it impossible to be a cosplayer, if you sincerely don't like to promovate yourself? I honestly don't feel anything for getting watchers and be seen, I think that's also why I'm having trouble with updating and such.. I really love to see others cosplays etc. and like to share mine as well when I finally make one, and get a picture. But that's it...
I like the creative part of creating it, the short part of wearing it, but jesus what an expensive hobby if that's "it.."

Should I completely quit, and just enjoy watching others..?
...One of the thousands of thoughts going through my head at the moment. this one was just appropriate for Deviantart.

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Risen from the dead

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 14, 2012, 9:04 AM

Hello dear watchers... I am actually still alive, even though I haven't been active - for over a year. I'm so very sorry, I'm just apparently not suited for being active on the internet and in real life at the same time. But I will promise you that I will do my best now, to be more online, and more active! I might get some periods where I simply can't be cool as you amazing deviantart users, and be updated - but I will do a hell of a try!

A lot of thing has happened, and newly I just been to Germany to visit for Connichi. It was so amazing, and had the privilege to spend time with people I hold very dear!
I'm not good at writing long interesting reports, so I've come to the conclusion to give that work to others.

I hope you will hear some more from me in the nearest future ;)
Right now I have over 10,000 notifications that I have to look through. Sorry for the missing attention to you great artists and your works!

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A random post - because there never is a post..

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 25, 2011, 4:05 PM
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It might be a good time to start using Deviantart again, right? :/
I never upload anything.. ._. Must be boring to watch me... Well.. I still got 13,230 messages I have to go through.. WHYY!
I have considered trying to make a vote! I haven't tried it yet here on Deviantart! :D So just for fun to see how many that actually reply, and what they reply.. :3

Bla, bla bla...
I'm having summer vacation and it's lovely! Denmark is freezing, but I have time to relax so that's fine! I haven't been out traveling, but I think the WCS in Japan last year was enough to feed the next 5 years of holiday experiences! Speaking of WCS. I am sooo exited about this years groups! No words can describe how much I'm looking forward to see the teams outfits and skits! Wah! I wish all the participants every luck! :D

I think that was enough random post from me for now..! See you! :)

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Connichi 2010

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 16, 2010, 1:59 AM
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Okay, sorry I'm simply to lazy to write something long. XD

Just wanna say I really enjoyed Connichi 2010! It was my first convention outside Denmark. And it was amazing! So many fantastic cosplayers! Fantastic variation.. =D
And so great to see lots of people again! <3

CONGRATULATIONS TO BELL :iconcalssara: AND IRIS :iconlumis-mirage: for being Team Germany 2011 at the WCS! <3 Damn girls, it was an amazing skit, and your costumes were to die for! <3

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WCS 2010

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 17, 2010, 5:17 AM
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Long journal is - long.
Hope it wont come out in a wrong way that can be misunderstood.

Sorry for bad English, Grammatik mistakes or wrong expressions.  

Sayonara Japan, back in Denmark.  19 days in the fantastic country, around 7 of them attending the World Cosplay Summit 2010. Never have 19 days been so filled with experiences; never have a thing made so big impression on me as the WCS did.

28th July

My sister and I arrived in the Nagoya airport the 27th July in company with Team Germany, Team France and Team Italy from the German airport. ☺ It was funny to finally meet some of the other teams, and an extreme feeling to see them after watching their amazing skits and costumes. Though my stupid shyness held me from do direct compliment on it all…
The Nagoya International Hotel was beautiful, and I was so filled with excitement and nervous feelings. The long flight had taken hard on me, so my sister and I, took a nap before doing anything else. When the night approached we went out eating with some teams, organisers and photographers. It was really nice. ☺

29th July

Today my sister and I joined for a little trip to the Nagoya Castle. It was fun to see. The first ”as good as Japanese monument/building.” Also nice to get to talk to the others a bit more, though again I’m shy but I did my very best. XD

We had a smaller meeting about the light to the Championship. The “storyboard” we had made from home, and sent to them, had somehow changed in the one they had printed out (layout) and some arrows and seconds  that was pretty important in the picture we had of our act had been lost. ☹ So a lot of explanation… I felt so bad for sounding too “this is how it’s gonna be” kinda… But I so wanted it to turn out the way I had seen it in my head while I made the choreography as well. So it was somewhat important that the audience could experience the idea as well. ☺ I don’t wanna sound bitchy, but the light at the Championship did not turn out the way we had explained, though they had the music, and we told them the exactly seconds but yeah... That was a bit sad, when I watched our performance afterwards. I had hoped the audience would see what I saw when I made up the dance with the emotions and atmosphere the light should have produced. But done is done, and though I was scared/nervous/paranoid as hell I enjoyed doing our performance, and hoped the audience enjoyed as well…

30th July

Press Day! The first day with cosplays. First we had a meeting for when to perform at the Championship. We were already in the 2nd part of the show. In group with Italy, Australia, Japan and Singapore. Of course sis forced me to go pick the paper with the number, and of course compared to all other times I’m in charge of that I get number 1. X/ Okay, it’s fine… We’ll open round 2. As long as it was dark in Oasis 21, then we would be happy to perform whenever we were sat. ☺

Well. Press day! The Pandora Heart costumes were taken out for a walk. ☺ It was nice finally to be in cosplay, and to watch the other teams… Woooaaw. I lost my jaw to every costume the other teams presented. They were truly amazing! But I must admit the costumes that almost made me faint were Team Mexico and Team Australia. You guys rock to hard, and meeting you and seeing your costumes have made me insanely motivated for really learn this craft...!
It was a long and very “moving” day. (Yay for bad English expressions) We were being moved a lot from one place to another, but it was really funny… Though in the Airport when we were going to the roof, the sun was burning. When we sat down in group to get pictures taken, the sun was directly in my eyes. XS My eyes is very easily irritated by the sun, so it was an extreme hell for them. XD Then the contact lenses began itching and I think some of the eyelash glue wanted to join the party as well, so I think most of the pictures from that roof is with closed eyes. X/ God I’m bad at that… cough, cough…

I felt so bad sometimes when we were asked different questions. (Again good English) every time an answer came out of my mouth I slightly regret what I had said afterwards. XP I was so bad at explaining anything and wanted to say it so many other ways. But that’s that. Things like that always happen. XD Yay, what makes us human.

31st July

Red Carpet and Osu Parade! Woo! Waow. That was… Awesome. XD And so unrealistic. We met AKB48 and it was just awesome when people took pictures and to be presented as a country that way. XD The Osu parade was filled with people, and when they recognised your character, they became so happy… When we were walking I couldn’t do anything else than just smile my mouth off. All the smiling faces, and interested people in this parade, was amazing. Nevertheless it was the hottest thing I ever tried. XD Never ever will I complain about hot weather again. Because with costume, wig, and walking, sweating and still smile and wave no hot weather will ever be able to threaten me again. XD But what ever! It was awesome, and I enjoyed being a part of it together with the other amazing teams! =D

When we were finished we had a short amount of time to get ready to the rehearsals for the Championship. We were one of the teams who had a little longer time, but we hurried so we could get on the bus, and see the first groups rehearsals as well. ☺ I was so extremely exited to see what the other teams were doing! I can’t explain with words how much I wanted to see the performances. Like a child Christmas Eve. Just stronger. X/ Waa… USA’s act made me cry. X/  The music and their story was just really sweet. ☺

1st August

CHAMPIONSHIP DAY! Wooooo… Waking up with the heart pounding and adrenalin shaking the whole body. Today was the day for the championship and god I was exited and nervous at the same time. First we practised the opening and ending a couple of times. And then it was just “the day off” until we should meet again in full cosplay and ready to go to Oasis 21 and perform. I was nervous. But tried to constantly calm my self, and it worked a bit. At least it wasn’t visible. The championship was over before it started. Or that was how I felt it. Something that you have waited so long for was suddenly just over. It was fantastic to see the others acts, though it was behind the stage. It was terrifying to perform. I made a obvious mistake in the start of our performance, and god I felt like hitting my self on stage. It was a mistake that just “didn’t happen” it was one of the easiest parts of the act that hat always worked when we practised, and then HELLOW nervousness and puff away from my brain it was. T_T Damn. Sorry sis. I tried to work it out so it wasn’t visible. Hmm that was it. And then of course the light.. BUT! Daim, it was cool anyway. ☺ I’m not a spotlight bitch, but I do like to perform in front of an audience, I hope to give them an experience. So I damn enjoyed! =D

Italy won! It was nice. They looked amazing! Congratulations. :D

Though I must admit I didn’t quite like the way the points were given, or better said the way they were showed… Nevertheless!

I don’t know exactly how I can end this journal. I just wanna conclude the whole event, as the most fantastic experience in my life. I’m so glad and so honoured to have met all those amazing people from different countries.  In one single week be able to make some friends that I already miss, and really wanted to spend more time with, and really hope I’ll meet again in a near future. It was amazing to be a part of the show of such terrific performances, and perform as well.

I can surely say that I’ve been extremely motivated by all the participants, by their fantastic talent in sewing and nothing less than their wonderful personalities! Wow! I’ve become so sure that Cosplay is so much more than just a hobby where you construct copy of a character in real life. It’s an amazing gathering point. I never meet so creative, kind, open minded, unique and funny people like I have from Cosplay! This was an amazing and experience rich event.

Thank you all for a great World Cosplay Summit 2010!

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WCS right around the corner

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 26, 2010, 6:02 AM
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I never update this journal.. Shame on me...
This will be the shortest ever written..

Going to Japan tomorrow! O.O
I can't get it into my head... It's gonna be so special.
I wont really realize it before standing in the Japanese airport I think..

My sister and I are very nervous, but gonna do our best to enjoy the whole event. =3
Can't wait to meet the other participants. =D

See you.. :)

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SVS con 2010

Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 11:42 PM
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This is probably gonna be a short journal.. And so be it. XD

SVS con in Denmark is now over! This weekend - the 7-9.May 2010 - was so fantastic.. :D
(Though I first arrived Saturday because of school gala.) BUT it was fantastic. ^.^

Thanks to:
And everyone else (I can't find icon on right now) that made it and awesome weekend! <3

It was so amazing to just relax and have fun with everybody. :D And amazing acts Saturday evening. :3

I also tried my new cosplay out on Saturday together with sis. The "trial" for our Pandora Hearts cosplay to the WCS. It was really funny wearing it.. ^^ It's one of the "biggest" cosplay I ever made, and though I thought it would be complicated to wear, it was freaking comfortable! :3 The only thing was that I had a constant little fear for all the white fabric, and the long wig, when people walked around you. XD Also unlucky as I am, I cut my finger and spilled blood on it. T_T WORKING ON IT! It HAVE to get off!

I must admit that I was really tired Sunday, and honestly wasen't in mood my self for cosplaying. So I went casual and with my camera in hand.. MHUAHAHA.. Had a little photo shoot at a playground with Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters.. :3 <3
:iconawacko: & :iconeaster-centaur: have uploaded two of the pictures.. :3 Go see.. :3 They are AWESOME cosplayers. ^.^
Illusionist by aWacko Upside down by Easter-Centaur

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New LiveJournal Update!

Journal Entry: Mon May 3, 2010, 3:52 AM
So a little update has been made in our WCS Journal..
It is not much, but go look anyway! XD…

A biig update will be made next week! Yay!

Working non stop on cosplay! WO!

WCS Team Denmark 2010
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I'm not dead.. Atleast not totally...

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 11, 2010, 2:32 PM
I have been sooo not up to date. T_T

I don't know why, but I can't seem organize anything at all...
I'm having these constant headaches that stops me from my motivation to almost everything..

- I have so many deviations that I haven't seen yet (1,057 to be precise) that I really wanna look through.. Lots of journals I wanna read..

- My WCS costume got a little kick this weekend(a tiny little kick), not enough - I'm so much behind.. But I'll make it! Of course..

I hope the people who went to Upp-con had an awesome time! If I were rich I would have been there, but I am - not. But must have been fantastic! :D Hope you had a great time. :D

Okay, random on random.. .

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The day I decided to enter the world

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2010, 11:21 AM
.. Or the day the world accepted to let me enter. XP

Yay. 20th January, a very special day for me. Exactly 17 years ago I was so lucky to get born. Thanks mom and dad, life is nice. :party:

Well, the day started out with I forgot my own birthday.. That happens. My clock woke me up, and I was just ready for the usual zombie "getting ready ritual". I opened my door, and my mom stood with flags in her hands, waiting for my dad and sis. At my home we always wake the "birthday kid" with song... So well, this time, the first in 17 years, it didn't go that well. Awkward, and my mom got a bit sad.. ^^; I told her that it wasn't a big deal, but of course, she loves the tradition. But really it was okay. :D
Mm.. I got a bracelet, a pair of shoes, a shirt and some money, directly to the Japan "money gathering" from my parents. I didn't wish for anything, they are so kind to me.

When I got to school, my class made this awesome banner to get over the stairs. (It's a middle plade, every student goes through/under) It was soo cool! They wrote: "Tillykke Louise 1.L"
Tillykke = Happy Birthday. And 1.L is my class. Every letter was decorated as a drawing. :3 Soo sweet. I love my class. ^^

I got lots of happy birthdays from the people around me, thank you so much! :heart:
I got remembered.. :blush:
(Or a little link told that I had birthday today on Facebook..) :heart: naah, I got remembered. ;)

Wee.. :iconthelupin: is gonna pay my Will of Abyss wig.. <3 And she made a drool drawing of Jack to me, and took a picture with her Jack wig and her jacket. drool.. BE CAREFUL when we are done with this cosplays she is gonna be a crossplay womanizer! XD

My evening went with being together with my mom, dad, sister and granma. My mom took the day of and used the whole day to make food. ^^; It was so nice, she's really good at it, and it tasted so wonderfully!

I think a birthday is a solemn day. Also a wicked day. Honestly I'm not so fond of all that attention you get... I get embarrassed when people is like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and sing .. It's not a bad thing, I feel so happy (woo! people is cheering me for being born.. :3) but it's just a wicked feeling..

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2009, 6:19 AM
Yes.. Another New Years Journal.. But I wanna wish you all a happy new year as well!
It's not going to be that long...

Farewell 2009!
Once again a year with ups and downs! That is the human life.. (;
I wont go in details, but this have been a year of lots of endings and lots of beginnings.

What my sister did - is pretty much what I did this year.. XD

BIG things that happened though to my everyday life:

This year I had my last year in eh, Prime School? I'm not sure what it's called, and ended the exams with some results I'm proud of.. Farewell school! Gosh, 10 years on the same place - the same people.. It was a bit sad, but better to get away. XD I just keep contact with those I actually had it good with.. d:

Summer vacation! Visited Rhodes! Fantastic!

I started on Gymnasium, Ørestad Gymnasium at Amager in Denmark.. Close to Sweden.
It was a wise decision.. I haven't regretted a bit, though it takes me 1 hour to get there, and home again. Long days but awesome people and - yeah it's just fantastic. :)

This year I also started on a Drama team at my place.. We're gonna perfrom The Hunchback of Notre Dame to March, it's really funny, can't wait.. :D
Though it have been hard - 10 hours every week of practice in acting, singing and dancing. BUT I LOVE IT!

Yeah.. I think that was the big things that have changed my everyday life..
But that would have been sooo boring without ALL THE AWESOME PEOPLE !!! If you are reading this - you are probably one of them! :D

November changed me really much this year..
Something that came so unexpected I can't explain. It changes lots of my views on the near future.. But well.. Destiny.. Oh my god - I still get these adrenaline rushes when I think about it.. :S
END! My journal about J-Popcon:…

Okay I'm running out of time..
Why I really began this journal was to tell you guys who will read it.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
And thanks for a memorable 2009! Lots happened! Lots of you mean everything to me!
Lets have even more fun in 2010!

Take care! :party:

WCS Team Denmark 2010
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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2009, 3:48 PM
Hello Everyone..

Now it is (well in Denmark) Christmas.. The 24th December...
December have never passed by so fast as it has this year for me. Really - my head is like "what the fu***" cause I have no idea how this day has arrived..

We are so busy with our own little everyday, lots of details and assignments/events to do, that we sometimes forget some important things to us. That's - for me - where Christmas make you breathe a little, and somehow your able to thank and tell how much people mean to you in a way, that has been developed for us. Christmas is usually a really emotional time at the year - it's a tradition which makes us very solemn...

I really wanna tell some of you guys, that I so deeply wished that I had "something" to tell you how much you mean to me. I am REALLY bad with a big R sometimes to tell what I really feel, and how thankful I can be for what many people do for me. How people is always there to help me, to support me, and to share a smile with me. It's indescribable how grateful I am for that really! I just want you to know that. That I don't have extremes of money, I don't know how to express myself in presents or in words. Yes. One word... THANKS!
I don't know what more to say. Nothing can describe how much I feel I owe you for your kindness...

This is not a feeling - it's a description of a feeling ergo the real message can be blurry. I hope it somehow shone through anyways..

I'm really glad how people accepted :iconthelupin: and my Christmas Calendar.
It was fun to make, but honestly also a little pain sometimes. :) When you got home late from school and had to dress up (thats fun! but not when the only thing you have in mind is homework and sleep).. But then again.. When I was poked to do this Calendar, I - in the end felt happy about it. That my sister and I could do this together, to celebrate the Christmas - together with you guys, through a hobby we adore.!

Confused journal from a confused solemn mind...

H A P P Y  
C H R I S T M A S ! ! !
I deeply hope you all get a wonderful time, together with your loved ones! :heart:


WCS Team Denmark 2010
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Okay. Now I finally feel like writing this down.
I wanted to make, like so many else, a little overall view of J-Popcon from Friday to Sunday, but I can't. My sister covered most of that:…

I'm not always good with words, and I really hope people who read this journal will not misunderstand what I am trying to say.
I've got some mixed feelings since my sister and I won the DCS 7/11-09.
No words can describe how happy I am for winning this. Really I'm - out of words.
When my sister and I had this act on mind, we never thought it would turn out like this. It's extreme. We just had an idea, and wanted to show it together with our Kingdom Hearts cosplays which we had lot of fun making.
And when we found out people liked it we were like, "Great! Nice! Fantastic!" It really warms that people liked our performance, but I never expected so much that we actually won.

It was a hard Saturday. I'm really happy that :iconlumis-mirage:,:iconcalssara: :iconastellecia: and Nadia was judges. I think they did a good job. (That could sound wrong..)
But what I mean is that I felt they comfortable about them. Atleast afterward. Sorry :iconastellecia: but I really had it hard after you questions, also because it really made my sister so emotional. I didn't know what to say, and I usually hold my feelings back. But after talking to you sunday, and reading your journal I really understand your questions, and think that it was a perfect way you handled it. Thanks for that. You all really made a deep impression, and I can't describe how happy I was for hearing you like our act, and feel us on the stage..
I hope to see you all again.. (:

Some have commented that my sister and I didn't look happy when we got the price. We cried yea. But that was because we really wasn't emotionally prepared that evening for winning this price. Our minds were not on that train, so it came as a chock, that was build up under the voting. But we were really happy, and to see our friends after was amazing. You all really mean everything. This hobby would never be so fun without you.

Now what bothers me is, all the unhappiness I feel about us winning.
I know, many know, that there were some problems. That has been discussed over and over again. But not only that, I feel that many is thinking badly of us. That my sister and I isn't good enough, that we are not ready and that we somewhat cheated. Don't misunderstand what I am saying, as I said first it's hard for me writing this, but I really need to write, what I know and how I feel right now. And that's it.

I must confess that I'm really nervous for the WCS.
But my sister and I are surrounded by friends that told us they will do everything they can to help us. I can't explain how happy I am for that. ;_;
We will do are very best to improve our skills, skit as well as costumes, and be ready for Japan..!
We hope we will show, that Denmark is cosplaying for the fun and the friendships. The challenges you get as a cosplayer, and how great the feeling is when it is done. :)

Some words is missing in this text, and I hope not that you will get a wrong impression of me.
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Woo.. I'm pretty happy!
I'm damn tired, but I'm happy!

Muse is a really, really awesome and talented band! They have such interesting music, and it is just fantastic.!
I saw them live yesterday, and it was nothing less than incredible. O.O
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