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Post Youmacon Review

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 6:41 PM


The great beast that is Youmacon has finally passed, and our expectations for it have been SURpassed! Last year, Youmacon was a large con with the profit of a midsize con. But this year, they totally stepped up their game, at least as far as I was concerned! Lilly Inverse Designs made 300% of what we made last year! It was INSANE! Many of our artist friends weren't so lucky :/ Hopefully next year the dealer/artist room will be set up differently so that everyone can share in our success!

Things started out poorly :/ We arrived Thursday morning at 11:30 AM, but the artist alley head didn't arrive until 2pm, even though she said she was going to be there at noon. She was supposed to have our badges, including helper badges, but someone didn't give them to her, so we had to wait until the next day to get those. Our tables were supposed to be 8ft long, but they were only 6ft. I was worried about our placement as well... but apparently all my concerns were unfounded!

At home, I decided to do inventory... It was a little insane... I filled the kitchen with cups several times, but we finally got everything sorted. Then my good friend and fellow podcast co-host, DJM, messaged me on facebook saying he got into a car accident and was in the hospital :c I was super worried, but the doctors gave him a clean bill of health rather quickly - no broken bones or anything, just quite a few bruises and scrapes. *SUPER relieved,* We packed up the car and got our sleep on.

Youmacon Setup by LillyInverse 

New Cup Display by LillyInverse

I'm super proud of our setup for this con! Even though we only had 2 6ft tables and had planned for 2 8 ft tables, it still worked out great! The only thing I would change is how crowded our arm warmers, masks, and hats look, and I need to find a new display for our ears. But our new cup display (courtesy of my awesome boyfriend ^_^) worked out wonderfully, especially with the lights we got for it! You could see many of our designs from all the way across the aisle, which was great! In fact, I took the biggest pics from across the aisle and you can still clearly make out a few of the Sailor Scouts!

Friday was a good day as far as sales. We made $150 less than we made all weekend at Youmacon last year! We were super excited afterward, so I decided we should drop off the present we made for DC Douglas, the voice actor who plays Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil series. He used to do a hilarious 18+ panel where he read terrible Wesker fanfics with fans. We went to it at every con we could, but it got cancelled :c To show our appreciation and sadness for the loss of an awesome panel, we made him the cup above with him on one side and Wesker on the other. I had to give it to him in the autograph line, which was funny because he was trying to be quick about everything so everyone got a chance to see him, but he really wanted to stay and talk about it lol. He even made a vine on the spot with me in it (though I look super ridiculous and confused LOL) Here's the link: VINE by DC Douglas He also tweeted at us on Twitter!

After an exhaustingly wonderful Friday, we were not prepared for Saturday. We grossed even more, and we actually got a partial refund for the table size mixup! We had many, many friends stop by, and some even bought some of our things (at a friend-discounted price, of course ;3). After the alley closed, we hurried over to the NEW DC Douglas panel, which was just as great s his old one! I highly recommend seeing it if you are at a convention with DC! Hilarious!

Sunday was HUGE! Everyone on the artist groups on Facebook were saying that it was a Sunday con, and they weren't lying! Sunday was actually our best day of the weekend! Although, unfortunately, the weekend ended just as poorly as it started, with an injury :c My boyfriend was rushing to get to the People Mover (a monorail-style public transport system) and he tripped and gouged his knee on the escalator. He's laid up until it heals - can't even bend it :c but at least he won't need stitches. Being only an hour away from the con was great and we slept like babies the past few nights ^_^

Unfortunately, after the convention was over, I talked to a good friend of mine about her convention experience. It was far less than ideal, and it had everything to do with the people she was rooming and sharing her booth with. I didn't want to have to say anything, but enough is enough. This has gone far enough and I can't sit idly by anymore. Sorry if this comes off as a 'rant,' but I'm not really sure how to go about this. I want to post a warning here about someone who was taken advantage of by their table mate, but at the same time I don't want to start anything by 'outing' someone or naming names publicly.

Basically what happened to her was the same thing that happened to me when I tried to share space with this person. My friend invited this girl and her girlfriend to split her table space at Youmacon, provided they paid their half and were able to take a mutual friend to the con in their car as well. They were also all going to room together at an expensive con-ajacent hotel. This person did not pay her half of the booth/hotel on time and would not answer her phone when my friend tried to call her to get the money she was owed. My friend had car trouble very recently and was relying on the money, so she was very upset. My friend eventually had to contact this person's roommate in order to get a hold of them and get the money, but in doing so my friend was told that her booth mate would NOT be driving their mutual friend. Kind of skeezy, but my friend was happy enough to get the money.

At the con, my friend set up her booth with them and they agreed, basically, whose space would be whose. Throughout the con, my friend was unable to leave her booth because her boothmates were never at the table, unless they were rearranging their products to obscure my friend's. They basically kicked her out of her own booth, and my friend ended up leaving early on Sunday because of it. She missed out on many sales because her things were overshadowed by theirs, which really isn't fair when she's the one who actually went through the act of applying and getting in to this con. In the end, these 2 didn't do very well for themselves either, but that money that they made would have been a great help to my friend. Even though they got a great deal (only having to pay for ONE person to stay with my friend), they decided that they didn't want to room with her anymore because there were 'too  many people in the room already.' Amidst a weekend that was not very good for many artists, my friend also had to deal with panic attacks and undue stress from people she was basically doing a favor for because they were not capable of getting a booth for themselves.

When my friend told me this story, she also told me some other VERY disturbing things about these 2. They said that what had happened to my friend in the car accident was 'karma,' and were spreading rumors about my booth helper crying in the bathroom because she couldn't work with me and how she's scared to say anything to me because I have her information. My booth helper and I live together and we are best friends. I talked to her about it, knowing that at times things can be stressful and wanting to work it out if there indeed was a problem. She laughed in my face at the very notion that she would do that, let alone do that and tell a complete stranger about it in the bathroom before coming to me personally about it! I was relieved that there were no issues between us, but very sad that someone could be so malicious as to spread baseless rumors about she and I when all we've ever been are the best of friends.

On the subject of booth sharing, I've personally had people sit at my booth with me and share space, and I'm happy to do let them do so. Of all those that I've had share space with me in the past, 99% of them are still great friends of mine, and many of them want to share space again with me in the future. But it was still my booth, Lilly Inverse Designs, and I expected to be treated with respect. I expected my work to be treated with respect. Because this is MY livelihood, not yours. I am one of those artists who uses this as my sole source of income, and I know the person who was taken advantage of was really hurting financially and needed this con's income to help pay for some of those horribly expensive things that life sometimes tends to throw at you. The way I see it, though, is that if you are unable to get a booth of your own and you are invited to share a booth with someone (something no one is OBLIGATED to do for you), treat the person you're mooching off of with nothing but respect.  Sorry, I just think others should be warned so that their things are not put in jeopardy too. I guess what I'm saying is, trust your gut, and be careful who you share your space with. It is clear to me that this person just wants to start drama (again, some more), which is evidenced further by the fact that she continually checks my Deviantart page for some reason. I, personally, don't have the time for it.


We've added yet another new con to our list, and this one is coming up quickly! It's a first year con in Flint, Michigan called Koyofest, and it's run by someone who usually does Artist Alley tables, so we're very hopeful!

There's still time to participate in our 200 likes contest on Facebook! To celebrate, we're running a giveaway! It's a simple like/share giveaway on Facebook. Click the image above to be taken to my facebook page. Like it, share the image publicly on your wall before the 12th of November, and voila! You're entered into the drawing!


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*Post-Youma Inventory

*Start Prep for Koyofest (Etch/paint cups, mold & paint ears, and print/cut/punch buttons!)

*Upload more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D


1. Catbug bracelet for Kigurumi Canada  - 50%
2. Vegeta & Capsule Corp cups for Megan - 99% (just awaiting approval on it so we can mail it ou!)
3. Custom Cup for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finished artwork still)
4. Custom Rat Ears for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finishing the cup first ;3)
5. SBJ Logo Embroidered Hat: 0% (Need to get my embroidery machine fixed. That's part of what Youma money will be going toward ^_^)
6. Dishonored cup for Katie: 30% (This one's probably next :D)
7. Another cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (After the Dishonored one :3)
8. Dark Souls cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (Third in line - after number 7 ^_^)

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  • Watching: Maddie play Mario 2 xD
  • Playing: Super Mario 2
  • Eating: Nothing - getting munchy!
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MasterSaruwatari Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Writer
great work as always lily.
LillyInverse Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! <3!
MasterSaruwatari Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Writer
NaruFan808 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'm happy the con went well for you~! I sadly couldn't go mostly due to being to busy and I forgot x-x Hopefully next year I'll be more prepared to go! XD Also sorry your friend had to go through that trouble. Some people I swear.. :/
LillyInverse Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
If you need a ride next year, let me know!
NaruFan808 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ;w; Hopefully I won't be too busy with school. XD
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
I'm so very glad the con went well. It's going to be at least another couple of years I think before I can even think about going back. And sadly it seems strange people are slipping more and more into the AA and cause trouble. Good luck with everything, I look forward to when I can see you again!
LillyInverse Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
I don't let it bother me, it's just something I feel like people should be warned about. And yes! We should get Amango! xD
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional General Artist
*nods nods* It seems the staff it causing more trouble as well. I am totally not surprised by this.

YES! I am happy to be getting paid tomorrow, but I think I need to find another seasonal job, not looking forward to that.
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