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Nyancon - The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 6, 2014, 3:27 PM

First off the good news! Nyancon 2014 was awesome! We did twice as well as we did at Nyancon 2013! My panels went great (with a couple MINOR technical difficulties that I will know to avoid for Youmacon lol) and everyone seems to love them. It makes me feel good to give something back to a convention that we enjoy so much. We were so pleased that we even made them a free set of custom etched glasses for the convention to show how much we loved it! Sorry for the grainy picture - it was taken with my Ipad at the convention lol.

Special Nyancon Custom Cups by LillyInverse

Now the bad.... We both got sick :C Or maybe we were both sick before hand? I'm not sure lol. I went with My boyfriend who took over the table for the remaining half of the evening when I was working on presenting my panels. We made it home ok, but I was very light headed and my vertigo medication didn't help at all. 2 days of sleeping 14+ hours, though, and I'm back on my feet!  That means it's time to get to work on commissions, then start in on Youmacon stock!

The Ugly... It has come to my attention that someone is copying my ideas for their stock for Youmacon. They are sharing a table with a friend, so it won't be their whole stock, but it is still childish and unappreciated.

I have absolutely NO objection to someone doing etched glass. It's a common craft, and can be accomplished through many means - laser etching, sand blasting, dremilling, and acid-etching. The materials are sold at local craft stores, though they are a bit pricey. I'm not even the only one doing it at most of the conventions I go to, so it's not an issue of the etching itself. What I do take issue with is, after I submit several of my designs to the Youmacon DA, I see this person changing gears, going from print and clay to suddenly doing glass etching, and doing the same exact thing, same exact method, and listing that they are going to be representing only the fandoms which I have in my gallery at the only convention that they're going to this year, which just happens to be the only convention's DA I've submitted my work to. 

Since what we do is fanart, there is no way to copyright it. Unfortuantely, due to this issue, I will not be posting any of my etched glass work here until after Youmacon. I'm sorry, because I know you all enjoy seeing my etched glass work, but I won't set myself up for art theft. This does NOT mean that I won't be making more etched glass, just that I will have to wait until after Youmacon to share it with my watchers ^_^

Now onto some EXCITING news! I'm a mere 11 followers away from having 200 followers on Facebook! When we reach 200, We'll be running another giveaway :D You can help us out by following our Facebook page and sharing our updates!


We do still have some awesome new products that we'd love to show off! With the inability to upload our glass work, we will be cutting back to one product every other day instead, and we will be focusing on our buttons and sewn goods. The best way to see our latest products is still to follow us here, on Twitter, on Tumblr, or on Facebook, but for those of you only follow us here, we're happy to post them for you to see!

Ouran High School Crest Etched Glass by LillyInverse

First up is our Ouran High School Host Club cup. Ouran is one of my favorite animes that has come out recently, so I thought it only fitting to make a cup featuring the Ouran High School crest! I’ve given etched glasses with this symbol to Vic Mignogna (Tamaki), J. Michael Tatum (Kyouya), and Todd Haberkorn (Hikaru), and they seem to love them! Now you can own a cup that the Hosts all love too by purchasing one here! For more information, click the image above to check out the deviation!

Custom Cosplay Dragon Ears by LillyInverse

Next is our most popular ear design yet - dragons! The dragon ears are typically done in 2 different colors - a base color and an accent color for the tips, so feel free to use your imagination and make them as amazing as you want! As before, more information (including ordering information) is available at the deviation itself :3


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*Start Prep for Youmacon (Etch/paint cups, mold & paint ears, and print/cut/punch buttons! Won't be touching this until all commissions are 100% done!)

*Design/order a vinyl sign for my booths (Got the design about 60% done :D)

*Update more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D


1. Cammy Flauge heart perler for CammyFlauge - 40%
2. Perler commission for MasterSaruwatari - 0%
3. Catbug bracelet for Kigurumi Canada  - 10%
4. Vegeta & Capsule Corp cups for Megan - 90% (just awaiting approval on it so we can mail it ou!)
5. Custom Cup for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finished artwork still)
6. Custom Rat Ears for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finishing the cup first ;3)
7. SBJ Logo Embroidered Hat: 0% (Need to get my embroidery machine fixed :c)
8. Dishonored cup for Katie: 10% (Sorry, this one's gonna be a bit :c)
9. Another cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (Sorry, this one's gonna be a bit :c)
10. Dark Souls cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (Sorry, this one's gonna be a bit :c)

Slowly whittling away at them, but there's always more trickling in after every con! Thanks again to everyone for being so patient! I'll be sending a coupon with your orders for 20% off your next order with me as a show of my appreciation ^_^

*PHEW* Sorry that was so long guys! Instead of closing with our convention schedule, we decided it would be easier on everyone if we just added a widget to this page with the schedule! That way, it will always be up to date. The widget can be found by scrolling down on the main page of my deviantart. It is located just above the 'Friends' section and just below our new Twitter app. Hope to see you all around!

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MasterSaruwatari Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student Writer
I hope I can get my perler commission soon.

Also i hope you got this con on your list:…
kuroitenshi13 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Ack, I added your page to my likes. Can't believe I didn't do that before. Glad the con went well, and oh you're sick too? It's awful how much everyone is getting sick right now. Good luck with youmacon, that is super douchey of that person. *HUGS* Hopefully we'll be able to hang out again soon when we're both well and have money to get delicious food or some other fun thing.
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October 6, 2014