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In The Thick of It...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 3:15 PM

So we're right in the middle of con season guys. How's everyone else doing? I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are, but I also hope you're MUCH less stressed! If we get time during con season, we're going to be training one of our team members to update the website, Lilly Inverse Designs, along with the Deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr, and maybe even adding an instagram or something. This will mean that I can finally realize my personal goal of having all of our hundreds and hundreds of products available to be viewed and ordered online! It's a crazy goal, but I have faith that we can get it done! Our team is full of wonderfully dedicated and hardworking friends and family. There's nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it! :D


We've been with Indy Pop since their first year and they just keep getting better! This year, we were shocked to see how many people there were! Last year was their first year, but they still surprised us with about 5,000 attendees. Because this was a con on the smaller end, I thought it would be a good 'training con' for our newest helper. However, much to our surprise, this year they blew that number WAY out of the water with 23,000 people! It was absolutely insane! They cut down the size of the dealer room as well, and our profits definitely reflected that. And to our helper's credit, he kept up pretty well! While this is all GREAT NEWS for the con and for us, it was rather unfortunate for the people in charge and the guests as they were completely unprepared for such a turn out! We were hoping to give Markiplier a birthday gift, but we just didn't have enough time to leave our booth to stand in a 4 hour line to see him. Oh well, maybe next year, because we will DEFINITELY be going back if we can!


Oh boy... Just.... Just wow guys @_@ I am still reeling from this con! This year's Anime Midwest was our best con ever! Literally, in the 4 years we've been selling at cons, we have never made more profit than we did at this year's Anime Midwest.  For only having 11,000 people, this con was INSANE! We were in the artist alley at the very back of the room behind all of the dealers, and we STILL destroyed last year's profits on Saturday afternoon, meaning that everything we made Saturday evening and all of Sunday was just overkill. You guys are simply amazing! We also got to talk with the group who wanted to partner up with us and get some of their merch etched by us, so we are super excited to finalize all the details of working with them! When everything is all finalized and official, we'll be sure to make a big announcement here ;3 We also ordered a new camera and cup display as well, and I think it looks great! What do you guys think?


We've added a couple of new cons to our list again! We'll be heading back to Nyancon fort our 4th year in a row. It's one of our favorite one-day cons in Kirkland Ohio, on November 5th. We'll also be going to our first Gilded Gear Festival  in Rochester, Mi, and we've made a couple steampunk-themed items for it that we can't wait to debut! We're still working hard on applying to shows in the Midwest, so keep an eye on our con schedule widget for dates and locations of our latest cons!


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*TRY to keep up on inventory/prep for all the upcoming cons. We've only got about 2 weeks off at any given time, so it's going to be a challenge!

*Bring some wares to a local game shop to see if they'd like to sell them for us

*Upload more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D (Big Grin)


1. Etched bottles for partners - 0% (Will need to check in on them after Midwest, just awaiting for the 24 bottles themselves!)
2. White Arm Warmers for Anthony - 10%  (Still waiting on my machine to get fixed, but I found my materials so that's a plus :D)
3. Red & black arm & leg warmers for Jessica - 10%  (Still waiting on my machine to get fixed, but I found my materials so that's a plus :D)
4. Fate/0 Cup from Anime Midwest - 50%
5. Vampire Knight cup from Anime Midwest - 0%
6. Vulpix cup from Anime Midwest - 0%

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  • Reading: Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
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  • Playing: Terraria (when I have time :P)
  • Eating: Cocoa Puffs :D
  • Drinking: Watermelon Drink
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July 15, 2015