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For the love of all that is soft and fuzzy we can BREATHE AGAIN! Q.Q We've been sooooo busy up through the holidays that we only just now have a chance to update everyone! Please forgive our negligence on the online front, but we are still alive and kicking, working on customs, and traveling around the Midwest selling our wares! So what are we up to in the new year? Tons of stuff! New products, new conventions, new members of our group, and much more! Since we did about a billion (totally not exaggerating) conventions in the last half of 2015, we'll only be posting reviews for the ones which stood out to us. So on that note, here we go!


Our first pony con went wonderfully! We stayed with friends, made new friends, and of course had a great time showing off our new product line of My Little Pony etched glass! Here's a small view of our MLP FiM work from Trotcon:

We were even lucky enough to have Steffan Andrews (composer, musician, and orchestrator for many of the FiM songs, including the main theme!) purchase one of our Octavia cups. Here's a picture of him holding his purchase:

We hope to do many more pony conventions and are working with the Traveling Pony Museum in order to get our MLP etched glass in the hands of pony fans across the country!


Otakon! Wow! Otakon was a first for us in many ways. Our first Otakon, for one. But on top of that, it was our first visit to Baltimore, our first 13 hour convention day, and our first time setting up our new glass display and lights! What do you guys think?

All 4 of us were working the con that weekend, and we were ALL needed and all completely exhausted by the end. But it was a good exhaustion, and we will definitely be applying for next year!


Matsuricon has been one of our favorite cons for a few years now, but they really upped their game in 2015! They had a closed alley this year, and past security issues were not to be heard from. And, SPOILERS, we just got our acceptance letter for 2016 and are super happy about it!


Chris is awesome. Ramencon is awesome. The Taakure Mandalorian clan is awesome. What else can be said about Ramencon? They have great guests, who they cycle every year, and they have the option to have either a table in the open or the closed alley. And, as always, our profits went up. So yeah, Ramencon rocks. Is it time for 2016 yet?


Youmacon! Youmacon is always fun because we get to STAY HOME! We are always traveling, sometimes up to 4 weekends each month, and so staying home is actually like a vacation to us lol. This year, though, Youmacon was extra fun! We saw old friends, made new friends, and had no problems with the way things were run in the alley. I even got to run my favorite panel, Romancing Pigeons by Consensus: A Hatoful Boyfriend Panel and it was wonderful! Everyone had a good time, even non-pigeon fans who I dragged along lol. Oh, also I'm a dragon sometimes now.


Dragonball Z (DBZ) Goku Etched Glass by LillyInverse

Ok, so if you've seen us at conventions you know that this isn't technically a 'new' product, but we're trying to get our HUGE list of available products online, so cut us some slack here xP To favorite this awesome DBZ glass, or to order one for yourself, click on the image :D


Out with the old, in with the new! We've gone through and applied to some new cons, some old, and are awaiting responses and for applications to open for many more. As of right now, we are accepted for Anime Zap Embassy Suites, Peoria, IL; Ohayocon - Hyatt Regency Columbus Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH; Anime Crossroads - Wyndham Indianapolis West, Indianapolis, IN; Anime Milwaukee - Hyatt Regency Milwaukee / Delta Center, Milwaukee, WI; Animarathon XIII - BGSU, Bowling Green, OH; Indy Pop Con -Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN; Glass City Comic Con - SeaGate Convention Centre, Toledo, OH; and Matsuricon - Hyatt Regency Columbus – Columbus, OH. We will update our list on our main DA page as well as our website as more conventions send us their acceptance letters :3


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*TRY to keep up on inventory/prep for all the upcoming cons.

*Bring some wares to a local game shop to see if they'd like to sell them for us

*Get cracking on new product ideas we've been discussing

*Train some of our members to do things they are still shaky on

*Upload more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D (Big Grin)

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I'll see ya at Ohayo!