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Good News - Time For an Update!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 10:22 PM

So much has happened since Nyancon - and still 2 weeks until Youma! :D I've been VERY sick lately. I went to the Dr. yesterday (finally) and got blood drawn, a few other tests done and it looks like there are some semi-serious health issues that I need to address. I won't know 100% what's wrong until I get the full results back, but suffice it to say that my thyroid is acting up again and I need to have my medication adjusted. Annoying, but I'll get through it :3 I always do.

First, I'm proud to announce that we have personally been invited to return to Glass City Comic Con! We, of course, accepted - we enjoyed ourselves very much last year, so why wouldn't we return? We're getting invited to more and more cons lately, so I'll be updating the con list as frequently as I can!

We started this week with a big milestone - we've reached 200 likes on Facebook! To celebrate, we're running a giveaway! It's a simple like/share giveaway on Facebook. Click the image above to be taken to my facebook page. Like it, share the image publicly on your wall before the 12th of November, and voila! You're entered into the drawing!

Lilly Inverse Designs Vinyl Banner (Proof) by LillyInverse

In celebration of our 200 likes on facebook, I drew us a mascot and our resident graphic designer helped me make a banner featuring her and our new trademark slogan - "Guaranteed to make senpai notice you."™ I'm so excited to see my art on a huge banner! We ordered it and it came in about 3 days - it was amazing! Here's a (somewhat fuzzy) pic of the actual banner:

Lilly Inverse Designs Vinyl Banner by LillyInverse

Click on either of those pictures and you will be taken to the deviation where you can fav them and/or leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

I spent today working on commissions. These are 2 that I got done this evening. Still need to be ironed, but they're done for all intensive purposes! The large heart pony is for CammyFlauge and the small character, Ink, is for MasterSaruwatari - hope you guys like them! I'll be sending them out in the next couple days!

While I'm at it, these are 2 more commissions I've done over the past week - the Capsule Corp and Vegeta symbols. I'm still waiting on a confirmation email from the couple who commissioned them, but as soon as I get it, I'll be mailing them out as well :3 With those done, here's the remaining lists:


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*Start Prep for Youmacon (Etch/paint cups, mold & paint ears, and print/cut/punch buttons! Won't be touching this until all commissions are 100% done!)

*Upload more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D


1. Cammy Flauge heart perler for CammyFlauge - 99% (Need ironing - that's it!)
2. Perler commission for MasterSaruwatari - 99% (Need ironing - that's it!)
3. Catbug bracelet for Kigurumi Canada  - 10%
4. Vegeta & Capsule Corp cups for Megan - 99% (just awaiting approval on it so we can mail it ou!)
5. Custom Cup for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finished artwork still)
6. Custom Rat Ears for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finishing the cup first ;3)
7. SBJ Logo Embroidered Hat: 0% (Need to get my embroidery machine fixed :c)
8. Dishonored cup for Katie: 10% (This one's probably next :D)
9. Another cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (After the Dishonored one :3)
10. Dark Souls cup custom from Ramencon: 10% (Third in line - after number 9 ^_^)

From now on, I'll be updating this section of the blog with regards to commission statuses.

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  • Watching: The Day of the Doctor
  • Playing: Binding of Isaac, but only on breaks
  • Eating: Nothing - getting munchy!
  • Drinking: Nothing - so thirsty!
MasterSaruwatari Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Student Writer
Ink looks great. I would say her skin too dark but i checked and this is perfect.
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