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Conventions Everywhere :O

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 11:43 AM

Wow, has it really been 2 months already!? Time flies when you're super busy! First of all, we want to say that we hope your holiday season and new years celebrations have gone just as wonderful as ours! As usual, we were at conventions, and we wouldn't have it any other way :3

As many of you may have noticed, the last software that I tried to use to make the 300 likes giveaway failed miserably :C I've removed the old giveaway tab and this month we're going back to the like/share image system that worked so well last time. If you go to the Lilly Inverse Facebook Page, you will see the image that you need to share on Facebook in order to qualify. It will look like this:

You must also like Lilly Inverse Designs on Facebook. By doing so, you will be put into the drawing for a free custom etched glass! You choose whatever design you want on it, glass size, and color! The contest will run from now through Valentine's Day (Feb 14th), so there will be plenty of time for everyone to join. What are you waiting for?  


The convention immediately before Christmas was Con+Alt+Delete. It's one we've done before, and we were happy to see our numbers jump up from last year! We were up about 300% from last year, which is amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who came to our booth and checked us out! We got 2 custom requests, and one person who bought a gift card for a friend for Christmas. If you are interested in buying a gift card for you or someone you know, send us and email and we'll help you out :3

My only souveniers from CAD (above) are this awesome button (by Gays in Capes and ring engraved with a music note. I ended up art-trading for both of them with the artists behind me. Thanks so much! <3

I also ran 2 panels at CAD, both of which were SUPER fun! When not running panels, I was going to check out panels myself! I learned a bit of swing dance with my table mate, and it was totally fun! ...Until they made us switch partners and I felt super awkward lol. We also did some karaoke together, and made some awesome new connections in the business world. Look for some amazing new products soon!


The weekend of Jan 3rd was our first 'divide and conquer' convention weekend. My partners went to Anime Zap, another con that we'd done last year. Their numbers were up and so were ours! 220% compared to last year! Due to some issues with the convention schedule, they didn't go to any panels or anything, but the money was great, so we will definitely be back next year!

And my boyfriend even got me one of my favorite card games even though the con fell on HIS birthday! I'm so spoiled!


While partners were at Zap, I went to Kollisioncon with a good friend and we had quite a bit of fun! The con itself was, unfortunately, not worth it for everyone... It was our first time there, and we broke even and made a little bit of profit, but not enough to warrent going back. It sounds like many of the other artists and dealers were feeling the same way, and some weren't even able to break even or pay for their table cost. I wish the con all the luck in the world, and I still had a great time at the con, but we won't be returning.

My panel went wonderfully, drawing in about 50 people! It was the biggest my panel's ever been! :o I also made friends with the guys from Otakutopia. I'd seen them before and been to one of their cons, but they invited me to their other, smaller convention this month as well, so I'll be attending TAG Fest in 2 weeks - time to prepare!

I also had a couple drinks with the people of
Anime Milwaukee
and they invited me to be their Artist Alley head. They had already done most of the work for this year, including sending out invoices and such, so I will mostly be an on-site head this year, and then next year I'll get more into the approval process and such. Can't wait to help out with such a great con!

I was also able to chat with Terri Doty about everything from conventions to sexual preferences lol. I didn't even realize who she was until we were halfway through our conversation - she's just such an awesome and down-to-earth person that it never struck me that she'd be a famous voice actress xD

Speaking of awesome people, I got to meet the crazy-talented cosplayer </span></span></span>Apple Davies and her crew too! She gave us candy all weekend, she was really sweet (no pun intended lol) and totally fun to talk to. Wish we had gotten more time to do so, but she was running 8 panels - skeelz!

We were approached by another artist at the con for a potential business relationship as well. They do primarily leatherwork, but they wanted us to etch things on some of their bottles, so they gave us a bottle to test out for them. Hope we can make each other lots of money with this!

To top it all off, I got a ton of souveniers xD 2 video games (one I art-traded for), 3 new pins, and a hair bow :3 When I'm making money, I love to share the wealth! Especially when others at the con are not doing so great.


We've added more new con to our list, one of which (TAG Fest) is this month! We have decided to remove last year's convention schedule - out with the old and in with the new! It will still be available at the Lilly Inverse Designs website, but we're keepin DA more 'current.' To ensure accuracy and avoid confusion, we're also removing the 'maybe' cons from the list. This means that conventions won't actually be added to the list until we receive our 'acceptance' letter and pay for them. We're also adding links to each convention in that widget so that you can easily go to their websites and buy tickets. We're still working hard on applying for some of the bigger shows in the Midwest, so keep an eye on our con schedule widget!

Nanashi Anime Podcast is BACK!

The podcast that I do with the awesome DJM is back! It's still Nanashi, and it's still the best anime podcast around (totally biased), but BIG NEWS! We're on Anime3000! Our latest recording was for Revolutionary Girl Utena and it's up on A3K right now :D Our next recording will be for Panty and Stocking With Garter Belt and I'm VERY excited for it... I have a feeling that BOTH of us are going to have some interesting thoughts on this. We will be recording at Ohayocon, so look for updates from us around that time!


Our First Ever Convention Kiss CG! by LillyInverse

Not 100% convention related, but this project is still going, and we just received a BIG update from our CG artist! :iconkairicat7: has given us our first fully colored CG! I love it so much, and I can't wait for the rest of them to come in! Once I have all the CGs for the first part of the game, I'll release the demo here for everyone to enjoy!


*Finish Several Commissions (look for the list and status in this post!)

*Post Zap & Kollision inventory

*Start Prep for TAG fest (Etch/paint cups, mold & paint ears, and print/cut/punch buttons!)

*Start Prep for Ohayocon (Redo button display to exclude fanart, separate out fanart cups, make TONS of ears, arm warmers, masks, and other accessories)

*Upload more fun stuff to the DA!

*Apply for MORE cons! :D


1. Etched bottle for partners - 0% (need to look into this strange shape and how best to paint on the design)
2. Custom Clefable Cup from Con + Alt + Del - 40%
3. Custom Space Dandy Shot Glas from an email customer - 50%
4. Custom elf ears from Con + Alt + Delete - 20%
5. Custom arm warmers from Con + Alt + Delete - 0%
6. Custom Dishonored Cup for Katie - 100% (just need to meet up so I can give it to her!)
7. Custom Cup for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finished artwork still)
8. Custom Rat Ears for Peace of Mind: 0% (Waiting on finishing the cup first ;3)
9. SBJ Logo Embroidered Hat: 0% (Need to get my embroidery machine fixed. As soon as we move in fully that is!)

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  • Eating: Nothing - getting munchy!
  • Drinking: Watermelon Drink
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