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  • Reading: The Priory of the Orange Tree- Samantha Shannon
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My 2019 in a nutshell...

Let's just say I'm ready for this year to be over :nod:
  • Listening to: Deutschland-Rammstein
  • Reading: The Eye of the World- Robert Jordan
  • Watching: Pokemon Nuzlocke Randomizers on Youtube
  • Reading: Six Wakes-Mur Lafferty
  • Drinking: Water
Why is this song so good? :headbang:

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  • Reading: The Disaster Artist-Greg Sestero &Tom Bissell
  • Watching: Den-Noh Coil
  • Drinking: Water
Am I the only one that wants Little Witch Academia on Blu-Ray/DVD?
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  • Reading: Authority-Jeff Vandemeer
  • Watching: Who’s Line Is It Anyway?
  • Drinking: Water
Wish I was this:

But I'm more like this:

  • Reading: Too many books!!
  • Watching: GITS: Stand Alone Complex
  • Eating: Yogurt
...since the awesome game Silent Hill was released on PS1! :w00t:
I know this should've been posted yesterday (because SH1 came out in 1/31/99) but better late then never!

So without a further ado, here's probably my favorite piece of music from SH1, Enjoy!

  • Reading: Book of Dust-Philip Pullman
  • Watching: Gladiators UK
Howdy y'all!
Sorry I haven't updated this journal for almost a year. Let's just say I'm glad that 2017 is over! :nod:
So here's hoping 2018 is a little bit better! :crossfingers: revision

I still have some more of the Lilly-Lamb Sketchbook 2017 to post (if anyone is interested). I haven't drawn much this year, but hopefully I'll have some new art to post here soon (well as soon as I can :D ) I'll try to do more journal entries this year. But to tell you the truth, I'm not very good at these, mostly because I don't have really much to say ^^;

With nothing much left to say, I'll leave you with music to get you pumped!Raiden MKX icon 3 (In case anyone is wondering, yes I do watch this show and American Gladiators. What can I say, I enjoy my cheese Cheese Love . And I do have this song on vinyl...why are you looking at me like that? Britney Spears Oh oh )   

  • Reading: 20th Century Boys vol. 1-Naoki Urasawa
  • Watching: Gladiators UK
Sorry I've haven't been posting much lately. Let's just say that 2017 hasn't been too kind to me. :sniffles:

But no worries though, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and  I'll be back to posting/making more art soon. :bird:

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  • Reading: David Lynch: Beautiful Dark- Greg Olson
  • Watching: Clarence
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Hello everyone, long time no see! Bakuman - Hiramaru blesses u

Sorry for not posting for so long. With the holidays in full swing, working extra hours at my day job, applying for job advancement (again), learning new computer program/system, and the other demands of daily life, things have been busy. Playful Kiss: Faint 

However, despite being super busy, I've been drawing a lot! I even imposed an art challenge for my self (see Manly Studies 1-3 so far). So I have tons of stuff to post, so stay tuned! :D
So I wish everyone Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Let's hope 2017 is better than 2016! D.O : Please No 

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  • Reading: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
  • Watching: Revolutionary Girl Utena Season 1
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I came across this tumblr post about this documentary series called "Naoki Urasawa's Manben"…

If you have any interests in making manga/comics or seeing the drawing/creative process of famous manga creators, definitely go watch this NOW!
I've only watched 4 episodes so far and it's AMAZING!

You'll probably make this face after watching it ---->  John De Lancie Shocked Face icon 

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  • Reading: Highly Illogical Behavior- John Corey Whaley
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  • Eating: coconut greek yogurt…

Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote 

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  • Listening to: Discovery-Daft Punk
  • Reading: The Girl with Seven Names- Hyeonseo Lee
  • Watching: Strike Witches Season 2
Hello everybody, long time no see! Hi 

Sorry for not being around here and posting things. Been very busy working more hours at my day job and having little time for drawing, not to mention I'm in a little bit of an art funk. But I'm sure it'll pass. Hopefully soon I'll be back to posting art around here, like the rest of the of the SH2 watercolor series. :D

In other news, who else is hyped about Dimension W being on Toonami? 

I know I am! Britney Spears - Yeaaah 
I also got the manga too, because Yuji Iwahara is my absolute favorite manga artist! I also ordered his previous manga series Cat Paradise ( which my local library used to have, but it went "missing" suspicious Riggs , but at least King of Thorn is still around) He has a fantastic style, something I would, not necessarily emulate, but definitely try to learn from. :nod: 

Speaking of style, (I think this might apply to my recent art funk) sometimes I wonder if I should change my art style. I still want to draw in the anime style, but maybe I should experiment more or mix other styles to make something new, I don't know. I'll figure something out! Chitanda Smile Icon 

And hey look at that, over 16000 pageviews! Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] Thank you everbody!

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RIP David Bowie 

You may be gone, but your music will be remembered forever.…
  • Listening to: Nothing but Bowie
Happy (belated) 2016! GIF Star vs. the Forces of Evil -  Dance 

Things are finally slowing down and finally getting back to normal, so I'll be able to get more art done.Kai : Hips 

I'm still working on my SH2 Watercolor series, I just have three more in mind to do. Plus I've been thinking about maybe doing a SH4 Watercolor series, but I'm still thinking about it. If I was, I don't know if I want to draw/paint every character in that game. Just the ones I really want to do, like Henry, Walter, Eileen, Cynthia, Ghost least those five definitely. :nod:

I also have other projects I have in mind, but I'm not going to say what. Because whenever I say I'm going to do something and announce it, it kind of goes bust. So I'm going to keep quiet about it for now. Harime Nui smile Icon 

Okay enough talk, time to get working!:bademoticon: 

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  • Reading: Doctor Sleep-Stephen King
  • Watching: Ergo Proxy
Remember in the last journal entry where I said things will go back to normal?Well forget that, because now I'm busier than ever! :dummy:

With my dad home after having neck surgery and having more responsibilities at work ( I'm actually going through some training at the moment ), it leaves me little time for anything else. [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon  It's probably a good thing that I scanned in a buch of stuff to post on DA, so I won't have like a month go by without posting anything. :thumbsup:

Speaking of art, I've recently got into watercolors which is a medium I always liked. I think the last time I used watercolors was WAY back in High School, so I was so happy to find a Sakura Koi watercolor set cheap online and start working with them again! Baekhyun : Wiggle  ( plus it's more economical, because my copics/prismacolor markers have been dropping like flies and they're too expensive to keep replacing all the time. Not to mention the alcohol fumes of the markers are really getting to me lately, so it's nice to take a break from them. I'll still use them, just not so much. ) 
I also bought some Sakura Pigma Professional Brush pens (which I also got cheap online). I never really use brush pens before, but after seeing some YouTube videos of people using them I thought I should give it a go. So expect lots of watercolor and inked pics soon! :D

And finally, I recently got around to watching "Mad Max Fury Road" last night and I have to was pretty awesome! Headbang! 

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Happy Halloween everybody!

Silent Hills pt Lisa Silent Hills pt Lisa Silent Hills pt Lisa 

And Happy 7 years on Deviantart for me! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, things have been busy lately. But things are finally starting to get back to normal, so hopefully I'll be back to posting art soon (hopefully sometime next week! :fingerscrossed:)

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...I just found out this was made.

Silent Hills pt Lisa 

I'm never going to sleep again. Steven Universe: Crying Lars 2 

P.S. Thanks to all of those who asked me questions in the last journal entry! They were great and I enjoyed answering them! Might do it again sometime!:D

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Ask me (almost) anything!

By almost anything, it means I will DEFINITELY NOT be answering any questions that are:

-too personal
-or just plain rude/stupid

If that happens, I won't answer it! Let's keep it clean everybody! :nod:
And don't worry if I don't answer right away. I will get to it eventually! :D

I look forward to your questions, even though I get the feeling that I'm going to regret this! Robbie yo 

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Hey yall! I'm still alive and kicking! :zombie:

I've been very busy as of late and I haven't had much time for drawing. Steven Quartz Universe Emote 2 

But I've been slowly getting back into it and hopefully will posting more art soon, so stay tuned! 

Bub Salutes You Avatar 

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