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Kujo [as little puppy]

Kujo [as little wolf]

Kujo [own wolf character]

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Nea [own wold character]

Akai [own wolf character]

Shana [own wolf character]

Djargo [own wolf character]

Colored Mareep - Before And After


Kiss the cook (Corazon/Reader)


Kiss the cook (Corazon/Reader)

„Cut that crap!“, you yelled at Buffalo. The chubby boy stopped in front of the pantry and gave you an offended glance. „But I'm huuuungry!“, he cried out. „As you can see, I'm right on it, fatty.“ „Don't call me that!“, the boy replied with big tears in his eyes. „You are so mean Cookie-san!“ „Get out of the kitchen! NOW!“ You shooed Buffalo out of the room and sighed in relief. That boy was a little brat and you didn't like him very much. But as the family cook you had to feed that little piglet. You turned around, took a sniff of the soup in the enormous cooking pot

[One Piece] Corazon

One Piece 762 - You must die ..!

Happy Birthday Traffy

Dont Leave Me Too

Ghost Cat

#055 Golduck

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New account :)

New account :)

Hey peeps! Just wanted to say that I won't upload any further phorography here. I will seperate into two accounts from now on. This one will stay as it is, I will upload more linearts in the future :) Hopefully you don't need to wait that much longer ^^ So I created a new account, you can find it here: I will only upload photography there, so maybe if you liked my photos, you can alwayssee 'em there! ;) Hopefully I will hear from some of you there too :D Greetz!! lilly-gerbil ;)

Kanto finished!

Kanto finished!

Soooo... KANTO lines finished!! yay! :D [x] Kanto [  ] Johto will be next! :) hopefully you will enjoy them too, have fun :heart: Greetings!

More Pokemon lines next weekend!

More Pokemon lines next weekend!

Hey guys! I just need to apologize that I didn't made further linearts in the last weeks. That's because of I started my apprenticeship. And my laptop got an update X) that took some time too but now I have Windows 7 instead of Vista and what is more important - I inured to the new tenses of my job^^ Moreover I'll get Photoshop soon, hopefully the next week :la: And than I'll put some more linearts up the next weekend for you! I just wanted to tell you, so you don't need to think I'll quit drawing the lines. My goal is still to draw all dreamworls Pokemon^^ Greetings~ ♫ lilly-gerbil

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happy b day cake 
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Happy Birthday!! :D
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Happy birthday!
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