Red Beauty

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I love poppy flowers…there are so simple but yet so beautiful…I grew up in a small town, surrounded by beautiful hills, endless wheat and corn fields..that was our was magic, especially in the summer, when the poppy flowers were fully bloomed…:heart::heart::heart:
To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.
William Blake

Poppy time by GPStrider:thumb131084951: The last time by deadlychris Collecting souls by iamyourleader:thumb122885661: summer photo by alba-spb .Without you i'm nothing by tgphotographer Poppy by Rontarija poppy by priwax Poppy Crop by kayaksailor poppy poppy by matricaria72 thoughts of a poppy by fragmentsofmymind Poppy by CasheeFoo poppy field by Su58 Poppy Storm by iilva Red Poppy by PaSt1978 Poppies 2 by cycoze Poppy. by Kaja-kgr Poppy old and new by Sharon77Speeds alone poppy by wiktorwolny Poppies by CasheeFoo Pure Poppy by kabbi Poppy fields 7 by melrissbrook Poppy's in a storm by Mick75 poppies by kotka poppy love... by Toni-Dogma Red Poppy by samleenchoo:thumb304743466: Poppies by Bomb-Creator poppy field by photoflake:thumb179689053: heart warder. by cristina-otero 151. :What I am to you: by bittersweetvenom Poppy by SilentNymph-92 Assassin by hellolikegoodbye Someday we'll know... by bittersweetvenom:thumb304756040: poppy magic by Fussel2112 poppy girl by Catliv Field of poppies HDR by DasHorst Poppy and Dawn by padika11 poppy bridal by Anahita poppy by ilkeruzunalan poppy field by Bootcoot First rays rise to the poppy by AljoschaThielen Poppy Star by TherapyH:thumb167169416: Poppy On Sunset by miki3d Poppy by Lethiel poppy and blue moon mood by Floriandra Golden Poppy by Ai-Shuu poppy by PatrickRuegheimer poppy. by simoendli Poppy by nicolehinrichs
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Thank you, dear :hug:
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So many wonderful images here :love: thanks for including my orange California poppies with all these red beauties :heart:
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Thank you very much ! :rose:

A clear anticipation of summer pleasures :D
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Thank you very much Poppies Lover :hug:
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Thanks a lot for the feature! :love:
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