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ELF VODKA: Legolas' Valentine



Legolas Valentines Day Poem

What strange charade you make this game,
A Valentine, you silly human being.
Perhaps this year I’ll play along
But not to sing those silly songs
(I’m no hobbit, you know)
But for you my darling, one would think
You far too great for this simple theme!
Unworthy are chocolates, charms, and cards
For you deserve a genuine heart!
My OWN, you ask, ABSURD!
(I need that)
But I’ll bring you as close as one can get,
Never you fret.

An epic journey for you, I’ll go,
And search through Murkwood high and low!
Atop the misty mountain’s peek
It seems no monster could compete.
Within their depths I searched below,
Not even goblins could pull this tow.
And yet it seemed my quest had failed
Until a battle I found myself entangled!

“What an opportunity,” I cried
For I’d been looking for foes to try!
So in search of what to give you best,
I fought many foes, their hearts to test.
It seems of all Oliphaunts, Orks, Goblins, and Easterlings,
Cave trolls are the beastiest things.

Alas my goal was to give it to you
But what a MESS I got into!
The great big thing was wet and cold
Not something as pure as elven gold!
(for who would think to give YOU anything less)
Of course I didn’t bring it back!
It smelled like horsehair, sweat and crack
(not so pleasant)

So instead I drew you a picture of me
Something MORE pure and beautiful, as you can see.
So if my arrow did miss you
(which was the goal)
And you read this message, gods bless your soul
(I wrote more than anticipated AND YOU READ IT ALL!)
But still I feel it is not enough to prove my love
Expect in the near future a
Valentines day hug!


Well, here it is. My entry into the :iconlegolasclub: Legolas Valentines Day Contest. (BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DOOO ANYTHING!!!! Could somebody help me out to submit it?) :D Hope yuh like it :blowkiss:
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You wrote Murkwood...
Lillooler's avatar
It was a couple years ago, meh.
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No biggie, just saying.
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Im Sick, so cannot laugh. But this Little Poem accompanied by the Picture caused me to Burst into a fit of tummy giggles.
So Thank you.
Lillooler's avatar
Lol I've been sick too, so I'm glad I could make you ("not") laugh with my little poem!
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This is EPIC awesome my friend! :eager:
Lillooler's avatar
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Aw! Your extremely welcome! :XD:
Emoragirl17's avatar
Congrats on the win!!
LSoony's avatar
oh gosh
i wish i could write as good as you do

awesome pic and awesome poem )
Lillooler's avatar
:D Thanks so much! I really wanted to write a poem for the occasion :3
Kushin4's avatar
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:D Thanks so much!
Kushin4's avatar
you're welcome :dance:
Asta-Pasta's avatar
YES. This is so cute. I love the poem, and especially with all the parentheses. I hopeyou win; or at least get mentioned, 'cause this is cute, funny and original ^^
Lillooler's avatar
OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :iconblushplz:
IrisHitatsumy13's avatar
and the drawing is so cute XD HAHAHA
Lillooler's avatar
Awww thank you!! Your comment made me smile! Thank you!!! :iconloveloveplz:
IrisHitatsumy13's avatar
X3 hehe your welcome! XD is a pleasure! :glomp:
DARaabe's avatar
:) :) ;) Fabulous! Wonderful poem!
Lillooler's avatar
Thanks :D I didn't know how to end it, really. But I like how it turned out :D Thank you!
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