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So I'm back finally. I've spent the last 3 months in and out of the hospital. I'm doing alright, just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. Still have a long road ahead of me with treatment. Thanks for your support and good luck wishes :) I could use all the luck I can get :hug:

Hello watchers,

So I have some unfortunate news.
I was diagnosed with Leukemia on June 23. I have been in the hospital getting treatment the last couple days and I was just started on Chemotherapy this morning. Due to my treatment, I will be pretty under the weather for a little while so I probably won't be on here much for the next month or so, depending on how I feel, and how soon I get to go home. 

I will hopefully be out of the hospital in 1-4 weeks, depending on how my body deals with the treatment. While I am here in the hospital, I don't get good internet access from my room, so I might not be back on until I can get home again and start my out-patient treatment.

Just want you all to know, the doctors are very optimistic about my recovery and I am being as optimistic as I possibly can. I am getting the best treatment they have to offer, and they are taking great care of me here. The type of leukemia I have is curable, so when I get better all depends on how my body takes the treatment. I am lucky because they caught the disease fairly early.

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck! :)
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I have another contest in the voting phase over at :iconkittywub: and if any of you have a minute to spare you should hop over and vote :D Would be much appreciated. 

Vote here -  MAY Cats and Flowers VOTINGHello again Kittywub!
***UPDATE*** 2 days left, get your votes in!
I'm sure some of you by now have noticed that entry #2 is no longer in the contest. If you voted for #2, please re-cast your vote. ***
The voting period for the Cats and Flowers contest will begin now and end on May 28th. There will be periodic reminders to vote until then so if you don't want to see this in your inbox 10 times then please vote! We need everyone's vote. So if you had the time to stop in and read then please take a few more seconds to cast your vote below in the comments (would be nice to have 100 views and 100 votes, rather than 100 views and 10 votes) :D
Contest participants may also vote but you MAY NOT vote for your own work. Anyone who votes may only do so once.
Contest particpants are welcome, and encouraged, to share this journal and help us promote it, but PLEASE do not send all your friends here to vote on YOUR piece. Be fair and ask them to vote on the one that THEY like the most. I want this c

Also, if you have a few points you wouldn't mind getting rid of, there is a donation pool on my page above the comment section to help support our group contests. Prizes are small in our contests (15 points rewarded to 1st place winner only) so a small amount of points will go a long way :) 
If you donate, you will get to choose any deviation in your gallery (keep it pg-13 please, no nudity) and it will be featured in the "Donations for Contests" journal below along with how much you donated.

More info -  Donations for ContestsThis journal is to feature those who have donated to the group to help out with our contests.
If you would like to donate, please go to :iconlillith8810: and donate using the donation pool above the comment section on my page.
Your help won't go unrewarded. Anyone who donates will be able to choose any deviation from their gallery (please keep it PG-13) to have featured in this journal. Once you have donated please send me a note with a thumbnail of the deviation you want featured. If you just want to donate and not be featured just let me know :)
Any donation helps, even 5 points!
                         -Thank you!
                        :bulletblue: DONATIONS :bulletblue:
:bulletblue:  Anonymous         

Thanks for reading!
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Congrats to the winner of :iconkittywub:'s St. Patrick's Day contest!

Saint Patrick by Arayashikinoshaka
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Had an awesome start to Spring this year!

Yesterday I got to go to a local Spring Fairy Festival and meet Amy Brown! I got a beautiful signed print from her. So exciting. I've been a fan of Amy Brown since I was about 12 or 13. But I never knew until recently that she is local! 

Anyways I thought I would share that. I don't get to do fun things like that often, but I'm hoping to get out and do more this year. 

Next stop is a live classic/folk music show at the Antique Sandwich Cafe next weekend, can't wait!

I hope all of you are doing well and having a good spring so far :)

Oh, if you don't know who Amy Brown is I suggest you go check out her now.
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Anyone else having problems submitting a deviation? I was just trying and it won't let me change the size of my image and I can't find anywhere to choose the category. Also the submit and save buttons aren't working. So I can't submit anything lol. 
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Hello everybody - 

So I'm holding a contest over at :iconkittywub: 
and we are in the voting phase of the contest.

I want to ask anyone reading this to head over and vote for their favorite piece of art! 

It would be much appreciated :)
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Just want to say hello to everyone and thanks for the faves and follows and all that good stuff :) I've been busy with work and haven't really had a lot of time to spend here on Deviant Art among the fact that I've been slowly losing interest in this site over the last year or so. Still working on getting a better camera, but I did my first real photo shoot in August with my best friends kids. We had a blast and I got some amazing pictures, I've contemplated uploaded my favorite shot from the shoot but I can't figure out what to name it. But anywho, just wanted everyone to know I haven't dropped of the face of the earth yet. Hope you all are doing well.

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Just want to inform everyone I won't be on for a couple weeks possibly. I'm going to be moving and will be quite busy with that. Happy Easter!
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As promised here is a feature for the winners of :iconkittywub:'s Valentine's Day Contest.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks so much for participating!

:bulletgreen: 1st Place - :iconraisloversakura: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: 2nd Place - :iconkerodragons: amazing kittens by kerodragons :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: 3rd Place - :iconmountaininspirations: Love My Sister by MountainInspirations :bulletgreen:

Have an awesome weekend everyone, and fave if you see something you like :D
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Hello! Hope everyone has a great new year! Be safe, don't drink and drive! Anyone got any New Years Resolutions you would like to share? I don't plan on making any myself, but to keep positive, I plan on writing down all the good things that happen through out the year on little individual notes, putting them all in a jar, and reading them at the end of 2013. Trying to stay optimistic! :)

Here's a little firework show, enjoy!

:bulletgreen: Fireworks by zerous :bulletgreen: Raining Fireworks by couleur :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Fireworks I by amrodel :bulletgreen: Fireworks IV by davidsant :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Fireworks by inthewoods666 :bulletgreen: Fireworks 1 by DaXXe :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :thumb89474123: :bulletgreen: Auckland Fireworks by chrisgin :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Fireworks: Dandelion by Huzafan :bulletgreen: Kuta 2012 New Year Fireworks by SaiogaMan :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Fireworks 2012 by snacktime :bulletgreen: Fireworks 40 by HodoPhoto :bulletgreen:
This is a feature of People and Portraits photography. Enjoy!

:bulletgreen: Dannika V by alejophoto87 :bulletgreen: Eyes by Nasarim :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: emiiii-tpl by aycaphotography :bulletgreen: Wonders by NeonLynxie :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: :thumb333991643: :bulletgreen: Mother's Love by ChrisTrevino :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Sociedad Steampunk Argentina by SSPArgentina :bulletgreen: Through by RitaGude :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Deja B. by jndphotography :bulletgreen: :thumb333990002: :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: doina by valdesignvaly :bulletgreen: .: Katana :. by Dark-Skadia :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: :thumb333816060: :bulletgreen: wind by RitaGude :bulletgreen:

Life and Features

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2012, 5:58 PM
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Not a lot going on here, waiting to get my car fixed so I can actually get and do things and do some photography. I'm hoping to go camping somewhere by Mt. Rainier this summer, hopefully I can :)
We had several good thunder storms roll through the area a couple weeks ago. I got a lot of it
on film and am working on a compilation of lightning clips. Hopefully I'll have the video done in
the next couple weeks and my husband is going to Full Sail University for music production and
I'm having him make a track for it. I'm thinking about putting it on Youtube when it's finished,
if I do I'll post a link to it.

Anywho here are some features from my Photomanipulation collection:

:bulletgreen: :thumb303676642: :bulletgreen: Wandering Saint by Karezoid :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :thumb297832266: :bulletgreen: Castle in the mountains by translucid :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Surreal Scene by AbruzziProject :bulletgreen: Bright Light of an Angel by LevanaTempest :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: After the Storm by Mistshadow2k4 :bulletgreen: Art of Sound by NeoStockz :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :thumb253254244: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: The Enigmatic by watergal28 :bulletgreen:


Get Featured

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 12, 2012, 6:03 PM
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I decided to do single features on one artist at a time rather than several artists at once. I'll be featuring 10 deviations per feature (artists choice of what to have featured). If you are interested and want to be featured  please send me a note with links to 10 (no more and no less) of your deviations. You must choose deviations that YOU are the most proud of, the ones you think that really show your talents. Not everyone who sends me a note for this will be featured, and I will try my best to do at least one feature per week, but I am busy sometimes so I'll do my best :)

:bulletgreen: ALL ART MEDIUMS ARE WELCOME :bulletgreen:

I'm starting this off with a feature of my choice, a friend of mine I met here on DA less than a year ago. He does beautiful waterscape and scenery photography and has taught me some things about photography as well, thanks Mike :)

:bulletgreen: FEATURING :icon11thdimensionphoto: :bulletgreen:

Warm Asylum by 11thDimensionPhoto Thor's Well by 11thDimensionPhoto Lifelines by 11thDimensionPhoto King for a Day by 11thDimensionPhoto Enjoy The View by 11thDimensionPhoto

Lower Kentucky Falls by 11thDimensionPhoto Shores of Neptune by 11thDimensionPhoto Devil In My Details by 11thDimensionPhoto Seal Rock Sunset by 11thDimensionPhoto South Falls by 11thDimensionPhoto

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If there is anyone who hasn't checked out my feature journal, go there and comment and you'll get a feature from me. Here's a…

Also I would like to start doing random journal features once in a while now that Non-Premium members here on DA can have thumbs in journals :)  

I was just made co-founder for the group :iconkittywub: recently so I think I'll start off by doing a feature of art from the groups gallery. So this will be an all kitty feature, because kitties are awesome :)

   K I T T Y  ~  F E A T U R E

~Traditional Art ~
The Cat Lady by captainashletART The Black Cat by clockworkartshop Lusia by danuta50 Kitty by Maarel cat's eye by safija36 Drawn Kitty by JasminaSusak Lusia by danuta50 The cat who said goodbye at the station by luciatripepi

~Digital Art ~
Nummy Nums by Elven-Beauty-Mikotsu day 2 - cat by Triaxionality Leaf fall by MariLucia Ship's Cat by MariLucia The magic nose by MURIELFREEMIND Just Be Happy by goRillA-iNK Cheshire cat by Tabia Ten little kitties by el-ruben
meow by nosoart Brandy in Bedroom by lenapo We are all a little MAD vol.2 by Tabia cat study 27 by nosoart

~Photography ~
Tiger_9 by DietrichVonSchwarz Untamed by BountyHunterMacko Definition of cuteness by woxys Panther Snarl. by pasofino6
She's Got the Look by IHaveSeenTheRain sleeping beauty by blondepassion Differences. by nelow-ow Am I cute ? by Arunaudo   Ecstatic Eyes Wallpaper by MikiYoshiUzuki Out of black by Hypholia    Louretta. by MelcieLerua one day you'll understand by Balatucairus
Pleading eyes by emantaleb Eyes Of The Bluest Skies by xXUchihaxHanaXx Hihi kitty by naked-in-the-rain 8. I'm Innocent by LadyLazarus28

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Congrats to the winners of :iconunder30faves: Holiday Contest!!! You all had amazing entries :)

1st Place winner with Make A Wish :thumb274582182: by :iconlaudica-2204:

2nd Place winner with Xmas3 Xmas3 by kerpele by :iconkerpele:

And lastly the two 3rd place winners with Light My Way Light my way by Enalla by :iconenalla:
And Santa's Helpers :thumb272780453: by :iconcanadianry:

-On another note-

For those of you who haven't had a feature in my feature journal yet, if you comment I will add you to the list :) (you must comment in the feature journal here:…)
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Just wanted say Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for all the faves and support, it's much appreciated :) Still have some features available in my other journal so comment on it (here's a link --->…) and I'll feature you ;p

There is a Holiday Contest being held by :iconunder30faves: For more info click here…
1st place receives a 3-month Deviant Art subscription, 500 points, 4 journal features (including one from me), and a feature on the Under30Faves front page.

~UPDATE~ Holiday contest is over, voting is in process and winners will be announced after Januaury 15th I believe. If you're in the group go and vote for your favorite holiday photo!
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Shadowness Members:
I've created a group on Shadowness for photography, we have 8 members so far. If there are any photographers here that are also on Shadowness, I would be happy if you would join my group :) Here is a link to the groups page Check it out and if you like what you see than follow the group and I will add you as a member if you are a photographer or have photography in your gallery. I don't expect people with ONLY photography in their galleries to join the group, anyone passionate about photography is welcome.

Deviant Art Members:
I still have my feature going, 14 more slots to go until it's filled up so comment on this journal -… - and I will feature 3 pieces of art from your gallery that are my favorites.
11 more to go :) Everyone is welcome to participate!

Be one of the first 20 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will link you and put 3 of my favorite deviations from your gallery in this journal.

~IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal (though you don't HAVE to, this is just a way to spread art around); putting me as #1 then completing the list with 19 other people to make a sum of 20 people (you don't have to do 20, you can choose a smaller number if you'd like).

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone.

1. :icononceonlyimagined: From Death We Rise by OnceOnlyImagined Part Three by OnceOnlyImagined Caesura by OnceOnlyImagined
2. :iconkitsunemizuki: Lexi-chan by KitsuneMizuki Cute eh? by KitsuneMizuki Blue Flowers by KitsuneMizuki
3. :iconseimisstake: Statue Of Liberty by SeiMissTake Prague by SeiMissTake Eiffel Tower - sepia by SeiMissTake
4. :iconladyofgaerdon: Elegy Of A Lost SeasonI am the fall.
Broken in June, buried in August -
haunting September from the boughs of hazel,
where not even the rain could reach me.
How my limbs ached to feel its soothing caress;
but my limbs felt nothing, and I felt nothing.
And the season moved on, without me.
Once, long ago, I was spring,
delicate and pure; fragile as willow seedlings,
believing themselves strong, as they stretch toward the sun -
before the wind breaks their stalks, and they fall
defeated, drained, limp upon the ground;
crushed and forgotten as tears.
But no, I was summer -
when I looked into your eyes for the first time
and forgot to curse the sun.
Tiny beads running down my neck;
hateful, so hateful - ignored, as you ensnared my senses.
You were summer, too
cradled in the branches of oak,
bright enough to burn my eyes and scorch my skin,
but never close enough to touch.
Until in your arms, I became summer,
and the sun could not outshine us.
But now I am winter -
numb and cold, faded, stripped and desolate;
a s
The Ballad of SerenityA nightingale in a birch nearby,
sang a song that made her cry.
"Another note and I shall die!"
Her threat was met with no reply.
And so she rested by the stream,
and heard the crickets softly dream.
She watched the cattails kiss the stars,
believing heaven not so far.
"And here is where I shall be free,"
whispered fair Serenity.
The orphaned child, the strange young girl
born into an ancient world.
No elegance or skill had she
but the ballad, of Serenity.
She was cursed with just one song:
a ballad haunting, soft and long.
The words were never hers to hear,
but danced always beyond her ear.
On harp, flute, lyre she wiled away,
the notes that only she could play.
Yet she grew tried of just one song
and ran away before too long,
into a wood with stream of gold
where rumored lived the bards of old.
She found the caves of deepest blue
and told them, "I have searched for you."
Serenity the bards admired.
They gave to her the sacred lyre,
which bound her soul between its strings,
to find th

5. :icongyzmo-grim: :thumb252553308:
6. :iconmistshadow2k4: Lay Me Down to Sleep by Mistshadow2k4 Afternoon Magic by Mistshadow2k4 Divine Light by Mistshadow2k4
7. :icon11thdimensionphoto: Brace for the Ride by 11thDimensionPhoto Face To Face by 11thDimensionPhoto Upper Kentucky Falls-revisit by 11thDimensionPhoto
8. :iconnewthunder: Leaving Chile by newthunder Niagara 001 by newthunder Moon V2.0 without Eclipse by newthunder
9. :iconauto64: A Bee in Fairyland by auto64 The Mountain Reigns by auto64 Orange Roughie by auto64

From OnceOnlyImagined
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petrova has organized a fundaiser for HeatherRivera who is having some financial troubles. If you can help out with even a dollar or two it would be greatly appreciated :) Here is the ChipIn link to donate &…;. If you can't then spread the word :)

Here's the full Story from petrova and HeatherRivera if you want to help and are interested to know more :)…