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Sorry I've not written anything in a month - it's quite hard to believe that I used to write one of these every week, isn't it? :XD: I've got so much that I want to tell everyone about; November has been so much fun and I've loved it! :D I'll try to go through the stuff I mentioned in my last journal as quickly as possible (obviously there'll be more to say about Cons though - you've been warned~ :P )


:bulletred: Nov 6th - Music Theory exam - my results came back last week and I passed! :D My foreign language skills let me down - but I don't care because we knew that'd happen ^^;

:bulletred: Nov 8th - York Film Festival - it was fun........but very over-loaded! I don't think they anticipated how many people would appear, and the venues they'd booked for each film showing just didn't support the numbers that appeared on the day :\ While we went the whole morning without seeing anything, we did have a nice lunch, the talk we got from the short-film maker was good, and the train ride was really fun ^.^ (I know a lot of people hate public transport, but my friends and I managed to get a table to ourselves and I really enjoyed just being able to talk to them and have a laugh :meow: )

:bulletred: Nov 9th - Doki Doki Con, Manchester - oh my God.........I never thought I would have so much fun at a convention!!! :'D The only downside to that day was that I got up at 5am, and froze my face off with the foundation I was using (it was stupidly cold) But we got there pretty early, and met some Hetalians in the queue - now because I was cosplaying as France and they had an England, they made it into 'bully France' morning |D When we got in, H and Jo (who were cosplaying as Romano and Spain) went to meet up with a Lolita, and then I eventually found/glomped Nikku and his girlfriend Em (who were cosplaying as Cloud and Aeris) I went to a weapons panel done by one of their friends, and they let me hang around with them all day, despite being from a completely different series, so I was super happy about that! ^.^ I got to hang around with the Hetalia group that formed (it was huge; and the England and Hungary from earlier were really nice to me after we'd played some games ^_^ ), and did some girly shopping with Em (we found the most gorgeous Majora's Mask cushion! Majora's Mask Pillow by tavington

But it was £60, so I bought a Spirit Medallion keyring instead ^^; ) and I bought myself some Pretty Cure merchandise that I can't normally get in the UK (a Cure Muse figurine, a small Cure Sunny figure, and a Cure Rhythm keyring) We also saw a pink kimono on sale, which Em and I were both eye-ing :XD: It's also not as noteable, but for lunch I went with Nikku and Em and we went to Subway - same with the train to York the day before, I really enjoyed just being able to sit and talk; I don't know why I like it, but it's nice and simple ^^; The final part of the day was the cosplay masquerade, and I'd decided to go onstage all by myself (H and Jo wanted to go on their own - for Spamano shipping-related reasons) I was really nervous because I had to go on before any of my friends did (they were either straight after me or a little behind me) I really happy to say that it went really well, from what I've heard (I took my glasses off, so I couldn't see anyone's reactions ^^; ) The last time I went on a cosplay masquerade was at TB 2011, and I wanted to feel that same happiness at going onstage as Prussia. I actually thought 'what do I do onstage? Make it interesting; move a little; act like France would - what? Offering a rose and blowing a kiss to the audience? That's a great idea! :D ' Right before I went onstage, I was really nervous; running through my poses and trying to stop my knees from smashing together in fear; and just as I took that step onto the stage, I felt this burst of confidence inside that drove me to stand in front of hundreds of people and be awesome! It sounds like I'm bragging (read; I probably am) and it doesn't sound that impressive, but I can be quite nervous onstage - especially on my own - so this was a massive achievement for me :'3 Also, I got a comment from someone saying 'I smiled so much when you went onstage - you were like a totally different person!' - that comment just topped off a perfect day *cries with happiness* :'3

:bulletred: Nov 22nd - Katiee's birthday - met up with Katie for her 21st birthday (to mourn her childhood) and I had a lot of fun! ^_^ I spoke to more people than I thought I would, and it was great! ^.^

:bulletred: Nov 23rd - ThoughtBubble Con, Leeds - This was also the best part of the month along with Doki Doki! While I had moderate hopes for Doki which were totally blown out of the water and up into space, I had high hopes for TB - and they were exceeded aswell! The difference between this and Doki was the fact that there were more people I knew at TB, so I got say Hi and spend time with more people. For instance, I went with more people this time - usually it was our group of me (Skyward Sword Zelda), H (Tskune? From Rosario +Vampire) and Niko (Philip from Kamen Rider), but this year we had my friend Rhi (Arkham Harley Quinn) and later joined by her friend cosplaying as the Joker. Also, as with Doki, we met Hetalians in the queue again (a Fem!Canada and a Russia), but this time none of us were cosplaying Hetalia, so we ended up spending the first 1/3 of the con with them and getting to know them, and they were really nice people ^_^ One thing that I didn't do was show people my cosplay - I hinted at it on here and on my FB statuses, but I never put any photos up, and I only put this plan online after the event: Zelda Cosplay Plan by lillilotusSo no one really knew what I would specifically look like (i.e. slightly pinker dress, belt without tassles - details that could be easily changed in a cosplay) other than I would be a Zelda with glasses - all anybody had really heard from me was the progress and how terrified I was of being rubbish! >.< So when I eventually ran into Nikku, Pugz and Em (Goku, Robin Hood and Bulma), it took a little bit of staring in order t work out who I was :XD: After a few seconds, Nikku got that it t'was I, and said 'I don't know what you were worried about'. In fact, everyone was super nice about my cosplay and I got a lot of compliments for it; 2 months worth of work payed off in the nicest possible way~ :heart: It was particularly fun because I was being a half-princess (SS Zelda isn't a princess yet) so Pugz, who was wearing all green and had been warned that she'd probably get mistaken for Link since she'd be hanging around with a Zelda, ended up treating me like a Princess all day! :D So when I first bumped into Pugz, she got down on one knee and pretended to kiss my hand :XD: It was really funny and nice, but I was a bit conscious of her being trampled by all the people in the hall (it was busy) ^^; I definitely plan on wearing that cosplay again - for various reasons :XD: Anyways, I spent time with everyone (my default group, HAM Japan, and everyone else I at least glomped and said Hi to) and it felt wonderful! Lunchtime was another nice little catch-up-sit-down-and-talk session, and I got some pretty funny photos of Goku bossing all the other cosplayers with his strength (btw, one thing Nikku was trying to do was get everyone outside to make a spirit bomb by holding up their arms - it didn't work and it lead to him standing awkwardly in the middle of the courtyard with his arms in the air :XD: I commend his efforts though) and some photos for my Media coursework (they had to be OC cosplay photos, so I could only photograph Pugz as she was the only OC there, and I felt a bit bad when I had to turn Nikku and Niko away for cosplaying copyrighted characters ^^; Sorry~ ) I also found out that TB got a 3rd venue, which was a very pleasant surprise! :D There were a lot more artists in there, and someone recognised Niko's cosplay, so it was funny to watch her pretty much melt with happiness :XD: I also bought a pair of white cat ears, and everyone said I looked really cute~ I felt really vain (read: still do) but I felt really flattered and fluttery aswell~ ^.^ :heart: A group of girls came up to our group at the end of the day and said 'can we have a photo of your Zelda with our Link?' and I felt so happy :D She had a hylian shield and master sword that she'd made herself and she let me hold them :'3 They were really cool~ Finally, remember at MCM I got a 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY BOMBS' shirt in green? Well, I got the same shirt in a smaller size and in red :XD: I am now officially the Red Link! :D Overall I enjoyed this year much more than last year; all my friends were there and everyone was unbelievably nice~ Everyone else looked to have tons of fun too, so it was wonderful to see everyone happy! Special mention goes to Rhi as it was her first con ever, looked to have an awesome time and she looked really cool! ^.^


Anyways, enough bragging; I think we've quite clearly established how much fun November was! :XD: We're now in December, and this week that's coming up is also due to be very busy! It's the final week of school, so we've got the carol concert, and the lower sixth form are going bowling on Friday afternoon, so I'm looking forward to playing with my friends ^_^ But H can't go because she's performing in the end of year concert, so I'm unhappy about that :C As long as she enjoys it then I guess it's ok though??? Sorry H.... Other than that, not much is happening at school other than whatever homework I get that week - I've done my media coursework and I'm consistently working on my art, so I've not got much work to do ^^; I'm hoping to do a few Christmas present pictures and upload more - I realised that there's a large gap in my gallery when I was doing my art exam in March, so I don't really want that amount of idleness again T.T I've got 2 carol services to do outside of Christmas - the same ones as last year on the 22nd and 24th (I'll either plan on doing something or sleeping on the 23rd)


Then there's our birthday..........I'll refrain from saying anything about our birthday because it'll just cause trouble - so I'll leave it at this ^^; I've been tagged in a meme, but this journal feels really long as it is, so I'll upload the meme between now and Christmas day (also be warned - there'll probably be more journals this month because of Christmas, birthday, and I'll definitely make one recapping the year!

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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