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Last time I wrote anything was the day after ThoughtBubble, and I wanted to change my journal; SO HERE IT IS! (that, and I was tagged about 2 weeks ago~)

Title says it all; I'm not dead, I'm just plotting or things! Several things actually! None of which I'm going to give you details about (aren't I nice like that? :meow: ) Nah; I actually just want it to be a surprise!

Usually around this time of year, I set myself a 'New Years Goal'. It's where I do something intime for New Years Day! Last year I did a pretty big picture, for my standards. It's this one here: Luigi's Mansion by lillilotus (wow; I made the thumbnail appear! And it only took me 2 years to learn how!) Anyway, I've set myself another goal again! It's a secret though~ The only problem is that I don't have the right size paper for it (A3 canvas paper), so I have to wait until Christmas, when I'll hopefully be getting an A3 sketchbook *hopeful*

Aswell as the picture, I'd like to make something for myself...I'm hopefully getting the materials for it this weekend, and possibly invading the Textiles room at school on Monday. Though considering how bad I am with a sewing machine, don't expect very much, if anything at all! So it's probably going to be a really big challenge for me, but if everything works out, it'll definately be worth it! Once again, it's a secret, so I can't say anything~ (though I know that at least one of my school friends and Twin know what it is, so you two have to keep quiet aswell!)

The other thing I've been plotting for is my christmas card designs. I'd been stuck for about 3 weeks, and I came up with a good idea a while ago! One slight worry with this though is that I did a Christmas picture, as part of a group-thing on FaceBook, and considering that it got a good reaction from people, I'm worried that they'll be disappointed by my card design in comparison! :'( Just because it's not Hetalia, and not as bright!

What I'm probably going to do with it is print off a prototype, choose one person at school to review it (in comparison to my other picture) and see what they think! If they hate it (which is what I fear), then I'll draw somehting else completely from scratch! But, I hope it doens't ocme to that, since I worked hard this year!

SO: List of stuff I'm plotting for:

:bulletred: New Years Goal secret picture
:bulletred: Secret-thing-that-I-need-materials-for
:bulletred: Christmas card designs
:bulletred: Christmas contest entry - DONE!

....God, it is so hard being subtle, but still trying to give people an idea about what it is! (does anyone even read these?! Meh; if they don't, I'll know tomorrow!)


Next week is my last week of school before christmas; yay! AS such, we have stuff planned!

:bulletred: Monday - school disco at Liquid night club in town!
:bulletred: Tuesday - Carol concert at Minster in town! This is the choir highlight of the year, since you spend all day there singing, then you get up to 2 hours in town for lunch! Then back to sing for the school carol service, home, then back in the evening for the Parents carol service!
:bulletred: Wednesday - Christmas dinner! This always overruns into 4th period, so we're hoping it'll overrun BIG STYLE, so we can miss Boxing (which, by the way, we HATE! Also, something dropped down from the ceiling during our lesson yesterday and nearly hit someone! I think it was a metal bar or something?)
:bulletred: Thursday - absolutely nothing as far as we're aware (other than general class fun), though I suspect that we'll be having the Walton Shield Quiz on that day (I came 5th in my year last time; I want to do well again!)
:bulletred: Friday - End of Year Christmas concert!

Then there's Christmas, and then MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 27TH! :D I'm gonna be 15! (don't wanna grow up~)

I'm sorry if this journal is really messy and unorganised and just general crap, but I'm trying to explain my absence while still keeping my plans a secret! It shouldn't be too long until everything goes up though (except my new year's picture), so I guess that's ok?

I was tagged by :iconelainedraw423, so the meme's below~

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

The Rules:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legimately have to tag 11 people.

5 Things About Me:

1) I talk too much; WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH! Though people say that it's amusing to hear me jibber on about random derpy things!
2) I HATE Vocaloid music; absolutely hate it! Character designs: lovely! Voices: URGH!
3) I also hate Sailor Moon; with a passion! It mainly stems from people constantly saying 'that's such a rip off of Sailor Moon' when it clearly isn't.
4) My role-model is a particular friend of mine, who got me hooked onto SO MANY THINGS! She has an awful lot to answer for, but I don't mind her showing me new stuff! Besides, she got me into Hetalia! (anniversary of my corruption is 11th February 2011)
5) Donkay Kong is my least favourite Mario character! Ironically, 2 of my initials are DK (hence the DeeKay nickname)

My questions:
1) What do you hate the most about your favourite fandom?
Some of the pairings people come up with! (Mr.LXDimentio = NO! ItalyXEgypt = NEVER! and I'm saying this for Hetaliasquirrel: DenmarkXSweden = ABSOLUTELY NOT!)
2) Which toppings do you put on your pizza?
I like BBQ sauce and bacon~
3) Have you ever played Mario Kart Double Dash?
Got it for Christmas last year; I love it! But damn; 150cc is hard!
4) If so, what is your favorite course?
DK Mountain (even though I hate Donkey Kong), Baby Park, Wario Stadium and of course Rainbow Road!
5) What languages can you speak?
English. Technically I do French aswell, but considering how BAD I am, I'm not even going to count it!
6) What languages do you wish you could speak?
I'm more than content with English
7) Have you ever been bullied?
Don't get me started on that! Painful; that's all I'm going to say! And it all ended with someone breaking my finger
8) If you got to meet one person in the world (As in a real person, not a Vocaloid or Anime/Manga/Video Game/Book character), who would it be and why?
I don't know; I'm happy with the people I know now, and I generally don't look at celebrities as role-models or anything, so there'd be no point!
9) What is your favourite food to cook?
Jamaican Lemon Crunch (though I've not made it in a while) and seasoned chicken
10) What is your favourite holiday and why?
Our caravan in the Yorkshire Dales~ I just wish they sold Bubblegum fudge up there!
11) Have you ever read fanfiction?
Yes; I like the humour ones~

Questions you lot have to answer:

1) Do you play video games (like Super Mario)?
2) Cosplayed as anyone?
3) If so, who? And what are they from; I'm hopeless with other animes?
4) Has it snowed where you are yet?
5) Do I talk too much? Sorry; I need to know if I annoy people! ^^;
6) Played Angry Birds?
7) Do you listen to any anime/game OST's/character albums etc. (no shame~)
8) Play any instruments?
9) Sweet, sour, savoury or bitter?
10) Believe in fairies? (or flying mint bunnies? Once again, no shame~)
11) QUICK:;Give me a quote a character from an anime you like!

I tag:
:iconniko-plus: :iconsiriusly-ludwig: :icongothicciel1313: :iconpeach-x-yoshi: :iconeeddy98: :iconhetaliasquirrel: :iconkatieebella: :iconcorbettt: :iconanimatelle: :iconmysteriousshamrock: :iconnekogothdemon:

You don't have to if you don't want to; but it's just a bit of fun~!
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  • Playing: Super Mario Sunshine
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Coca Cola
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