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Please excuse me if this journal is a bit unorganised - I'm writing this on 4 hours of sleep. I'll explain why in a bit, but for now; prom. (Also if you're not into girly things like dresses, you might not want to read this - I wouldn't put it past certain people to delete this as soon as it enters their messages, but just a warning)


Since February I've been keeping my prom dress a secret, and it's been relatively difficult. Mainly because I've wanted to tell people (I'd been asking everyone else what theirs looked like), but also because I dropped a rather big, but hidden, hint on my FB. About a month ago, I designed my own Fem Vergil (DMC3). For the final design, I wanted to draw a formal wear, and because my dress was navy blue and it matches Vergil's colour scheme, I decided to draw my dress into the final design. Blue Rose Mk. 2 by lillilotus <-- this one. If it hadn't been for one snarky comment on FB, it would have stayed up for the full month and been the 'clue' in my gallery. Alas, it didn't - but it was still pretty fun to point it out to people the morning after Prom, and say 'Oh by the way~ I had this planned for months >:3 ' I'm currently on with drawing my full outfit (as in, I've just got to adjust the background and it'll be up this afternoon), so look out for that; it's got a bit more to it than just plain blue.


The actual event....was a lot more fun than I expected! H and I spent the afternoon getting ready (we slacked off and played video games in the morning). After having my hair pulled out (we couldn't secure the clip properly) and trying to destroy my first 4 ribs (bust is just a little narrow, but as long as you know how to breathe properly, you're ok), we were ready to go! H and I got there before our friend group, so we got to watch everyone else show up in their posh limos and vintage cars (we didn't do any of that; we weren't willing to shell out tons of money for a 10 minute journey). We were a bit of a......mis-matched group; as in, we had a 50s rocker (like this dress, but red with black spots instead Vintage Bloom by lillilotus), a classy girl with red lips and a red dress (we couldn't think of a particular era for it), a big blue ballgown (that was Cae/ Siriusly-Ludwig ), a modern prom dress, a Lolita (H), and then me.............we couldn't really come to a conclusion about my outfit either......we'll say blue-demon-satan-yamato-person for now :S It was also kind of satisfying to disprove a bunch of girls who were under the impression I'd spent 200 on a pink butterfly dress; this one, to be exact Smile DK Butterfly by lillilotus Anyway, the evening itself was really nice; there was a garden to mill around in, a photographer, and a big hall with lots of tables set out for everyone. It kind of felt like a wedding - minus the thieving scum who steals the favours. I also ended up going up to dance a lot more than I thought I would; I'm not a dancer (as in, I continually prove myself to be the most ungraceful thing alive), but I ended up being dragged up front to dance with my friends, and it was actually kinda fun! (plus when they play songs like 'Gentleman', it makes you want to join in anyway :XD: ) By the end of the evening, with all the hype we'd given the event, none of us particularly wanted to leave. It got to 1am and I still hadn't taken my dress off (I didn't want to stop feeling pretty; I promise I'm not as vain as this in person, but this was special~) We all went home pretty tired though ^^;


......speaking of, I'm still really tired. I didn't get much sleep last night- correction, I didn't get any sleep at all last night. I'd gotten up pretty late yesterday, so come 11pm, I wasn't very tired. Stayed up until 1am drawing, still wasn't tired. Stayed up until half 1, and I was tired, but couldn't get to sleep. It got to 3am, ad I'd not managed to drop off at all. I was also boiling, so decided to sit up, pull the covers off and cool down......and then I saw a small black shadow move very quickly along my leg. I didn't have my glasses on and there was only a tiny nightlight, so I grabbed my glasses and flicked on the bedside lamp.


You know how I said that shadow was small? Well it was pretty small, only about an inch long - but to me, an inch is pretty big for a God-damn SPIDER! And it wasn't one of those where it looks like a tiny black dot with really long wirey legs, oh no; you could see its head, body, and every parts of its legs in detail! Spiders aren't a huge fear of mine, there are things I'm much more terrified by, but I have never shot out of bed as fast! It's also the question of 'how the Hell did it get under the covers?! How did it get on me?! How didn't I notice it?! Where is it now?! What if it comes back?! AGH! D: '


Needless to say, it spooked me pretty badly. I didn't get to sleep until 8am, when both my parents had left for work (might have gotten a bit of shut-eye between 4am and 5am, but I really don't remember/feel like I did) H eventually woke me up at 11, but I didn't listen and went back to sleep until 12. Either way, my eyes are absolutely killing me right now. It kinda feels like the last day of Italy again; having to get up at 4am to catch a plane; but at least then, I had a supply of cola to chug on so I'd stay awake (I'm relying on Oreos at the moment). If anyone catches me online at 11 tonight, don't let me stay up T.T


What will be happening in the future; I've decided that I'd like to do a canvas painting at some point during study leave, but can't think of anything, so I'm open to (decent) suggestions on that. I'm going on a school trip to York tomorrow. We're getting a tour of the University and then get to have an afternoon of shopping/being general tourists. Then we're off to a vintage 40s weekend in the Dales as soon as we get home. At this particular event last year, I bought my Aeris cosplay, so I'm definitely wearing that on the Saturday. I might take my France coat again, or I might be Prussia; we'll see (a black uniform and wig would be a bit warm in summer :S ). Manchester MCM is on the 20th of July and my friends and I will be attending that again; I'm being Aeris (there's a big Final fantasy group going - but I don't know if I'm included in that. Those people from TB know who they are.), Niko is being Ankh, H and Jo are being Panty and Stocking.....some of HAM Japan are attending (we've got a Near, Death Note; and a Cloud, FFVII: AC, going) and my cosplay friends are attending to, so I'm going to aim to say 'Hi' to everyone I know there! It's been a while since I've seen any of my cosplay friends, so it'll be really good to meet up with them again ^_^


As a last note, Happy July 4th to the Americans; and (even though it's late), Happy July 1st to the Canadians!


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

  • Watching: Films; anything that&#039;s on and anything I feel
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time
  • Eating: Oreos
  • Drinking: Cola
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KatieeBella Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Still haven't seen you for ages! Am definitely hunting you down [with my glittery pink sword] at mcm :P xx
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah; I went into Thorntons today to see if you were working there today (totally not to get discount or anything.... >_> ) :XD: I shall look out for a glittery pink sword flying in my general direction!
KatieeBella Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
I don't work at thorntons anymore-I work at Hobbycraft in guiseley =P Because art materials & pretty things!! My sword is mega & I love it muchly xx
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Aw damnit; I was hoping for some discount! T.T but yeah, pretty arty things are better than chocolate, I guess; I could spend all day in the art section of the Range~ :heart: Haha; I shall have to steal your sword then; another one to add to my list :P x x
KatieeBella Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Hobbycraft is just generally better in every way ahaha =P My sword is so cool I am so excited about MCM!! xx
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