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HI PEOPLES!'s been a while.....y'know, only 4 months or so...! Oops, sorry about that ^^; The biggest upcoming event for me is 'HAM Con' in the beginning of July, and I'm currently trying to compile a good list of prints to make for that, including new and old things. In regards to the new things, there are 3 ideas that I have for prints right now, but it's deciding which one takes priority due to me going back to school on Wednesday. Therefore I'm posing the question to you lot, as some of you actually like to see my stuff. That's all below, but just to briefly recap over the last few months, because there has been a fair amount that's happened;

February: Art A-level exam paper given out. The next 2 months consist of rapid, panicked working in a sketchbook. Unfortunately I don't have anything to show for this period of time - and unlike last year when I could put my stuff online after August, I don't know if I'm allowed to do that this time. A-levels work where half of your course is done in Year 12 (AS Levels) and the other half is done the next year (A2 levels); because this stuff is technically half of my A-level, I don't know if they'll let me upload anything until August 2014 or August 2015. I hope it's 2014, but we'll see...

March: Huddersfield Con! (now known as 'Majicon', I think?) I had a lot of fun at this Con; it was really great to go to a quiet Con with my friends and be able to stay in a proper group without worrying about prioritising too much :'3 I went as Zelda (I'm gonna wear that cosplay to death by MCM 2014!), and my group consisted of Nikku and Em (Cloud and Aeris), Pugz (Fem Nero), H and JoPyon (Korea and China), Rhiannon and Joseph (they weren't cosplaying because they're boring sods ) I actually managed to come 2nd in the cosplay contest, and was given a goody bag full of really cool prizes (Vampire Knight plushie, katana memory stick, Kill la Kill shirt, pentagram necklace, Pocky etc.) along with a box of pocky from one of the judges who said she really liked my outfit~ :heart: She also commented on how nice Zelda looked with glasses which made me especially happy because I constantly worry that people look down on my cosplay as a whole because I wear glasses ^^; I also got a free lunch from Pugz, so that was really nice! ^.^

April: Art exam finally rolls around! I was pretty happy with my piece; it turned out quite nice (though I had this weird fascination with the male character I drew; he was in a Brand Lolita prince coat that I desperately want, but he looked very pretty in it ^^; ) It's shameful but I genuinely can't remember much else from April other than revision, drawing, and finishing off in my coursework book :S

May: Art coursework finishes (once again happy with my piece; it gave my friend a good chance to finally be in a big picture :XD: ), but then I went on study leave and suddenly had to revise like mad for 7 exams! D: There was a very big panic with this because a) I had 5 1/2 hours worth of essay writing on my last day. The limit is 6 hours a day, so they only just scraped past with that one! >.< 2 of my exams clashed so I had to stay after school to finish one, and I had to spend the entire day in isolation! To rub salt in the wound, it was the last day of school for my year 13 friends. And they were all dressed up. DX *flips table*; and b) for my History exam I'd been stuck between 3 marks all year, and I'd not moved from 60% on ANY essays since October! That grade would've got me a D at best, and isn't what my school and everyone else wants to see! The pressure is insane! Luckily they've all finished now so the last 2 weeks of study leave have been spent drawing and mooching around at home.

I go back to school on Wednesday to start A2 level stuff (yeah, essays and boring books for the rest of the school year. What....'fun'...). I wish that I'd made more use of my study leave; I wish I'd seen more friends, gone more places, and drawn more, for sure...

Because I go back on Wednesday, and because school is so hell bent on making sure that I have no freetime from now until July 2015 , I worry that I won't have time to make my last 3 print ideas for the Con. I've got 2 days left to make something really spectacular, and I'm going to make the most of it. Which is why I come to you with a question:

Out of my 3 ideas, which one do you think you would buy? As in pay physical real-life money for? (this is all hypothetical btw; I'm not going to force any of you to buy anything of mine!)

:bulletred: Frozen - a picture of Elsa looking all sparkly and pretty
:bulletred: Attack on Titan - A picture of Hanji (and maybe Levi) using the 3D Movement gear in the sky
:bulletred: Dark Magician Girl - I don't need to elaborate on that, just.....her in general (maybe as a chibi - undecided)

The drawback with these is that A) Frozen is slowly getting quieter now, and people may be sick of Elsa; also if I daw her wrong, I'm sure that someone will point it out to me in the rudest way possible. B) The media I wanted to do Attack on Titan in is...tricky; my latest piece isn't looking good being painted in the same way, so I'm not very confident with it right now. Also if I draw Levi wrong then I'm sure someone is going to point it out to me. C) Even though DMG is old, she's still got a very faithful 'fanbase' (of mainly men) who love her. Most of these people are in my town, and will be at the Con for the YuGiOh tournament, so if I can draw her well, then I may get a lot of sales from them. But if I draw her too 'sexual' (note: I don't have the capability of drawing anything 'sexual'; I feel uncomfortable from it), then I'm very scared that someone from Tumblr will come along and call me out for being a bitch who encourages the objectification of women. (I do not.) Alternatively if I don't draw her accurately (or as a chibi, since the guys I refer to hate Toon DMG), then I'm scared that some guy is going to call me out for drawing her wrong (according to them. If this happens, I'm slamming a sketchbook in front of them and I'm going to watch them draw her perfectly.) Aiyah.....

If anyone has some decent opinions on which print sounds like the best idea, then please let me know; I'm very stuck right now :S

The other thing I MUST do is put together an advertisement for MasakoX, the voice of Goku in the 'DragonBall Z Abridged'. He's coming to our Con and I want to make sure people know about it! I've actually rather enjoyed the series; Nappa is bloody hilarious :XD:

I'll leave it there for now; something I might do is, in the weeks leading up to the Con, I'll update a journal of a few prints that I'll be selling, so keep an eye out for that! I'd love to see a lot of people at this Con, so I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure I can advertise it as much as possible! Starting with dropping the poster here; read it, love it, share it; especially if you're in the North of England! There's a Con happening in London on the same weekend as us, and it infuriates me SO much that 1 city can have 5 Cons, while Yorkshire (a very big county in North England) can only have 2 - and one of them hates our guts! (we've had an ordeal with Huds Con.....yeah, I'm not going near that subject with a 10ft pole...) So please help spread the word on this, because we're aiming to make it as good as possible this year so we have the resources to make it even better next year! HAM Con 2014 by HAMJapanUK Also, visit this website to buy tickets and find news;

...we also need to make it up to the Gallery Director who Pugz and I accidently broke the printer of yesterday *runs away*

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

P.s. I got Ocarina of Time 3D~ :meow: I'm syuck in the Bottom of the Well in it and I'm sh*t scared of it~ |D *dies*
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June 8, 2014