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Hi hi! :D

I know it's been a while since my last journal (as in, I semi-disappeared off the internet) but I've been buckling down really hard as of late - and I'm finally free of all my exams! I finished them all last week, so I technically never have to go into school ever again now ^_^ But there's been a few things that have happened, so I should probably summarise as best as I can;

:bulletred: exams finished! We went on study leave on.......(gosh, when was it?) 22nd May, so about a month ago. The final day was great; everyone got to dress up in fancy dress (I went as Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou), there weren't really many lessons since everyone was far too busy having fun and partying (seriously; art was spent having brownies with my teacher, and english was pass the parcel to Disney songs; and the day before, Media had a huge party as well!). Then we had a big assembly that featured a lot of photos of everyone from years 7 - 13 and it was all very emotional (I came out of the hall absolutely sobbing ^^; ) Then the rest of the day was spent playing Mario Kart with friends :-)

The actual exams went pretty well, I feel (just watch them come back with abysmal marks now, just out of spite!). Art was a 15 hour exam that involved a stupid amount of paper, a wooden box and knives (it was a big paper cut displayed in a box with lights behind it) and that was really enjoyable! Media went well, as did English, and History felt to go better than anticipated. However, I'm very aware that they could still come back with awful marks even if they let ok D: It's quite comforting to know I only need 240 UCAS points to get into my top University though, where I'll hopefully be going to do illustration (cue the mass panic towards the day of the results). I'm really gonna miss my lessons, teachers, school and friends though; it really has been a wonderful 7 years! :heart:

:bulletred: Consequently, I now have free time again! Meaning I can draw, play games, watch whatever I like, sleep in as late as I want...all of which I have been doing excessively! First thing I did as soon as my final exam ended was go out and have lunch with Niko in town (which also led to my first legal drink) and then spend the rest of the day playing 'Binding of Isaac: Rebirth'. Highlights of the summer will include: A-Level Art exhibition, MCM (Niko and I cosplaying Youmu and Yuyuko from Touhou), Prom (which is in 1 week and I'm still getting ready for it), 'exam-aggeddon' (results day), hopefully getting ready for Uni, and other things (hopefully many parties and gaming days; also a Lord of the Rings marathon at some point hopefully :-) )

Ah, here's something else that happened; you know this picture?  InTheLittleCourier by lillilotus Well, my Twin decided to put it on her Tumblr good reason (I don't know why D: ) - and it get reblogged by the person in the picture. So that was unexpected, but very pleasant ^_^ (btw, the guy is Martyn 'inthelittlewood' Littlewood - youtuber)

I've got a few plans for drawings, and then anything unexpected that may happen, so please keep your eyes out. I'll still be doing things other than drawing, but it won't be a full-on dead silence like it was during school ^_^
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