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Lots to tell, lots to tell; or at least, I think there's feels like lots because I've not written anything in a journal for so long  I'll start with Scotland;

Scotland was, as usual, very pretty! We spend the first day in Edinburgh and we met up with a lolita, called 'Loli Sour-Grapes'  Loli Sour-Grapes by lillilotus(that's her in the picture; I drew that after meeting her the first time :meow: ). Last time we met her (2 years ago), H and her wore full Lolita. They were doing the same again this time.........and I joined them. So while H wore her pretty black and white music dresse and Loli wore her gausey pink and cream dress (which looked stunning), I was the inexperienced derp wearing Lolita at the back of the group, successfully putting shame on the entire Lolita community. Oh I tried, I really did, but...............let's say the general impression lolitas get is that they are graceful, lady-like, polite, well-spoken, and cute. While I'd like to think I'm well-spoken (I do use rather 'aristocratic' language sometimes, á la Vergil Sparda), I spent most of the day pining after a fusion Sword (FFVII:AC) because it looked cool and had bragging rights, stumbling around in shoes that were a little too big for me, readjusting itchy petticoats, eating sugar lumps straight out of the bowl, looking for chances to sprint across roads to save time (in a capital city? Big no), jumping in sync with the lift to see what'd happen, asking dumb questions, and acting like a general idiot. I also scored a horrified look off of Loli when I got icing on my fingers in a café. Because the jumper skirt belongs to H and I was borrowing it (after much begging), the last thing I wanted to do was wipe icing onto the skirt. It also didn't occur to me that I had a napkin. So I ended up sucking the icing off my fingers and wiping the rest off on my leg (yes, I'm aware about how terrible my table manners are; I'm trying >.< ) Unfortunately I nudged Loli under the table, who then pulled her skirt as far away as possible, and looked at me as if to say 'what the Hell are you shaming Lolita for?!'. (It was ok once we started talking about video games though ^^; ) That embarrassing story coupled together with my idiocy loses me points in every department (and I was never cute to begin with >.< ) Despite my big slip-ups, I had tons of fun as a Lolita for the day, and it was an experience I was very glad to have! If H every gets less-itchy petticoats, I'll gladly try again ^_^

However, we didn't hang around Edinburgh the whole time; instead, we stayed near a town called 'Sterling', which is the next one over from Edinburgh. We didn't really do much here other than try steak and haggis pie (quite nice, actually) and go up a tower called the Wallace Monument, which couldn't have had a steeper, taller, windier spiral staircase if it tried! Though my Dad was mean and spoiled it for everyone; in the first room were some pillars, and he knocked on one to show it was hollow and fake....and then everyone started doing it! :XD: After 4 days, we went up to the Highlands, which had really big mountains and some gorgeous views! We plonked the caravan on the side of the loch and enjoyed daylight until 1am! :meow: We went up Annec Moore (the mountain next to Ben Nevis; they have a cable car :meow: ), tried Irn-Bru ice cream (fizzy, but really nice) and visited a whiskey distillery. The distillery was ok, but the smell of oranges and the loudness of machinery was a bit too much. However, they gave out free whiskey samples. While I'm still 16 and underage, I didn't get one.......but H totally threw herself at this glass of 41% alcoholic whiskey before it got taken off her! :XD: There were more samples further on, but H and I got a bottle of Irn-Bru each instead.

Between the time we came home from Scotland and Monday 10th June, I've been revising for my History exam. Considering how I got an A last year, I thought it'd go vaguely ok; my only trouble was the Vietnam war, which I didn't feel that confident on. However, after spending the week in the caravan reading the Vietnam text book, I was more confident with the subject. The only genuine trouble I had during the exam was timing; I nearly ran out of time! This isn't like me, because I was fine in the RE exam 2 weeks earlier, which was shorter and had more writing! I knew most of the answers, but I couldn't write all of them down because of timing T.T It only really impacted the final question, so I'm hoping for at least a B? *starts preparing for a D grade* My Maths exam is tomorrow and I'm revising for it right now (along with writing this journal and finishing a picture of Hamja). Maths is, undeniably, the most important of all my exams, as I need to pass if I want to get into 6th form at my school; the fact that 60% of my mark is already a C isn't exactly a good sign! I have to do well in this one, or I'm going to have to beg and plead if I want to come back next year....(and God help me, I refuse to get up early to go to school; I live next door to my school for a reason, y'know!)

Onto much more recent things; on Tuesday, it was ~Siriusly-Ludwig 's birthday, so myself, her, H, Laurie, and 2 friends of ours went down to the park for a picnic! Since we're all on study leave, we could go during the week when it was really quiet ^_^ We also ended up hiring a small rowing boat to use for half an hour while we were there. I payed an extra 50p so I didn't have to row, so H and I sat back while Laurie and Cae did all the work :XD: Though at once point I milked it a bit too much and implied that I was taller than Cae - so she told me to get out of the boat, in the middle of the water :XD:

Also for Cae's birthday, since half of our friends couldn't make it due to still being at school, we had a party yesterday - at LazerQuest! Now, HAM Japan was during the day so H and I went there, and we mentioned where we were going that evening. From a certain person (lets call her Pugz), I was under strict instructions to shoot everything and everyone, and Nikku had a running race with me before we left, so I was in practice for running around an abandoned building with a glowy pistol! The first two games I got about half way up the leader board, which I wasn't very happy with, and especially not in the second game; someone in the year above me decided it was ok to grab the back of my power pack (the thing you shoot at; it's like a heavy bulletproof vest with lights on it) and literally shove me down the stairs so that I'd leave the base that my team was in! I mentioned it later and no one particularly cared :\

Obviously by this point, the only option was to wipe the floor with everyone in the game, which is what I had left HAM Japan promising to do. So we got into a team match and Niko, H and I joined the Red team. All the power packs were named after characters (so you knew who you were on the leaderboard), and I managed to get the 'Elektra' power pack - which is the name of a really cool and pretty Marvel girl who wears red and kinda reminds me of a pirate. I'd been drooling over her figurine at Collect@ after the meet and so was desperate to have her name on the leaderboard. I'll set the scene for you; you're in a darkened-out hall full of luminescent tunnels and towers. The team game is set to 'Mayhem', and you're 6 times more likely to get shot. The Blue team is entirely made up of chavs (a total of 9) who you've never met before, and so feel unsympathetic shooting. The Yellow team is made up of 11 6th formers who mercilessly broke the rules and p*ssed you off in the last 2 games. Your team, Red, has only 7 members, one of whom is a 10 year old. You've got the coolest name (Elektra) in the building, you've finally learnt how to dodge, and while you're sort of scared of the dark, you still feel epic! So what do you do?

You get the tallest position you can, and snipe everything that comes past you. If it glows and it's not red, you point your laser and fire at it until it's dead. You throw yourself at the ground so much that your thighs don't work the next day. And at the end if it all, and after 30 minutes of merciless get first place.

I GOT 1ST PLACE IN LASERQUEST! :'D They got beaten by a girl! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :happybounce:


Yes, I was (read: still am) immensely pleased with myself for coming first! Even though our team didn't win (we all beat the blue team chavs though, who sneered when I got my scorecard and managed to get into the minus points), I got the highest single score out of everyone - which I'm happier with rather than a team achievement :D The actual stats were as following; shots fired = 691, accuracy = 11.87% (oops...), tagged players = 82, tagged by players = 36, tag ratio = 227.78% (anything above 100% means you're shooting more people than are shooting you) To be honest, I'm happy I proved I could wipe the floor with the boys, and even happier that our team of a mere 7 beat a whole group of chavs! ^^; The only dumb moment I had was in the first game; I was shooting a green light thinking it was a base (bonus points)........and then I realised it was a fire exit................oopsies? *shot* Also, my thighs are absolutely killing me this morning and it's difficult to stand up and use stairs T.T (but it was SO worth it!)


That's all that's happened recently; as of tomorrow, I'll be free of school and all exams, so I'm looking forward to it :D I don't know what I'll do during all my free time, but I'm definitely going to be drawing, treating myself to a new video game, and meeting up with friends, which should keep me occupied! ^_^ And then there's just all that time to wait for the results....! D: *panics already*


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:


P.s. the suggestion that HAM Japan invade LaserQuest? I back this 100%! :XD:

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KatieeBella Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Congrats, kiddo! Enjoy your freedom! & come see me!! =P xx
HAMJapanUK Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's my minion! <3
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Nyahaha; I did good, ne, Miss? :meow:

Also, I am now FREE! Maths exam went well today, so now I'm FREE! :'D
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