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Hi hi! :D

I know it's been a while since my last journal (as in, I semi-disappeared off the internet) but I've been buckling down really hard as of late - and I'm finally free of all my exams! I finished them all last week, so I technically never have to go into school ever again now ^_^ But there's been a few things that have happened, so I should probably summarise as best as I can;

:bulletred: exams finished! We went on study leave on.......(gosh, when was it?) 22nd May, so about a month ago. The final day was great; everyone got to dress up in fancy dress (I went as Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou), there weren't really many lessons since everyone was far too busy having fun and partying (seriously; art was spent having brownies with my teacher, and english was pass the parcel to Disney songs; and the day before, Media had a huge party as well!). Then we had a big assembly that featured a lot of photos of everyone from years 7 - 13 and it was all very emotional (I came out of the hall absolutely sobbing ^^; ) Then the rest of the day was spent playing Mario Kart with friends :-)

The actual exams went pretty well, I feel (just watch them come back with abysmal marks now, just out of spite!). Art was a 15 hour exam that involved a stupid amount of paper, a wooden box and knives (it was a big paper cut displayed in a box with lights behind it) and that was really enjoyable! Media went well, as did English, and History felt to go better than anticipated. However, I'm very aware that they could still come back with awful marks even if they let ok D: It's quite comforting to know I only need 240 UCAS points to get into my top University though, where I'll hopefully be going to do illustration (cue the mass panic towards the day of the results). I'm really gonna miss my lessons, teachers, school and friends though; it really has been a wonderful 7 years! :heart:

:bulletred: Consequently, I now have free time again! Meaning I can draw, play games, watch whatever I like, sleep in as late as I want...all of which I have been doing excessively! First thing I did as soon as my final exam ended was go out and have lunch with Niko in town (which also led to my first legal drink) and then spend the rest of the day playing 'Binding of Isaac: Rebirth'. Highlights of the summer will include: A-Level Art exhibition, MCM (Niko and I cosplaying Youmu and Yuyuko from Touhou), Prom (which is in 1 week and I'm still getting ready for it), 'exam-aggeddon' (results day), hopefully getting ready for Uni, and other things (hopefully many parties and gaming days; also a Lord of the Rings marathon at some point hopefully :-) )

Ah, here's something else that happened; you know this picture?  InTheLittleCourier by lillilotus Well, my Twin decided to put it on her Tumblr good reason (I don't know why D: ) - and it get reblogged by the person in the picture. So that was unexpected, but very pleasant ^_^ (btw, the guy is Martyn 'inthelittlewood' Littlewood - youtuber)

I've got a few plans for drawings, and then anything unexpected that may happen, so please keep your eyes out. I'll still be doing things other than drawing, but it won't be a full-on dead silence like it was during school ^_^
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Hello everyone! ^_^

Happy New Year, for starters! What an.....interesting year it's been! I turned 18, I got closer to a lot of my friends, I did stuff that I never thought I'd do, I coped with what I'd compare to my worst nightmare, I dropped A LOT of money, I've sobbed over failures and successes, done my best to improve my art and been sick with worry over the stupidest things! It's been a year of extremes, in any case.

2014 started out fairly enthusiastically for me; I had new years resolutions lined up and a bunch of films that I wanted to get through (my resolution was to catch up on as many geeky films I've missed out on; I got through a fair few, but not as many as I would have liked) - and then something happened in my home life and it got really bad, really quickly. (It's nothing a lot of people would consider serious because it's not that uncommon, but anyone will tell you that your parents splitting up - especially on dodgy ground - absolutely wrecks you). I was told at the time that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone else - despite the problems that it would cause us by keeping quiet. Hell, that was in January and I only told my best friend what had happened in July! We're still facing problems with what's happened, and I think we'll be feeling them for quite a while in the future, but I'm glad to say that I'm coping - just about, at least. I also had to wave goodbye to a good number of friends leaving for Uni; they're all home now for Christmas, but knowing we wouldn't be able to share a table at lunchtime anymore was awful, and I've missed them all a lot! I've been disappointed abut my Art AS level, and I've ended up being more stressed out than ever at school work. Other ridiculous things that happened this year include paintball; because it totally doesn't hurt getting shot in the hand and hip while being scared shitless by a crazy lady who takes the game way too seriously1 *sarcasm - heavy sarcasm*. Never thought I'd go paint balling, but there you go!

Actually, it's been a year of partying, too - and next year will surely be, as well! Im our friend group, we have people who have just turned 18 and who still have to turn 18 (Twin and I being the last ones of 2014). Because of this, people have had parties celebrating, and it's been great to socialise! (Plus I got invited to quite a few and that was honestly very heartwarming :'3 ) None of them were crazy; all of them involved video games somewhere in them! But one of them had us paint balling, another was a surprise party after a D&D session, and lots more were just house parties, but they were so much fun! There was also a lot of partying and get-togethers before everyone went to Uni; it was mainly Mario Party, but it was insane fun XD

Right, good things of 2014; there's been a lot of them! I got an A in History and Bs in English lit and Media; that's huge for me! (we won't talk about the art grade...) I've been offered interviews at 2 Universities I'd like to go to, and a challenge from my top university to get onto an illustration course! I helped with a Con by designing the poster; I won an award at another Con for my (at the time the closest thing to a) hand-made cosplay (Skyward Sword Zelda), and then I went and actually made a cosplay from scratch! (Fierce Deity Link) I plucked up the courage to send 2 pictures into some Youtubers - and got a christmas card back from one of them! I got more independent with my money and acquired some things I've had my eye on for a long time (Majora's Mask, Touhou figures - materialism, but I'm happy). I managed to make my friend cry with happiness; that's a (rather cruel) achievement! I watched the Hobbit trilogy and decided that I kinda like it (mmm, Elven architecture~); I replayed video games from my childhood and decided that I still like them just as much as before, and I'm planning on broadening my horizons by trying a couple of highly recommended pc games! I learned to drive, sew, paint with acrylic; I got over my fear of nudity long enough to do actual life drawing so i could improve with drawing people, modelled for various photoshoots (even though I'm still crap at it), got on a train with my friends for a day trip to Scarborough, and got comfortable enough with an animal to not be scared stiff when it ran up to me! I watched my Twin pass her driving practical and theory tests first time and saw her sob when she got her own car this Christmas.

I was actually really worried about Christmas and Birthday this year; I was terrified that family would make things difficult, arguments would arise due to unsettled scores, and everyone would be bored or sick of everyone else. It turned out that I was very wrong to worry! Christmas was peaceful for the most part, and birthday went very very well; I ended up going bowling with my school friends, then ended up patting around at home with video games and youtube :-) I honestly can't thank everyone enough for keeping those days stress and drama free! 

I was very ready to dismiss this year as a disaster because of what happened between my parents - and it still is a disaster because the last thing I want is for her to be upset - but I've actually done way more than I thought I would; somehow, I got some independence and grew up even though I feel like I got much more childish. I guess that's a step in the right direction :-)

As for 2015......I've a couple of New Year's Resolutions; I'd like to keep on top of my school work (only 1 more year; i've gotta work at it and savour the last few months with my school friends), I'd like to get into University, I'd like to improve my drawings and set some time aside to wind down and sketch (hopefully, school are gonna help with - maybe), I'd like to make another cosplay - maybe from scratch again, we'll see - and (this is the vain one) I'd like to work towards making my shoulders (which are horrendous and covered in redness right now) bearable for human view. Prom's coming up in June and I'd like to wear another strapless dress or something ^_^ Most importantly, I'd like to try more new things and improve myself; the good parts of this year have been great, and I'd love for all of that to happen again (minus the sad parts)

That's my 2015 New Year's Resolution and rather-lengthy 2014 recap ^_^ Let's work towards the future!

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:
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Hi there!

I've not been too active online as of late, and in all honesty, it's because I've been busy. Mostly with schoolwork, but using that as an excuse in July and August is pointless. I've been drawing, sketching in my book, and spending time with my friends - half of whom are going off to Uni in the middle of the month. It'll be really sad to see everyone go, but most of them have a good online presence, so it shouldn't be all bad; and there'll hopefully be a get-together happening around the time of my birthday when they come home at Christmas ^_^ But it's going to be odd to go back to school and realise that the group - our nerdy little clique - no longer spans three dinner tables (it's only going to span one table and a windowsill now :\ )

Speaking of, I go back to school tomorrow, so I'm sure that I'll be immediately dropped into three essays, sketchbook work, coursework and a personal statement. How entertaining(!). I'm not looking forward to losing all my free time again, but I am looking forward to seeing everyone; I'm sure there'll be lots of gossip to catch up on! I'm looking forward to getting back into Media most (and starting to draw these film posters; something inside me is saying that I want it to look a little like 'Sword Art Online'?), and I think I'm looking forward to carrying on with my A2 Art? I'm unsure, since my results were a kick in the teeth in that area....ah, yes; I should say; my AS results came back mid-August, and most of them were pretty good! An A in History, with Bs in English lit. and Media!

But my Art result....came out as an E - the grade above a fail. I don't know if it's because I didn't work hard enough or if there's other reasons, but it really got to me....the only consolation I have is that it's 'Fine art'. Fine Art, to me, is the 'snobby one'; there isn't any room for anything modern, and it can't look unrealistic without looking abstract - i.e. NO cartoons or anything remotely like it! I know that's all in the spec, but I prefer illustration, and my Sixth Form doesn't offer any Art course other than Fine art, so I'm stuck there until I find a course at Uni that's more up my alley. It's awful because I feel so restricted, like anything I draw is just going to be brushed aside because it's not still life. But I don't understand how I'm meant to improve if none of the teachers will listen. All the Art teachers recently left for other jobs, leaving only 1 behind, and I don't feel comfortable talking to her at all. If I ask for advice or help, she'll spend half an hour lecturing me about irrelevant things, and when I went to clear my A2 topic with her, she said 'no - and honestly, I don't want to find a loophole that would allow you to do that topic'.

It's not very encouraging :\ (In the end, I've found my own loophole disguised as looking at the Monarchy; I'm enthusiastic about it, and it's snobby enough that she won't bat an eyelid when I work it to my advantage)

Regardless, I decided that I was going to improve; I spent most of my holiday carrying around my A4 sketchbook and drawing people as best I could, and I decided that the whole holiday was deemed a failure if I could improve with anatomy and posing. I think I've improved; I'll hopefully upload some of the sketches in the future ^_^ It's also helpful that I've recently got into a series with a lot of guys in it, so it means I've got a lot of characters to practise drawing (I've got a nice mix of girl-heavy and guy-heavy series that I like, so I'm rarely short ^^; )

Because I'll be busy at school, I won't have time to upload big pictures as much. I'll strive to upload the odd doodle or quick Chibi, but we'll see. I also have my AS Media (and hopefully Art) coming back to me really soon, so I can stagger those as uploads while I'm busy ^_^ I hope this suffices for my absence; my apologies

Onwards to victory in A-Levels!

Peace out and ciao~ x :heart:
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HI PEOPLES!'s been a while.....y'know, only 4 months or so...! Oops, sorry about that ^^; The biggest upcoming event for me is 'HAM Con' in the beginning of July, and I'm currently trying to compile a good list of prints to make for that, including new and old things. In regards to the new things, there are 3 ideas that I have for prints right now, but it's deciding which one takes priority due to me going back to school on Wednesday. Therefore I'm posing the question to you lot, as some of you actually like to see my stuff. That's all below, but just to briefly recap over the last few months, because there has been a fair amount that's happened;

February: Art A-level exam paper given out. The next 2 months consist of rapid, panicked working in a sketchbook. Unfortunately I don't have anything to show for this period of time - and unlike last year when I could put my stuff online after August, I don't know if I'm allowed to do that this time. A-levels work where half of your course is done in Year 12 (AS Levels) and the other half is done the next year (A2 levels); because this stuff is technically half of my A-level, I don't know if they'll let me upload anything until August 2014 or August 2015. I hope it's 2014, but we'll see...

March: Huddersfield Con! (now known as 'Majicon', I think?) I had a lot of fun at this Con; it was really great to go to a quiet Con with my friends and be able to stay in a proper group without worrying about prioritising too much :'3 I went as Zelda (I'm gonna wear that cosplay to death by MCM 2014!), and my group consisted of Nikku and Em (Cloud and Aeris), Pugz (Fem Nero), H and JoPyon (Korea and China), Rhiannon and Joseph (they weren't cosplaying because they're boring sods ) I actually managed to come 2nd in the cosplay contest, and was given a goody bag full of really cool prizes (Vampire Knight plushie, katana memory stick, Kill la Kill shirt, pentagram necklace, Pocky etc.) along with a box of pocky from one of the judges who said she really liked my outfit~ :heart: She also commented on how nice Zelda looked with glasses which made me especially happy because I constantly worry that people look down on my cosplay as a whole because I wear glasses ^^; I also got a free lunch from Pugz, so that was really nice! ^.^

April: Art exam finally rolls around! I was pretty happy with my piece; it turned out quite nice (though I had this weird fascination with the male character I drew; he was in a Brand Lolita prince coat that I desperately want, but he looked very pretty in it ^^; ) It's shameful but I genuinely can't remember much else from April other than revision, drawing, and finishing off in my coursework book :S

May: Art coursework finishes (once again happy with my piece; it gave my friend a good chance to finally be in a big picture :XD: ), but then I went on study leave and suddenly had to revise like mad for 7 exams! D: There was a very big panic with this because a) I had 5 1/2 hours worth of essay writing on my last day. The limit is 6 hours a day, so they only just scraped past with that one! >.< 2 of my exams clashed so I had to stay after school to finish one, and I had to spend the entire day in isolation! To rub salt in the wound, it was the last day of school for my year 13 friends. And they were all dressed up. DX *flips table*; and b) for my History exam I'd been stuck between 3 marks all year, and I'd not moved from 60% on ANY essays since October! That grade would've got me a D at best, and isn't what my school and everyone else wants to see! The pressure is insane! Luckily they've all finished now so the last 2 weeks of study leave have been spent drawing and mooching around at home.

I go back to school on Wednesday to start A2 level stuff (yeah, essays and boring books for the rest of the school year. What....'fun'...). I wish that I'd made more use of my study leave; I wish I'd seen more friends, gone more places, and drawn more, for sure...

Because I go back on Wednesday, and because school is so hell bent on making sure that I have no freetime from now until July 2015 , I worry that I won't have time to make my last 3 print ideas for the Con. I've got 2 days left to make something really spectacular, and I'm going to make the most of it. Which is why I come to you with a question:

Out of my 3 ideas, which one do you think you would buy? As in pay physical real-life money for? (this is all hypothetical btw; I'm not going to force any of you to buy anything of mine!)

:bulletred: Frozen - a picture of Elsa looking all sparkly and pretty
:bulletred: Attack on Titan - A picture of Hanji (and maybe Levi) using the 3D Movement gear in the sky
:bulletred: Dark Magician Girl - I don't need to elaborate on that, just.....her in general (maybe as a chibi - undecided)

The drawback with these is that A) Frozen is slowly getting quieter now, and people may be sick of Elsa; also if I daw her wrong, I'm sure that someone will point it out to me in the rudest way possible. B) The media I wanted to do Attack on Titan in is...tricky; my latest piece isn't looking good being painted in the same way, so I'm not very confident with it right now. Also if I draw Levi wrong then I'm sure someone is going to point it out to me. C) Even though DMG is old, she's still got a very faithful 'fanbase' (of mainly men) who love her. Most of these people are in my town, and will be at the Con for the YuGiOh tournament, so if I can draw her well, then I may get a lot of sales from them. But if I draw her too 'sexual' (note: I don't have the capability of drawing anything 'sexual'; I feel uncomfortable from it), then I'm very scared that someone from Tumblr will come along and call me out for being a bitch who encourages the objectification of women. (I do not.) Alternatively if I don't draw her accurately (or as a chibi, since the guys I refer to hate Toon DMG), then I'm scared that some guy is going to call me out for drawing her wrong (according to them. If this happens, I'm slamming a sketchbook in front of them and I'm going to watch them draw her perfectly.) Aiyah.....

If anyone has some decent opinions on which print sounds like the best idea, then please let me know; I'm very stuck right now :S

The other thing I MUST do is put together an advertisement for MasakoX, the voice of Goku in the 'DragonBall Z Abridged'. He's coming to our Con and I want to make sure people know about it! I've actually rather enjoyed the series; Nappa is bloody hilarious :XD:

I'll leave it there for now; something I might do is, in the weeks leading up to the Con, I'll update a journal of a few prints that I'll be selling, so keep an eye out for that! I'd love to see a lot of people at this Con, so I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure I can advertise it as much as possible! Starting with dropping the poster here; read it, love it, share it; especially if you're in the North of England! There's a Con happening in London on the same weekend as us, and it infuriates me SO much that 1 city can have 5 Cons, while Yorkshire (a very big county in North England) can only have 2 - and one of them hates our guts! (we've had an ordeal with Huds Con.....yeah, I'm not going near that subject with a 10ft pole...) So please help spread the word on this, because we're aiming to make it as good as possible this year so we have the resources to make it even better next year! HAM Con 2014 by HAMJapanUK Also, visit this website to buy tickets and find news;

...we also need to make it up to the Gallery Director who Pugz and I accidently broke the printer of yesterday *runs away*

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

P.s. I got Ocarina of Time 3D~ :meow: I'm syuck in the Bottom of the Well in it and I'm sh*t scared of it~ |D *dies*
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So my intention was to upload a journal before the end of January - quite clearly, that didn't happen ^^; I apologise for my idleness recently, but I've got a valid reason (sort of). Remember last year where I took far too much time out to go and do my Art and Graphics coursework, and revise for my GCSEs? Well I'm now doing my A-levels, which means there're much fewer subjects for me to revise, but I have just as much work to do, and A-levels are about 5 times harder than GCSEs! And to top it all off, the deadlines for coursework are much, MUCH sooner! For example, I need to make 2 magazine convers (i.e. 2 very detailed manga pieces, that can't break copyright in any way at all) - for a deadline on 21st February. It's not easy - it really isn't! If you remember last year, my coursework deadlines were in May. I feel like adding another point to my case: I've also got (had, because I've tackled one now) 4 art commissions/requests/art trades, and I've taken it upon myself to help advertise for a new convention in June, and we need the posters by the beginning of March.


To cut it short, I've been extremely busy for the past month, doing media coursework and commissions, and I'm going to continue to be busy until March, at the very least. My holidays in February are basically going to consist of doing my Art coursework, drawing Con posters....and very little else :XD: (my parents are going to kill me for being in front of the computer for so long |D ) I'd like to be able to go and visit some friends during that time, but it's looking unlikely (especially since I seem to be annoying people with my existence as of late :\ ). However, as much as I complain about every deadline being this month (in 2 weeks, naturally), I'm happy to be busy with stuff and I'm not going to turn any of it away* - I just don't understand why it all had to come all at once |D And I do wish that I could upload more of what I draw (since I have to keep it all under wraps until I get it handed back to me in August/September; it's gonna be the same as last year where I'll upload everything that I did for coursework as soon as I get it back)


I've got quite a bit to talk about in terms of my coursework, and I'll start with this; I refuse to use Apple Macs. Reason being is that the Mac I was using at school deleted all my Media coursework! We recovered it, but it took a long time, and it's worried me enough to refuse to use the school Macs. I was doing the text on my magazine cover (we're making covers for coursework), and the text stopped working, and my teacher suggested exiting photoshop, and then re-entering it. However, when I tried to re-enter photoshop, it buffered for 10 minutes trying to start up, then kept saying there was an error when I loaded my work up. I manually went to the folder on my user - and the computer had deleted it. We spent the rest of the lesson trying to recover it (we didn't manage until later), and when we tried to turn off the computer, it kept saying there was an error, and programs refused to close, and it kept spitting messages at us....eventually, Miss turned it off at the plug. We turned it back on and all my stuff was there again, but I've emailed it to myself now, and I'm taking my netbook into school to work on it on this machine. Moral of the story: I really don't like Macs, they're difficult to use, and this is the second time it's deleted my work (we couldn't recover it the first time), so let's not use those again *flips table*


Also on the subject of school work, I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything because we're not starting it until March, but the Art exam papers got given out on Monday! I have to say, compared to last year, I'm pretty excited; while a lot of the themes are....crap ('numbers'? For an art project? Seriously?!), there's one that caught my particular interest; 'tea for two'! That is basically the most wonderful theme for me, because my sister is a Lolita, and she goes around drinking tea and visiting cute places with her friends, and all while wearing wonderful outfits! My plan is to basically invade that, and tour every tea room in Yorkshire, while eating lots, and drawing pictures of H and her Lolita friends! :meow: I'm really looking forward to it~! :heart:


2 weeks ago, I went on a cosplay photoshoot with Nikku and 2 other cosplayers (one was Master Chief and I never caught the name of the other character - but regardless, they were both lovely!). We were taking photos at the Uni of the next town over from mine to promote the Con that's happening there next month (the one that I sold at last year? That one. I'm not selling again, but I was asked if I wanted to attend the shoot :'3 ) The time of this shoot was 10:30 am - meaning that I'd be going during my free periods that day. I was lucky in the sense that they were doing it when I had 3 hours free in the middle of the day, which was just enough time to get there, take photos, get back to school - still in full cosplay - and stop at McDonalds twice :XD: It was like Mission Impossible, complete with awesome characters, a massive Buster Sword, a tight window of time to work within, and a highspeed race to get back to school before the bell rang! It all went off without a hitch, and I really enjoyed it there ^.^ Coincidently, myself, Pugz, Nikku and H are having another cosplay photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, which is also going to be mission impossible because we're coming straight from Niko's sleepover :XD: It's gonna be great! :D


I'm working hard on pictures, and I'm really hoping to upload something very soon (I'll most likely be able to upload something because I'm working on a quick expressions meme), but I'll admittedly be slow until things ease off (March.....March....). I'll do my best and keep everyone posted! ^_^ It's also getting late now, and I've got English coursework to hand in tomorrow (an essay about the worst book ever written), so I'd best dash!


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:


* I may not turn down my current work, but I'm not going to be accepting anything new until everything else is done; A-levels are exceedingly important, and I've got to press on with them. To my 4 friends who have asked for something, I'm working on them, so please hang in there....

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Well, Happy New Year to everyone; hope you all enjoyed yourselves at your parties/sleepovers/pub crawls etc! I spent New Year's drawing in a caravan in the English Dales - we've come home now because the weather up there was....well typical English - horrendous rain! While it's normal for us, it's not appropriate for caravanning. While I appreciate that this is 2 days late, I didn't have an internet connection  where I was, so I'd like to take this chance to review my year and make wishes for the next:


I'll explain it like this; on the column of wall just opposite my desk is a photo frame - well, it's a wooden set of 3 heart photo frames, and they're painted red with white spots (it's pretty >.< ) Ever since I got this set of 3 (back in January 2011) I've been stuck with what to put in it, so last year I decided I'd finally fill it! Needless to say, it didn't happen, and it's still as empty as it was. However there's a very good reason I don't know what to put in it; I can't decide! Out of all the memories of 2013, I'm spoilt for choice, and I genuinely can't decide on my 3 favourite moments to 'immortalise' in a mushroom-y border. I've had a really good year - a really *really* good year! Choosing just 3 feels like I'm neglecting everything else I did last year! I suppose some moments didn't have a photo taken at the time, or some have photos but no good group photos to use :\ Hm, I'll still have to really think about this....


This year I took on some really big challenges with my art; to name a notable one, my GCSE Art exam (and coursework, but not nearly as much as my exam!) It unfortunately slowed down my work-rate on here and messed up the dates on my gallery (some pictures got done in February and released in March; some got done in March and only released in September!) It was incredibly stressful, with a massive workload to complete, little time to do it all in, out-of-school commitments taking their toll, an exam board biased against manga (excuse me...*punches something*), a teacher who I felt was dead-set against me the whole time (in the other class; my teacher was nice), a select group of unsupportive friends, the constant feeling of letting people down from all angles and the emotional turmoil that it all created (there was quite a bit of shouting, isolation, venting and lots of crying) - add on top of that the fact that the week of the exam was filled with continuous coursework, a speaking test for a language I can't grasp, a music concert, teachers who didn't give a damn what else you were doing other than their own crap, and having my first (joint) stall at a was hectic. Yet, despite all of that, I'd do it all again. It was a really big challenge that did encourage me to think about a big project and be a bit more ambitious, as well as give me the skill to make a sketchbook look quite pretty. I'm glad I did it ^_^ And lo and behold I am doing it again, but on a bigger scale this time, with my A-Level coursework! (more on that later). As well as my Art exam, I completed my Graphics coursework, which was basically a pop-up book about Hamja (the pop-ups were about as basic as you can get, but I got most of my marks form the drawings, so it was fine). It was the pinkest thing you've ever seen in your life! It also got a really nice reaction from everyone, so I'm really happy about that! (Pugz squealed - it made me laugh X3 ) Actually, I took in all of my GCSE Artwork to HAM Japan (well, all that I could transport *looks at 100cm canvas*) and I was really happy with everyone's reactions :meow: The most notable thing with school this year was passing all of my GCSEs! :D I feel like I did pretty well, and they got me into 6th Form with no trouble ^_^ Actually, being in 6th form has helped me meet a lot of new friends, particularly in Media (which I look to be doing pretty well in), so I'm thankful for that ^_^


Outside of school highlights? Hmm, let me think~ HAM Japan went to go see 'Wreck-it Ralph' in the cinema - that was super fun! :D Out of all the films I've seen on the big screen, that one was definitely my favourite! (and the Paperman short at the beginning~ :heart: ) Then there was Huddersfield Con where I sold my work for the first time ever! I had a lot of fun there too, and I was really nervous throughout the day (and Nikku and I did have some trouble with a lift which made me feel a bit sick ^^; ) But I cosplayed a character from a series I never thought I'd be interested in, and I came 2nd in the cosplay contest! That Con, as small and unadvertised as it was, was most definitely a highlight! After Huddersfield Con was Manchester MCM, which was fun, I'm not sure how to describe it - I didn't get together with a big group as I did last year (the Hetalia group) and it was in the middle of a heatwave so everyone was struggling with the amount of people, their cosplays, the lack of breathing space......I think just a series of unfortunate coincidences made it not as fun as the previous year :\ Nevertheless, I did enjoy it and I'll be going back next year ^_^ (please don't be a heatwave in the middle of July again~ |D ) I don't remember a damn thing that I did in the Summer holidays |D But to be fair, it was mixed in with Study Leave so it was just a mess of sleeping and video games and drawing :XD: In fact, most of the Summer Holidays was spent worrying about GCSE results O_o For instance, I went to go and help out at a YuGiOh event in town the week before, and I was fine throughout, but towards the end of the day I just.....broke. It was awful; and I was so grumpy to everyone but at the same time I was so unhappy and worried! The teachers really piled a lot of pressure on us during GCSEs and it spanned the 1st half of my year. Afterwards I was kind of happier and I got a lot of free time to do what I liked (namely drawing, going into town, spending time with the friends who were also available during school time...I think I beat Majora's Mask during study leave :XD: ) At the beginning of the new school year I began work on another one of my biggest projects - I made a Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay! It took an entire month to sew all that gold ribbon on by hand! It was really difficult, but I felt damn proud when it was all done! I attended another Con called 'Doki Doki', and I've got to say, it was probably the most fun I've ever had at a con! Everyone (bar 1 person) was so nice and charming, and my France cosplay went down really well with everyone! I spent a bit too much at that con......but it was so worth it! :XD: 2 weeks later I debuted my Zelda cosplay at ThoughtBubble 2013, and I had a blast there too! Once again, everyone was super nice and I got to stay in my little (big by the end of the day) group of friends; I was so happy! :'D November was a great month! Then Christmas and Birthdays happened and I really enjoyed those too; I got some lovely things from my family and friends (a lace parasol, retro gaming badges, Hyrule Historia, a new iPod) and our 17th Birthday was spent in Leeds shopping and at Pizza Hut with some friends! ^.^ Ah, there was also Prom, which I didn't think I'd enjoy but I had an absolute ball at! I'm still itching to wear that dress again and feel that pretty just once more~ :'3


Yup, it's been a great year! And now that such a brilliant year has gone, I spent today (1st January) feeling a bit out-of-it. I suppose maybe I'm nervous for what 2014 will bring; it's got an awful lot to live up to, and I want it to be just as good! I feel like I've changed a bit in 2013; I'm more willing to make jokes and have a laugh, I'm more willing to speak up if I have something to day, I discovered game series that I wouldn't have been interested in at all if not for a few happy accidents! (Zelda = got the Collectors Edition free with Mario Kart Double Dash; Devil May Cry = cosplaying Vergil, and listening perhaps a little too much to 2 certain people *glares*). I feel like I've accomplished a lot this year and that I've completed a lot of big projects; my Art Exam, my Zelda cosplay, even my Zelda chibis I would count as being big!


So what do I wish for in 2014? Hm, well of course there's my New Years Resolutions!

:bulletred: Be nicer to people. As much as I'm happy for my changes in 2013, I do feel like I've been a bit...vain, and perhaps a bit too cocky and self-centered and horrid and inconsiderate. Someone said something to me this year - 'Your Twin is nicer than you are; I prefer her'. Even though that shouldn't have affected me, it did hurt a little, and it made me think about how mean and unpleasant I've been around others in 2013. So my aim is to be nicer and less self-centered!

:bulletred: Watch as many old Super Hero films/sci-fi films/old sitcoms as possible! I hear from a lot of geeks phrases such as 'I played the Atari when I was 3 years old' and 'I watched the Original Star Wars when it first came out in the cinemas!'. Getting into manga + video games at 11/12 years old means that I'm way behind everyone else! I feel like I'm an idiot when they talk about things like that and I've no idea what they're on about; so I've decided that it's time to play catch-up! So far I've decided to watch the original Batman films, the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Marvel films, the Star Wars films (I want to say in the order they were made, but it'll probably be chronologically ^^; ), Red Dwarf, Young Ones.........if anyone has any other suggestions, then feel free to tell me!


But my actual wishes for 2014? I want it to be just as fun as last year; I want to be able to spend more time with my friends; I want to create lots of wonderful memories - that doesn't necessarily mean going out and doing something massive like a Con, but it can be little. I've found that, despite all the giant events I've been to this year, much of what I remember is made up of the little things like chatting over lunch, or taking photos in a group, or going onstage and having everyone cheer! I think that, other than my A-Level work, I want to do another really big project; I've got something in mind, but I'm really not sure if it's too big :S I want to wear my Zelda cosplay to Manchester MCM and have a fun day talking to people over a series I enjoy! There's a lot I want to do this year, and I reckon that I'll look back and realise that I've done most of it, maybe without even realising it at the time; or that I'll have had a fun year doing something entirely different! Who knows; but I look forward to making the most of 2014 with everyone!


One final vow for 2014; this will be the year.......that I clean my bloody desk! DX


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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Sorry I've not written anything in a month - it's quite hard to believe that I used to write one of these every week, isn't it? :XD: I've got so much that I want to tell everyone about; November has been so much fun and I've loved it! :D I'll try to go through the stuff I mentioned in my last journal as quickly as possible (obviously there'll be more to say about Cons though - you've been warned~ :P )


:bulletred: Nov 6th - Music Theory exam - my results came back last week and I passed! :D My foreign language skills let me down - but I don't care because we knew that'd happen ^^;

:bulletred: Nov 8th - York Film Festival - it was fun........but very over-loaded! I don't think they anticipated how many people would appear, and the venues they'd booked for each film showing just didn't support the numbers that appeared on the day :\ While we went the whole morning without seeing anything, we did have a nice lunch, the talk we got from the short-film maker was good, and the train ride was really fun ^.^ (I know a lot of people hate public transport, but my friends and I managed to get a table to ourselves and I really enjoyed just being able to talk to them and have a laugh :meow: )

:bulletred: Nov 9th - Doki Doki Con, Manchester - oh my God.........I never thought I would have so much fun at a convention!!! :'D The only downside to that day was that I got up at 5am, and froze my face off with the foundation I was using (it was stupidly cold) But we got there pretty early, and met some Hetalians in the queue - now because I was cosplaying as France and they had an England, they made it into 'bully France' morning |D When we got in, H and Jo (who were cosplaying as Romano and Spain) went to meet up with a Lolita, and then I eventually found/glomped Nikku and his girlfriend Em (who were cosplaying as Cloud and Aeris) I went to a weapons panel done by one of their friends, and they let me hang around with them all day, despite being from a completely different series, so I was super happy about that! ^.^ I got to hang around with the Hetalia group that formed (it was huge; and the England and Hungary from earlier were really nice to me after we'd played some games ^_^ ), and did some girly shopping with Em (we found the most gorgeous Majora's Mask cushion! Majora's Mask Pillow by tavington

But it was £60, so I bought a Spirit Medallion keyring instead ^^; ) and I bought myself some Pretty Cure merchandise that I can't normally get in the UK (a Cure Muse figurine, a small Cure Sunny figure, and a Cure Rhythm keyring) We also saw a pink kimono on sale, which Em and I were both eye-ing :XD: It's also not as noteable, but for lunch I went with Nikku and Em and we went to Subway - same with the train to York the day before, I really enjoyed just being able to sit and talk; I don't know why I like it, but it's nice and simple ^^; The final part of the day was the cosplay masquerade, and I'd decided to go onstage all by myself (H and Jo wanted to go on their own - for Spamano shipping-related reasons) I was really nervous because I had to go on before any of my friends did (they were either straight after me or a little behind me) I really happy to say that it went really well, from what I've heard (I took my glasses off, so I couldn't see anyone's reactions ^^; ) The last time I went on a cosplay masquerade was at TB 2011, and I wanted to feel that same happiness at going onstage as Prussia. I actually thought 'what do I do onstage? Make it interesting; move a little; act like France would - what? Offering a rose and blowing a kiss to the audience? That's a great idea! :D ' Right before I went onstage, I was really nervous; running through my poses and trying to stop my knees from smashing together in fear; and just as I took that step onto the stage, I felt this burst of confidence inside that drove me to stand in front of hundreds of people and be awesome! It sounds like I'm bragging (read; I probably am) and it doesn't sound that impressive, but I can be quite nervous onstage - especially on my own - so this was a massive achievement for me :'3 Also, I got a comment from someone saying 'I smiled so much when you went onstage - you were like a totally different person!' - that comment just topped off a perfect day *cries with happiness* :'3

:bulletred: Nov 22nd - Katiee's birthday - met up with Katie for her 21st birthday (to mourn her childhood) and I had a lot of fun! ^_^ I spoke to more people than I thought I would, and it was great! ^.^

:bulletred: Nov 23rd - ThoughtBubble Con, Leeds - This was also the best part of the month along with Doki Doki! While I had moderate hopes for Doki which were totally blown out of the water and up into space, I had high hopes for TB - and they were exceeded aswell! The difference between this and Doki was the fact that there were more people I knew at TB, so I got say Hi and spend time with more people. For instance, I went with more people this time - usually it was our group of me (Skyward Sword Zelda), H (Tskune? From Rosario +Vampire) and Niko (Philip from Kamen Rider), but this year we had my friend Rhi (Arkham Harley Quinn) and later joined by her friend cosplaying as the Joker. Also, as with Doki, we met Hetalians in the queue again (a Fem!Canada and a Russia), but this time none of us were cosplaying Hetalia, so we ended up spending the first 1/3 of the con with them and getting to know them, and they were really nice people ^_^ One thing that I didn't do was show people my cosplay - I hinted at it on here and on my FB statuses, but I never put any photos up, and I only put this plan online after the event: Zelda Cosplay Plan by lillilotusSo no one really knew what I would specifically look like (i.e. slightly pinker dress, belt without tassles - details that could be easily changed in a cosplay) other than I would be a Zelda with glasses - all anybody had really heard from me was the progress and how terrified I was of being rubbish! >.< So when I eventually ran into Nikku, Pugz and Em (Goku, Robin Hood and Bulma), it took a little bit of staring in order t work out who I was :XD: After a few seconds, Nikku got that it t'was I, and said 'I don't know what you were worried about'. In fact, everyone was super nice about my cosplay and I got a lot of compliments for it; 2 months worth of work payed off in the nicest possible way~ :heart: It was particularly fun because I was being a half-princess (SS Zelda isn't a princess yet) so Pugz, who was wearing all green and had been warned that she'd probably get mistaken for Link since she'd be hanging around with a Zelda, ended up treating me like a Princess all day! :D So when I first bumped into Pugz, she got down on one knee and pretended to kiss my hand :XD: It was really funny and nice, but I was a bit conscious of her being trampled by all the people in the hall (it was busy) ^^; I definitely plan on wearing that cosplay again - for various reasons :XD: Anyways, I spent time with everyone (my default group, HAM Japan, and everyone else I at least glomped and said Hi to) and it felt wonderful! Lunchtime was another nice little catch-up-sit-down-and-talk session, and I got some pretty funny photos of Goku bossing all the other cosplayers with his strength (btw, one thing Nikku was trying to do was get everyone outside to make a spirit bomb by holding up their arms - it didn't work and it lead to him standing awkwardly in the middle of the courtyard with his arms in the air :XD: I commend his efforts though) and some photos for my Media coursework (they had to be OC cosplay photos, so I could only photograph Pugz as she was the only OC there, and I felt a bit bad when I had to turn Nikku and Niko away for cosplaying copyrighted characters ^^; Sorry~ ) I also found out that TB got a 3rd venue, which was a very pleasant surprise! :D There were a lot more artists in there, and someone recognised Niko's cosplay, so it was funny to watch her pretty much melt with happiness :XD: I also bought a pair of white cat ears, and everyone said I looked really cute~ I felt really vain (read: still do) but I felt really flattered and fluttery aswell~ ^.^ :heart: A group of girls came up to our group at the end of the day and said 'can we have a photo of your Zelda with our Link?' and I felt so happy :D She had a hylian shield and master sword that she'd made herself and she let me hold them :'3 They were really cool~ Finally, remember at MCM I got a 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY BOMBS' shirt in green? Well, I got the same shirt in a smaller size and in red :XD: I am now officially the Red Link! :D Overall I enjoyed this year much more than last year; all my friends were there and everyone was unbelievably nice~ Everyone else looked to have tons of fun too, so it was wonderful to see everyone happy! Special mention goes to Rhi as it was her first con ever, looked to have an awesome time and she looked really cool! ^.^


Anyways, enough bragging; I think we've quite clearly established how much fun November was! :XD: We're now in December, and this week that's coming up is also due to be very busy! It's the final week of school, so we've got the carol concert, and the lower sixth form are going bowling on Friday afternoon, so I'm looking forward to playing with my friends ^_^ But H can't go because she's performing in the end of year concert, so I'm unhappy about that :C As long as she enjoys it then I guess it's ok though??? Sorry H.... Other than that, not much is happening at school other than whatever homework I get that week - I've done my media coursework and I'm consistently working on my art, so I've not got much work to do ^^; I'm hoping to do a few Christmas present pictures and upload more - I realised that there's a large gap in my gallery when I was doing my art exam in March, so I don't really want that amount of idleness again T.T I've got 2 carol services to do outside of Christmas - the same ones as last year on the 22nd and 24th (I'll either plan on doing something or sleeping on the 23rd)


Then there's our birthday..........I'll refrain from saying anything about our birthday because it'll just cause trouble - so I'll leave it at this ^^; I've been tagged in a meme, but this journal feels really long as it is, so I'll upload the meme between now and Christmas day (also be warned - there'll probably be more journals this month because of Christmas, birthday, and I'll definitely make one recapping the year!

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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The title is more of an instruction for myself, so you can ignore that if you'd like ^^; But yes, it's November! :D .......what the Hell have I been doing with myself between the last journal and now?! :ohnoes:


I'll explain; in September, I went back to school. Because it was our first half term back, the teachers decided to pile on loads of homework, which has been eating up my time. Now, in years 7 - 11, if you missed a deadline, you got a note in your planner and it went on your report once every 3 months; which is fine because it doesn't really count for anything. When you get into 6th form, you get free periods, where you can do work, lounge around, eat food, go into town or go home; basically anything! (I go home and play video games; beat Wind Waker quickly by doing that :P ) Frees are valued - highly. While this is great for us, it does act as a bargaining chip for the teachers. If you miss too many deadlines, your frees will disappear for a minimum of 3 weeks, and you don't get them back until you start reaching deadlines. Instead of doing what you want, you have to sign in at the library and do work up there. As you can imagine, this is a BIG incentive to keep up with your work, and because I DO want to go home and play Skyward Sword ( :heart: ) in the middle of the day, it's been driving me to do my homework, which means I've been neglecting my drawing!


The other thing that's been keeping me from my drawings - even during my free time - is cosplay. ThoughtBubble Con is coming up, and back in September, I chose the character I wanted to cosplay; Zelda, from Skyward Sword! (because she's gorgeous, and the moment where you say goodbye to her shattered my heart because it was so sad! She also sings, and Ballad of the Goddess is a wonderful song that I'd really like to learn) Because it's a rather detailed cosplay (as in, there're a lot of different parts to make), it means I've been working intently on that for the past 2 months. Easily the most time-consuming par was the gold trim on the dress; the base dress I bought is stretchy, so we couldn't run it through a sewing machine, which means I had to sew all the ribbon on by hand - all 10 metres of it! DX I'm pretty proud of it though, and it's a big achievement since I really struggle with sewing ^^; I've glued the loftwing onto the blue flag, and now I've just got the shawl and 2/3 hair ribbons to finish! (btw, I'm improvising with the ribbons, because they won't stay in, and I refuse to sew/glue them in, so I've decided to plait them in :meow: It looks different, but relatively nice) I might redo the belt, and I still need to locate some brown boots ^^; I'm very happy to say that it's nearly done though! I don't know if I'll be able to post pictures online though, because everyone else who's done this cosplay looks amazing, and I can guarantee that I'll look crap in comparison and earn the 'world's WORST Zelda cosplay' award |D If it turns out to look better than I expect, then *maybe* I'll upload something - but we'll see ^^; (I'm also still unsure about public photos of myself online, because I'm not all that pretty, and I'm not a very good model ^^; )

Other than that, I've been drawing a little - but there's very little I can show for it; which is a bit of a problem :\ I've got a couple of things I can upload; like my History homework, for example: we were told to do a storyboard of the Battle of Agincourt (1415), but I really hate storyboards (the templates we used in Primary school never gave us enough room to write!), so I did a 2 page manga instead! :meow: My history teacher took it in on the last lesson, and he said he really liked it; achievement unlocked! :#1:


I'm making a magazine for my Media coursework, and because I'm doing a manga-anime magazine (like NEO, in the UK), the teacher is letting me do very pretty pictures for the multiple front covers I have to make! I'm seriously enjoying it, and I've got a picture idea that I simply have to do! It's a mermaid with some fish and an octopus etc. It looks more interesting than it sounds (in my head, at least ^^; )


In Art, we're doing a final piece for our starter project; 'combine still life and portraits to create a self-portrait of yourself, which reflects your personality''s a very difficult theme, but I eventually came up with an idea that I think I'll enjoy doing! The pose was a bit of a struggle, and I had DontLetMeEatAPear model for me at Lunchtime today (I basically got her to lay on a table and hang her arm off it; 'draw me like one of your French girls' came up *shakes fist*) I'm stupidly proud of the base, and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished! :heart:


English Lit isn't all that creative, and we spent half of the lessons reading a book called 'The Road' - which is easily the most God-Awful book I've ever read in my life! (note; I refuse to read 50 shades of grey, so that doesn't come into the equation, as it doesn't deserve my attention to begin with) The plot is non-existent, and we don't get enough context or personality out of the characters to care about them. I can literally skip 60 pages and not miss any important notes. The most interesting thing to happen is that the man dies - 4 pages from the end! That should prove how slow this book is. I'm not lying when there is no punctuation other than full-stops; commas and question marks are rarely used, and I could probably count the amount of time they're used on one hand. Every conversation ends with 'Okay', which is boring. It's a post-apocalyptic America, with only a few people left, and most of them are cannibals. But I don't care about anything in this book, because it doesn't tell us anything about whatever turned the world into the way it was, and we're told nothing about the character; we don't even get their names, as they're just referred to as the Boy and the Man. The relationship is distant and is barely noticeable, despite the Man claiming the Boy is God, and the conversations they have are so rare and uninteresting that I just find myself hating this book! I'll compare it to Skyward Sword; I love that game largely because of the characters, and the way they interact with each other; Zelda and Link; Impa and Zelda; Groose and....everyone; Fi and Link, Ghirahim and Link; they're all very memorable characters because they're so different, and they have very distinct personalities. I get invested in characters because of their personalities and their relationships with others; 'the Road' lacked all of that! At the end of Skyward Sword, when Fi and Impa leave, I cried because they were wonderful characters; I said in front of my class that the ending of The Road was positive because the man dies. If I'm celebrating the death of the intended Hero, then you're doing something wrong! I'll sum it up like this; the most use I found for this book was throwing it at someone.


*ahem* On the other hand, we're also reading Jane Eyre, which is a book I read when I was younger and absolutely loved, so it's nice to reread it! There're a few pictures I have in mind for Jane Eyre, because I think Jane and Helen Burns are really lovely together (see? Relationships and personalities make the book!), so I'll aim to do a few of those at some point ^^; We've also finished The Road now, and we're starting to read George Orwell's '1984', which I'm hoping will be good!

I'll give you my schedule for November, so you know how busy it is, and why I should brace myself for it;

Nov 6th - music theory exam (help; I have to learn French, Italian and German words!)

Nov 8th - York film festival (Media trip)

Nov 9th - Doki Doki Convention, Manchester (I've been told it's brilliant - I'll be cosplaying as France)

Nov 11th/12th - school is closed! (I can do anything on those days, so I hope to make plans for one of them ;3 )

Nov 15th - Disney dress-up Day! (I know who I want to go as, and it'll be twisting the rules to make it work, but it's if I can get a hold of the cosplay - and stop feeling guilty about it! >.< )

Nov 16th - HAM Japan meet!

Nov 20th - ........something's happening, but I forgot what ^^;

Nov 22nd - KatieeBella 's birthday get-together at Pizza Hut

Nov 23rd - ThoughtBubble Convention! :heart: (highlight of the year; seeing lots of friends this time! Cosplaying as SS Zelda)

Nov 24th Haworth Steampunk weekend

Nov 26th(?) - Haworth trip (English lit - it's the birthplace of the Bronte Sisters, one of whom wrote Jane Eyre - and it's literally 10 minutes up the road from where I live! :meow: )

Nov 29th - Parents evening


So it's pretty damn busy! :XD: I also don't have to go into school tomorrow until 1pm, so I finally get a lie-in and time to draw! :heart:


Nevertheless, I do have an exam tomorrow, and I really should be in bed now ^^; I'll do my best to upload stuff; I'm sure I can!


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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I'm back at school now~ Hurray~ |D After 14 weeks of holiday, going back to school and suddenly having to get up at 7am (an hour earlier than last year D: ) is a rather big shock to the system - but I'm faring ok. One of my friends from my primary school (i.e. my only friend from primary school) has come to my school for Sixth Form, so that's nice, and I also get to spend breaks in the common room with my friends in the year above! :D


The subjects I've chosen to carry on with are Art (no surprises), Media (new subject, pretty fun at the moment :D ), History, and English Lit. (wasn't going to do this one, but the A* changed my mind :XD: ) I've had a bit of homework from all 3 subjects, but they mainly include 'research this, complete 2 pages of sketchbook work' etc, but Media actually gave me an assignment that I really enjoyed writing - a 2 paragraph review of your favourite film! Judging by how much I write in these journal, you can imagine I had a lot to say :XD: After debating between FFVII: AC, Avengers Assemble, and Summer Wars, I eventually decided on Wreck-it Ralph - a film about video games which I can safely talk about without my teacher thinking I'm mad :D I had a lot of fun writing it, and it was an excuse to spend my afternoon watching clips on Youtube (I can't afford the DVD right now - looking like I'll have to wait until Christmas) It feels like it's going to be a pretty good year~ :meow:


When I got back to school, the first notice I heard was 'go and get your Tech coursework!' (graphics coursework, to me - Tech is the term we use for textiles, graphics, food and woodwork), so I went to pick up my long-awaited Hamja pop-up book! :D Oh, I didn't post anything about that, did I? Well, for my graphics coursework we could make a pop-up book, so I decided to make one starring Hamja! It's nothing big or impressive (it's aimed at kids - don't expect a plot), but I'm pretty proud of it ^_^ I also managed to get my Art coursework back earlier than expected, so that's cluttering up my room right now - but my God, it's been too long since I saw the canvas that is my final piece~! *strokes canvas* :heart: it's all glittery and pretty and I love it! I've got photos of all my work, so they'll be going up pretty soon since I'm hoping I won't get into trouble for it now ^^; There's an awful lot of it though - I don't know where it's all gonna go (half my family have dibs on the canvas, apparently :S )


Upcoming stuff: I've done one more Zelda chibi, but the character is a secret ;-) If you've played Ocarina of Time and Major'as Mask, you'll probably get it though ^^; I've also started my next cosplay, which is also a secret until I've finished the dress (it's a girl, that's the only clue you're getting :P ) It'll hopefully be ready for ThoughtBubble 2013, but that depends on whether or not the wig arrives. We had an ordeal with a wig recently, because we ordered a wig for a friend from an eBay shop in China, and it's been 2 months now and it never arrived. We got her another wig from the UK (which her post office didn't send out for 3 weeks DX ), but I'm absolutely convinced that the wig that I've ordered from China will never get here -_- If it doesn't, I'll have to use one of H's, which'll be a pain because she won't let me cut a fringe into it. The biggest worry for me though is the trim that will go on the dress - I can't sew, and my Mum wants me to tack the ribbon onto the dress so I can take it all off afterwards. I don't want to do that because I'll definitely wear this cosplay again, and re-stitching it everytime will be a royal pain! DX

What else do I have to say...? Hmmm.....nothing much, so I'll leave it at that since I'll probably end up rambling about a certain 'reality' TV show that recently came into existence about the place that I live in, and about the generation I belong to. -_-' Lillilotus is unamused by this TV programme, and it should go away.


Anyways, keep an eye out for my GCSE work - it'll be up pretty damn soon! ^.^


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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As many people in Britain in know, today the GCSE results went out. (For people outside the UK, they're your big final exams at the end of High School) I've been panicking about these results for weeks....and weeks....and weeks....probably as far back as June since I did my last exam. It pretty much went the same as last year; teachers pressurise you into putting their subject first (about 6 or 7 teachers were all competing for me to put their subject first), there are impossible deadlines (History especially; my teacher has a thing for 1-day deadlines, and won't hesitate to dish out detentions if they're not done), no subject has any consideration for the amount of work you have to do for other subjects (rewind back to March, when I had a chemistry essay, French writing exam, 2-day art exam, choir rehearsals, a show, and a convention to set up for, all in one week) and people just don't seem to understand that, when you say you can't do a subject after 8 years, you REALLY can't do that subject after 8 years of trying! DX


However, the big difference this year is that this was effectively my last chance to perfect all my subjects and say good-bye to all the ones I hated!


Final outcome of GCSE results;

:bulletred: English Literature - A* (I don't know how this happened O_o )

:bulletred: Art - A

:bulletred: History - A (I especially don't know how this happened; I got an A* in the exam this year - but I didn't finish the exam! O_____o )

:bulletred: Graphics - A

:bulletred: RE - A

:bulletred: Core sciences - B (done last year)

:bulletred: ICT - B (done last year)

:bulletred: English Language - B

:bulletred: French - C (got an E in my writing assessments; if that doesn't prove I can't do it, I don't know what will)

:bulletred: Additional Science - C (the Chemistry exam was disastrous; dumb luck)

:bulletred: Maths - C


Overall, I proved that I can actually do well in the subjects that I like, which is an achievement for me.


Today has been a wake-up call though - not that I need to work harder (I'll get that A* in A Level; just you watch!), but that there's only a week left of my holiday before I go back to school! This is tragic, because I don't feel like I've made the most of my study leave and holiday at all; I've not seen my friends as much as I'd have liked, and I've been worrying so much about my grades that I don't feel like I drawn enough T.T This last week will be spent getting ready for school and making the most of what little free-time I have left; so playing video games, seeing friends, talking to people, drawing, and anything else I feel like doing!


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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Right, this journal is very overdue; as in, 11 days overdue! Let's start with the title, and move into MCM;


In Britain, we don't get a lot of nice weather. It's generally accepted that we spend the entire year complaining it's too cold, with the exception of about a week where we complain it's too hot (we call it 'summer', and it doesn't last as long as in other countries). Now, strangely, for the past moth or so, we've had a heatwave. This means that temperatures have peaked at about 27 degrees Celsius in Yorkshire (it went about 10 degrees higher in London), and we've all been wearing shorts and dresses and stuff. It's been great, especially since I was on study leave for pretty much for pretty much the whole thing!


But as nice as it's been, it did cause some complications for MCM Manchester. I think Manchester MCM is pretty much the biggest convention we have in this part of the country - and boy, did it show! Cosplays had to be modified to cope with the heat, people paraded the line with chilled water on sale (a gimmick, but it was very welcome and actually, a rather nice gesture), and instead of people running outside because of the crowds indoors, people were flocking to the back of the hall for space and air conditioning!

Morning of the convention; woke up at 5am so I'd have time to get ready - switched off alarm to get more sleep because of the heat keeping me awake (I only managed 2 hours of sleep that night; an 8 hour convention on 2 hours rest is not easy :S ). I went as Aeris from Final Fantasy VII, same as TB 2012; basically, if you saw a derpy Aeris with glasses and flat-hair, it was me ^^; Caught the train to Manchester at 7:45 with Niko (going as Ankh, same as TB 2012) and H (Panty, from Panty and Stocking with Garter belt). We met up with Joanne (Stocking; her and H were a team for the day) and her sister Christine (Black Mage, Final Fantasy; she had shorts, sunglasses, and a sign saying 'On Holiday' which had her ticket stuck to the back). These two modified their cosplays for the heat; Joanne was meant to wear the black dress but wore a blouse and check skirt instead, and Christine obviously had shorts; Niko also changed to short sleeves instead of a polo neck. Added note; there was a giant Minion (from Despicable Me) outside the convention hall, which was amazing! While the 5 of us got there for 9am (half an hour before it opens), there were still hoardes of people queueing to get inside; so in the end, we did right! Here begins my first trouble with security; our tickets wouldn't scan - and when mine eventually went through, I ran off looking like someone who had faked a ticket and was too excited to have passed it off as real! In the end I got dragged back and had the hand stamp applied....


Inside we all sectioned off; H and Jo went off to do their own thing (I saw them 3 times throughout the day), Christine went to go find some friends, and Niko and I did out own thing too. One thing I'd heard from Christine was that they were showcasing Legend of Zelda; Wind Waker HD for the WiiU - with this in mind, I sprinted over to the game section to play! :D Even though I embarrassed myself in front of the lovely girl in charge of one of the systems (by admitting I'd only been playing Zelda for 6 months, and by not grasping how the grappling hook and level worked), I had a lot of fun, and was very grateful for being allowed to play! THEN we went shopping! Along the way, we ended up adding more people to our party of 2; we bumped into Christine again and she went with us for a little while, then we bumped into Magz (cosplaying as Lulu, from FFX, I think) and she joined us for a while (she let me hug her moogle plushie :meow: ), then we bumped into Kate and Ellen (Sniper and Scout from Team Fortress 2), who then dragged Magz off :XD: Christine also found her friends, so left us eventually. Ellen also gave me a Michiru cosplay (Haruhi Suzumiya) to give back to H; she'd nearly sold it to someone, but they stopped cosplaying, so it was returned to her. More additions to our party include Keshi (who very kindly wore my Hamja shirt, and went as far as to introduce me as to introduce me as the artist to someone ^^; ) and James (Near from Death Note), who bought some Pokémon plushies and let me cuddle them! :heart: Cue my second run-in with security when I saw a Nero cosplayer, and jumped security to go and find him for a photo ^^;


The lot of us went for lunch eventually, and I got a phone call from H who'd found Nikku (Cloud from FFVII: AC) and his girlfriend Em (Aeris from FFVII; remember at TB I mentioned there was another Aeris who looked way better than me? Same person; they got together in March and I got the chance to meet her properly; she's super lovely ^_^ oh and yes, we did go as the same character in the same cosplay) Now, Em had very kindly agreed to lend me her Aeris staff for the day, so I was very eager to go and get it. After lunch, I split from the group to go and find them, and asked them to meet me at the back of the room. This did not go as planned. I couldn't find anyone at the back of the room, so I'd essentially lost everyone. On the way back outside, I bumped into Nikku, Em, Kate, Magz and Ellen, but since they were going back inside, I just left. (I apologised afterwards for being rude T.T ) While outside, 2 cosplayers (an R2-D2 and C3PO) gave me a chilled bottle of water for nothing, so that was actually really nice ^_^  Bumped into Nikku outside who stayed me with me until we all went back inside. Found Niko and Em aswell. Niko had to leave at 2pm, so we went shopping until her Mum and Sister came for her.


Back on my own again, I went to find Nikku and Em - and actually succeeded this time! The lot of us generally stayed at the back of the room for the rest of the time and messed around on 3DS' (much shouting ensued here). Nikku went to go find an Aeris plushie (like mine), leaving us on our own until H and Jo appeared. There was also a strange guy who kept asking Em an I questions which were relevant-ish, but were a tad....strange...For example, we were talking, and he asked us who was the better Mage, then asked us which was the Advent Children Aeris. Now, we were both cosplaying the same Aeris; pink dress, red jacket. Thinking about it, I don't think he could quite grasp that we were in a group with the same Cloud, yet wearing the same cosplays; I guess he expected us to coordinate our cosplays, when we didn't. To be fair, I only really stayed with them in the last 2 hours of the day, but still; we don't need to coordinate for that! *ahem* moving on... Em and Nikku went off to do more shopping, so we looked after the bags until we have to leave. Em also let me keep/partially borrow her Aeris Baton; so I got to take a 6ft Baton home with me! :D Nothing much happened after that, but something nice happened on the way back to the train station; there was a family (a wedding party, probably) outside a pub on the way home, and one woman called us as we walked past, so I went back to ask what she wanted. A little girl wanted to ask 'what are you?' and since we were in a rush to catch the train, I had to think of something really quick, and since I was cosplaying Aeris with a huge Baton~


 I said to this girl 'I'm a Hero!'; and she looked pretty happy with that answer, so I was really proud of myself :meow: (i.e. I had a derpy grin on my face all the way home) I also had to say that H, Jo and Christine 'are my assistants, because a Hero needs friends to help save the world!' While H wasn't too happy with being an 'assistant', it was a much better thing to say to a small child than 'one of them is an angel with a gun and a potty-mouth' ^^;


And so, that's the summary of MCM! I had a lot of fun despite the heat, and didn't really want the day to end (we stayed much later than last year) Even though I didn't see everyone that I wanted to (I got hugs from a few people, including one of the nicest Sweden cosplayers I've met), it was still a wonderful time! I'd really like every con to feel that way ^_^


List of things I bagged at MCM;

:bulletred: Zelda motivation shirt; 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY BOMBS' (since I'm Red Link; the shirt is green so I wear it like a tunic :D Also, some advice; don't ever say that slogan on a crowded Manchester train....)

:bulletred: Aeris Plushie

:bulletred: Young Zelda (OoT) figure

:bulletred: Heatlia Iceland keyring

:bulletred: Starfire badge (by iggie39 ; go look at her amazing work!)

:bulletred: Blue Oreo necklace (also by iggie39 )

:bulletred: (not payed for) Madoka figurine (Niko bought it in a lucky dip, but since she already had the blue girl, she gave her to me :heart: )

:bulletred: (not payed for) Aeris Baton (given/borrowed from Em :heart: )


In terms of activity; I'm really sorry I've been so idle this month; I'm going to, shamefully. put it down to pure laziness T.T However, I do have my remaining 6 Zelda chibis to upload, and I bough Skyward Sword today, so I'm hoping that can give me some inspiration! (it sure has right now; Ghirahim~ :meow: )


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:


P.s. I got a long, scarlet-red coat; any ideas for cosplays? I've got Captain Marvellous, Dante, and the Hetalia Pirates so far

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Please excuse me if this journal is a bit unorganised - I'm writing this on 4 hours of sleep. I'll explain why in a bit, but for now; prom. (Also if you're not into girly things like dresses, you might not want to read this - I wouldn't put it past certain people to delete this as soon as it enters their messages, but just a warning)


Since February I've been keeping my prom dress a secret, and it's been relatively difficult. Mainly because I've wanted to tell people (I'd been asking everyone else what theirs looked like), but also because I dropped a rather big, but hidden, hint on my FB. About a month ago, I designed my own Fem Vergil (DMC3). For the final design, I wanted to draw a formal wear, and because my dress was navy blue and it matches Vergil's colour scheme, I decided to draw my dress into the final design. Blue Rose Mk. 2 by lillilotus <-- this one. If it hadn't been for one snarky comment on FB, it would have stayed up for the full month and been the 'clue' in my gallery. Alas, it didn't - but it was still pretty fun to point it out to people the morning after Prom, and say 'Oh by the way~ I had this planned for months >:3 ' I'm currently on with drawing my full outfit (as in, I've just got to adjust the background and it'll be up this afternoon), so look out for that; it's got a bit more to it than just plain blue.


The actual event....was a lot more fun than I expected! H and I spent the afternoon getting ready (we slacked off and played video games in the morning). After having my hair pulled out (we couldn't secure the clip properly) and trying to destroy my first 4 ribs (bust is just a little narrow, but as long as you know how to breathe properly, you're ok), we were ready to go! H and I got there before our friend group, so we got to watch everyone else show up in their posh limos and vintage cars (we didn't do any of that; we weren't willing to shell out tons of money for a 10 minute journey). We were a bit of a......mis-matched group; as in, we had a 50s rocker (like this dress, but red with black spots instead Vintage Bloom by lillilotus), a classy girl with red lips and a red dress (we couldn't think of a particular era for it), a big blue ballgown (that was Cae/ Siriusly-Ludwig ), a modern prom dress, a Lolita (H), and then me.............we couldn't really come to a conclusion about my outfit either......we'll say blue-demon-satan-yamato-person for now :S It was also kind of satisfying to disprove a bunch of girls who were under the impression I'd spent £200 on a pink butterfly dress; this one, to be exact Smile DK Butterfly by lillilotus Anyway, the evening itself was really nice; there was a garden to mill around in, a photographer, and a big hall with lots of tables set out for everyone. It kind of felt like a wedding - minus the thieving scum who steals the favours. I also ended up going up to dance a lot more than I thought I would; I'm not a dancer (as in, I continually prove myself to be the most ungraceful thing alive), but I ended up being dragged up front to dance with my friends, and it was actually kinda fun! (plus when they play songs like 'Gentleman', it makes you want to join in anyway :XD: ) By the end of the evening, with all the hype we'd given the event, none of us particularly wanted to leave. It got to 1am and I still hadn't taken my dress off (I didn't want to stop feeling pretty; I promise I'm not as vain as this in person, but this was special~) We all went home pretty tired though ^^;


......speaking of, I'm still really tired. I didn't get much sleep last night- correction, I didn't get any sleep at all last night. I'd gotten up pretty late yesterday, so come 11pm, I wasn't very tired. Stayed up until 1am drawing, still wasn't tired. Stayed up until half 1, and I was tired, but couldn't get to sleep. It got to 3am, ad I'd not managed to drop off at all. I was also boiling, so decided to sit up, pull the covers off and cool down......and then I saw a small black shadow move very quickly along my leg. I didn't have my glasses on and there was only a tiny nightlight, so I grabbed my glasses and flicked on the bedside lamp.


You know how I said that shadow was small? Well it was pretty small, only about an inch long - but to me, an inch is pretty big for a God-damn SPIDER! And it wasn't one of those where it looks like a tiny black dot with really long wirey legs, oh no; you could see its head, body, and every parts of its legs in detail! Spiders aren't a huge fear of mine, there are things I'm much more terrified by, but I have never shot out of bed as fast! It's also the question of 'how the Hell did it get under the covers?! How did it get on me?! How didn't I notice it?! Where is it now?! What if it comes back?! AGH! D: '


Needless to say, it spooked me pretty badly. I didn't get to sleep until 8am, when both my parents had left for work (might have gotten a bit of shut-eye between 4am and 5am, but I really don't remember/feel like I did) H eventually woke me up at 11, but I didn't listen and went back to sleep until 12. Either way, my eyes are absolutely killing me right now. It kinda feels like the last day of Italy again; having to get up at 4am to catch a plane; but at least then, I had a supply of cola to chug on so I'd stay awake (I'm relying on Oreos at the moment). If anyone catches me online at 11 tonight, don't let me stay up T.T


What will be happening in the future; I've decided that I'd like to do a canvas painting at some point during study leave, but can't think of anything, so I'm open to (decent) suggestions on that. I'm going on a school trip to York tomorrow. We're getting a tour of the University and then get to have an afternoon of shopping/being general tourists. Then we're off to a vintage 40s weekend in the Dales as soon as we get home. At this particular event last year, I bought my Aeris cosplay, so I'm definitely wearing that on the Saturday. I might take my France coat again, or I might be Prussia; we'll see (a black uniform and wig would be a bit warm in summer :S ). Manchester MCM is on the 20th of July and my friends and I will be attending that again; I'm being Aeris (there's a big Final fantasy group going - but I don't know if I'm included in that. Those people from TB know who they are.), Niko is being Ankh, H and Jo are being Panty and Stocking.....some of HAM Japan are attending (we've got a Near, Death Note; and a Cloud, FFVII: AC, going) and my cosplay friends are attending to, so I'm going to aim to say 'Hi' to everyone I know there! It's been a while since I've seen any of my cosplay friends, so it'll be really good to meet up with them again ^_^


As a last note, Happy July 4th to the Americans; and (even though it's late), Happy July 1st to the Canadians!


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

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Lots to tell, lots to tell; or at least, I think there's feels like lots because I've not written anything in a journal for so long  I'll start with Scotland;

Scotland was, as usual, very pretty! We spend the first day in Edinburgh and we met up with a lolita, called 'Loli Sour-Grapes'  Loli Sour-Grapes by lillilotus(that's her in the picture; I drew that after meeting her the first time :meow: ). Last time we met her (2 years ago), H and her wore full Lolita. They were doing the same again this time.........and I joined them. So while H wore her pretty black and white music dresse and Loli wore her gausey pink and cream dress (which looked stunning), I was the inexperienced derp wearing Lolita at the back of the group, successfully putting shame on the entire Lolita community. Oh I tried, I really did, but...............let's say the general impression lolitas get is that they are graceful, lady-like, polite, well-spoken, and cute. While I'd like to think I'm well-spoken (I do use rather 'aristocratic' language sometimes, á la Vergil Sparda), I spent most of the day pining after a fusion Sword (FFVII:AC) because it looked cool and had bragging rights, stumbling around in shoes that were a little too big for me, readjusting itchy petticoats, eating sugar lumps straight out of the bowl, looking for chances to sprint across roads to save time (in a capital city? Big no), jumping in sync with the lift to see what'd happen, asking dumb questions, and acting like a general idiot. I also scored a horrified look off of Loli when I got icing on my fingers in a café. Because the jumper skirt belongs to H and I was borrowing it (after much begging), the last thing I wanted to do was wipe icing onto the skirt. It also didn't occur to me that I had a napkin. So I ended up sucking the icing off my fingers and wiping the rest off on my leg (yes, I'm aware about how terrible my table manners are; I'm trying >.< ) Unfortunately I nudged Loli under the table, who then pulled her skirt as far away as possible, and looked at me as if to say 'what the Hell are you shaming Lolita for?!'. (It was ok once we started talking about video games though ^^; ) That embarrassing story coupled together with my idiocy loses me points in every department (and I was never cute to begin with >.< ) Despite my big slip-ups, I had tons of fun as a Lolita for the day, and it was an experience I was very glad to have! If H every gets less-itchy petticoats, I'll gladly try again ^_^

However, we didn't hang around Edinburgh the whole time; instead, we stayed near a town called 'Sterling', which is the next one over from Edinburgh. We didn't really do much here other than try steak and haggis pie (quite nice, actually) and go up a tower called the Wallace Monument, which couldn't have had a steeper, taller, windier spiral staircase if it tried! Though my Dad was mean and spoiled it for everyone; in the first room were some pillars, and he knocked on one to show it was hollow and fake....and then everyone started doing it! :XD: After 4 days, we went up to the Highlands, which had really big mountains and some gorgeous views! We plonked the caravan on the side of the loch and enjoyed daylight until 1am! :meow: We went up Annec Moore (the mountain next to Ben Nevis; they have a cable car :meow: ), tried Irn-Bru ice cream (fizzy, but really nice) and visited a whiskey distillery. The distillery was ok, but the smell of oranges and the loudness of machinery was a bit too much. However, they gave out free whiskey samples. While I'm still 16 and underage, I didn't get one.......but H totally threw herself at this glass of 41% alcoholic whiskey before it got taken off her! :XD: There were more samples further on, but H and I got a bottle of Irn-Bru each instead.

Between the time we came home from Scotland and Monday 10th June, I've been revising for my History exam. Considering how I got an A last year, I thought it'd go vaguely ok; my only trouble was the Vietnam war, which I didn't feel that confident on. However, after spending the week in the caravan reading the Vietnam text book, I was more confident with the subject. The only genuine trouble I had during the exam was timing; I nearly ran out of time! This isn't like me, because I was fine in the RE exam 2 weeks earlier, which was shorter and had more writing! I knew most of the answers, but I couldn't write all of them down because of timing T.T It only really impacted the final question, so I'm hoping for at least a B? *starts preparing for a D grade* My Maths exam is tomorrow and I'm revising for it right now (along with writing this journal and finishing a picture of Hamja). Maths is, undeniably, the most important of all my exams, as I need to pass if I want to get into 6th form at my school; the fact that 60% of my mark is already a C isn't exactly a good sign! I have to do well in this one, or I'm going to have to beg and plead if I want to come back next year....(and God help me, I refuse to get up early to go to school; I live next door to my school for a reason, y'know!)

Onto much more recent things; on Tuesday, it was ~Siriusly-Ludwig 's birthday, so myself, her, H, Laurie, and 2 friends of ours went down to the park for a picnic! Since we're all on study leave, we could go during the week when it was really quiet ^_^ We also ended up hiring a small rowing boat to use for half an hour while we were there. I payed an extra 50p so I didn't have to row, so H and I sat back while Laurie and Cae did all the work :XD: Though at once point I milked it a bit too much and implied that I was taller than Cae - so she told me to get out of the boat, in the middle of the water :XD:

Also for Cae's birthday, since half of our friends couldn't make it due to still being at school, we had a party yesterday - at LazerQuest! Now, HAM Japan was during the day so H and I went there, and we mentioned where we were going that evening. From a certain person (lets call her Pugz), I was under strict instructions to shoot everything and everyone, and Nikku had a running race with me before we left, so I was in practice for running around an abandoned building with a glowy pistol! The first two games I got about half way up the leader board, which I wasn't very happy with, and especially not in the second game; someone in the year above me decided it was ok to grab the back of my power pack (the thing you shoot at; it's like a heavy bulletproof vest with lights on it) and literally shove me down the stairs so that I'd leave the base that my team was in! I mentioned it later and no one particularly cared :\

Obviously by this point, the only option was to wipe the floor with everyone in the game, which is what I had left HAM Japan promising to do. So we got into a team match and Niko, H and I joined the Red team. All the power packs were named after characters (so you knew who you were on the leaderboard), and I managed to get the 'Elektra' power pack - which is the name of a really cool and pretty Marvel girl who wears red and kinda reminds me of a pirate. I'd been drooling over her figurine at Collect@ after the meet and so was desperate to have her name on the leaderboard. I'll set the scene for you; you're in a darkened-out hall full of luminescent tunnels and towers. The team game is set to 'Mayhem', and you're 6 times more likely to get shot. The Blue team is entirely made up of chavs (a total of 9) who you've never met before, and so feel unsympathetic shooting. The Yellow team is made up of 11 6th formers who mercilessly broke the rules and p*ssed you off in the last 2 games. Your team, Red, has only 7 members, one of whom is a 10 year old. You've got the coolest name (Elektra) in the building, you've finally learnt how to dodge, and while you're sort of scared of the dark, you still feel epic! So what do you do?

You get the tallest position you can, and snipe everything that comes past you. If it glows and it's not red, you point your laser and fire at it until it's dead. You throw yourself at the ground so much that your thighs don't work the next day. And at the end if it all, and after 30 minutes of merciless get first place.

I GOT 1ST PLACE IN LASERQUEST! :'D They got beaten by a girl! NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :happybounce:


Yes, I was (read: still am) immensely pleased with myself for coming first! Even though our team didn't win (we all beat the blue team chavs though, who sneered when I got my scorecard and managed to get into the minus points), I got the highest single score out of everyone - which I'm happier with rather than a team achievement :D The actual stats were as following; shots fired = 691, accuracy = 11.87% (oops...), tagged players = 82, tagged by players = 36, tag ratio = 227.78% (anything above 100% means you're shooting more people than are shooting you) To be honest, I'm happy I proved I could wipe the floor with the boys, and even happier that our team of a mere 7 beat a whole group of chavs! ^^; The only dumb moment I had was in the first game; I was shooting a green light thinking it was a base (bonus points)........and then I realised it was a fire exit................oopsies? *shot* Also, my thighs are absolutely killing me this morning and it's difficult to stand up and use stairs T.T (but it was SO worth it!)


That's all that's happened recently; as of tomorrow, I'll be free of school and all exams, so I'm looking forward to it :D I don't know what I'll do during all my free time, but I'm definitely going to be drawing, treating myself to a new video game, and meeting up with friends, which should keep me occupied! ^_^ And then there's just all that time to wait for the results....! D: *panics already*


Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:


P.s. the suggestion that HAM Japan invade LaserQuest? I back this 100%! :XD:

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As of tomorrow, I'll be up in Scotland until June 7th, so I don't know how active I'll be online. I'll likely have internet on someones phone, but I probably won't be able to upload anything. I'll get back to that in a bit;

Monday 13th May; did my French exams. This means I never have to do French again for as long as I live! FINALLY! :'D I decided to celebrate this amazing occasion by ripping up loose sheets of work and throwing them around in my room - then taking the French exam spec (17 pages of useless vocab), pinning it to the dartboard, and throwing darts at it! ^_^ It's very therapeutic to throw darts at a subject you've been waiting 8 years to end ^_^ But I posted about it on FaceBook and my friend sent me a link to the French Sailor Moon opening :XD: A horrible but hilarious trolling it was!

Tuesday onwards; I did another 6 of my 10 exams, including RE (which I think I've done well in), English lit (I think I've done well here too) and my three sciences. I'll be honest, I feel like everyone who took those exams was royally screwed with. The physics exam wasn't pleasant (fair do's), the biology exam had terribly worded questions, the chemistry exam............I could have written every answer wrong on purpose and I would come out with a better grade. It went so bad that I had to check I was doing the right paper halfway through the test! Whoever marks my paper will be able to see where my sanity snapped, because there'll be about 3 pages of blank answers, and what little answers I did write, the handwriting gradually goes from normal to scrawled and unreadable as you get further in. I heard from people in the other room that everyone in my class looked at the paper and went 'what the Hell is this?!'. I really want to say that the reason I knew nothing is because we had 2 teachers throughout the year (maternity leave); but I checked the exam topics against the checklists we were given - they're nothing alike! I can only spot 1 thing that actually appeared on the paper, and it's linked with physics, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was an accident! Energy transfer, electrolysis, hot cans....none of this appeared; none of it!

.......needless to say, 'f*cked' is an understatement. I don't use the F-bomb a lot, but there really is no other word to describe it. You'd think the people at the top of the exam boards would be the people who knew best what was going on - you'd think so, but clearly not. When the exam results come out in August, I'll let you know what I and some of my class got in that test.

I've still got my History and Maths exams to do after the holidays, and I'll spend some of my time revising for those. I really need these grades, because my Maths exam could influence my 6th form place, and I want to take history for A-level (plus I'm not up-to-scratch with the Vietnam War; or at least, not as much as I should be). I'm sure I'll be fine with these, but with the way the Chemistry exam went, it's gotten me really worried about how the others will play out...

Onto happier things; last Saturday, my Big Brother got married! Good grief, what a party it was! (Please note before continuing; know that my Brother is......I can't even find the correct word to describe him. You'll get the idea....) The Church was relatively calm apart from 2 things; 1) the Vicar wasn't the most traditional, i.e. 'you can snog if you want', and 2) I'd been hoping my baby niece would 1-up my cousin at their parents wedding, since he started eating the flowers. Unfortunately there were no flowers on the floor - so she decided to trample/sit on the Bride's train at the back of the dress, which was very funny to watch :meow:. The reception was nice too;  the photographer got some photos with everyone and that all went well.........except for my Big Sis having to be lifted across for her photos; her heels were so tall that they would sink into the grass :XD: (and I was still taller than her- *shot*) Food was nice except for the mushroom sauce (bleh!), and the pudding, white chocolate cheesecake, was delicious! :D The Best Man also embarrassed my Bro by showing everyone a photo of him in shorts, and another of him dressed like Tim Curry performing 'I'm just a sweet transvestite' (I think that's the right one; either way, he was in drag) Then the actual partying started and you could quickly tell it was my Brothers wedding! His mother-in-law was dancing on the table when her song started playing ('come on Eileen'), everyone got a bit sloshed (except me and H, but my Uncle got a photo of me holding my Bros pint, so I look like an alcoholic O_o ), and he had about 30 inflatable guitars for the dance floor (we took one home). Oh, a friend of his (a very rich friend, by the sounds of it) came to the wedding......and he had a Porshe 911 car! There's a story behind that which is a bit long (I'll explain it one day), but I've basically wanted a Porshe 911 since I was 3. My Dad caught wind of this, and so asked this man very nicely if I could look at his car. So I got the rev the engine of this Porshe, get my photo taken 'owning' it, and also got to go for a drive in it the next morning! :'D If I can never own a Porshe 911, then I've at least ridden in one; 1 thing fulfilled before I die! *tears of joy* So between the party, Porshe, feeling gorgeous (vanity; noo!), and being able to talk with friends, it was an awesome weekend! :D We were staying in a hotel, so we basically just emptied every freebie in the room into our bags. Also, we brought a bottle of cola with us so we didn't have to pay for cola at the bar, so we were refilling the same glass upstairs in our room. In doing this, we left a Fosters beer glass in our room. Instead of taking it back to the bar the next morning, my Dad decided it was a good quality glass, and took it home with him. -_- Nice one, Dad (it is a good glass though; makes it look like I'm drinking less cola). Last thing about the wedding; the Best Man decided they'd mess with my Bro's room; so he took the mattress off the bed and shoved it into the bathroom! I know it's wrong and the Bride and Groom weren't impressed, but I thought it was hilarious and an act of pure genius! X'D

While up in Scotland, I'll be meeting up with a Lolita, so I'll write a journal about my day as a Lolita, which I'll publish at some point on here! She's a lovely girl, and it'll be nice to see her again! :meow: It's getting a bit late now, so I'll call it quits here!

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

P.s. this is a Porshe 911.… It's worth nearly £90,000.
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(wow, if that isn't a random title for a journal, then I don't know what is) Study leave began on Friday, which means that I'm nearly free of lessons from now until September. More importantly than that, it means I NEVER HAVE TO DO A FRENCH LESSON EVER AGAIN! :'D 8 years I've been waiting for this, and it's FINALLY happened! *cries tears of joy* Though I say 'nearly free' because I have to spend up until June 17th revising for my exams, but no matter.

I was actually reading through a letter that got sent to our year that said 'study leave is a time for personalised revision and NOT leisure'. In some ways, I agree with this, because there are some people who would literally spend all of study leave slacking off, going to parties, getting drunk (despite the underage law) and generally setting themselves up for terrible exam results (unless they're hit by a miracle, but I doubt it; most people in my maths class are on course for low Ds). Those students need a kick up the backside to revise, so I understand why it needs to be said. On the other hand, I know that I'll revise during study leave (despite all belief; I've even got revision for my first exam in front of me right now!), but I still don't want to spend the entire time with my face buried in a textbook; it's boring! So I'm going to try and mix it up a little; when I've got an exam coming up, like I've got 2 subjects this week, then I'll revise for them in the time leading up to it. But there will be times where I'll do other things, like drawing, going into town, playing video games, seeing friends, baking (we call it 'procrasti-bake', and I made use of it on Friday ^^; ) etc. There's also a commission that I have to complete, and I should really clean my desk - it's turning into a bit of a tip and I'll clean it while I gradually get rid of any un-needed revision papers (after the exams, of course)

So......yeah, that's what I'd like to do while on study leave:
:bulletred: Draw - I'm holding back some pictures and I'll gradually release them during study leave so that I'm not dead online
:bulletred: Video games - I've just beaten Majora's Mask, so I'm looking for something new now (I'd like to play another Zelda game, a Mario game, or maybe even a game that I played on the PS2 - I'm sure I could pick some of them up on GameCube! I could replay Ocarina or Majora, to see how well I can beat the temples, but I would like to play something new)
:bulletred: Meet up with friends - I'm revising with Niko on Thursday, Laurie's coming over to our house on the Friday morning before her exam (she's be warned that I might not be awake), there's HAM Japan on the Saturday, and our school friends are all meeting up for someone's birthday in June; this one should be a little easier :XD:
:bulletred: Sort out cosplay - MCM is going to happen very soon. I still haven't decided who I'm going as. HELP! D: I'm split between either France (could over-heat easily), Young Zelda (needs to be made form scratch - no money or time) and Aeris (this could be.........................awkward, for a couple of reasons)
:bulletred: Clean my desk - it's turning into a tip, damnit! DX
I hope I can do all or most of these, but we'll see ;-)

Despite all the 'I want to do fun things during study leave' attitude I have, I'd like to think I'm thinking about it a bit more maturely than some other people. I heard about the high school in my old town (the 'Hellhole on the Hill'); they've had their study leave taken off them entirely! Reason being that people were taking study leave, not showing up for their exams, and never returning to school for anything! So they have to stay in school so they have to take their exams. (If they think skipping exams entirely will solve everything, then they're fools) Study leave itself is kind of bitter-sweet though; while I get tons of time to revise and do whatever I want, it's that checkpoint that says 'you're growing up', and I really don't like the thought of growing up :-( Sure it's great that I don't have to do any horrible lessons, but still...I don't want to grow up, and I don't want to leave school. On the plus side, when I get into sixth form, I'll only have to do the lessons I want to (I have to choose 4 subjects, but I can only decide on 3 at the moment ^^; )

.......but at least I never have to do French again! >:D Just the exam tomorrow and then I will gladly destroy my French books! (after taking copies of all the doodles in the back of them)

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:
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It's been a month since I last wrote anything in here~ What the heck?! Last year, I made it a point to write something once a week - so much fo that in 2013 :S

Exams are rapidly creeping up on us now, and it's scary. Mainly because of 'Oh my God, exams! I'm not ready! I don't know any of this stuff! I'm so nervous! Revision is hard! Please kill me! D: ', but there's a couple of other horrible factors in there too;

:bulletred: Art coursework. Back in January, we put the coursework on hold so that we cold do the exam work. That finished in March, so now we're back on coursework....and we've got 5 lessons to finish the sketchbook, plan the final piece, make the final piece (which is recommended to be a large-scale; at least A3) and evaluate it. a HELL of alot of work; and it's scary how we've got such little time to do it! Luckily I've got an idea that I'm very keen to make (want it to be on A2 paper; maybe even A1) and I'm designing the kimono for it right now (unsure if I can upload the seperate design? Probably not - sorry). Niko is also very kindly lending me some of her kimono books so that I've got some ref images to include in my book, so that's very much appreciated. There're afterschool sessions and lunchtime sessions from now until the deadline (whcih, by the way, has been shortened by 2 days!) so I'll be using as many of those as possible (i.e. school friends; you won't see me at lunch now until we leave or until I'v finished - which ever comes first) This leads onto my second point;

:bulletred: Lack of social life. Even though my social life isn't very strong to begin with (HAM Japan is pretty much the extent of it T.T ), by being in art every chance I get and working constantly, I feel like I'm neglecting my friends. I've already had to cancel and be excluded from numerous things because of workload and prioritising; and with this being the last 3 weeks I can normally see my friends, I feel like I ought to savour it. But work says otherwise. I've also quit choir for the last 3 weeks because we're not working towards anything, and since the teacher tried to stop me from going to EXAM PREP, I'm not even giving him the chance to stop me from going to do COURSEWORK! Facebook is turning into the only way to contact me, and I'm forcing myself to talk to fewer and fewer people on there now (partly because of work, partly because I'm trying to avoid being a nuisance)

:bulletred: Revision. Is. Mind-numbingly. Boring! Teachers say it just down to laziness, and maybe it is because I was working on the Circuit and Kyrie pictures for a while (oops), but it is genuinely difficult! Especially French; that is pure torture! Not only do we have to learn over 800 words for the exams (which only take half an hour each), none of which we've seen before in lessons, but we have to use a website called 'Vocabexpress'. Which tracks your progress. And won't let you leave the vocab test until you get 100% in one try. And lets you compare yourself to your class. And allows your teacher to see when you've logged on and basically spy on you. And when said teacher embarasses you by putting up the scoreboard for everyone to see, it's not that nice. It doesn't motivate me to revise; it just motivates me to finish those exams as quickly as possible so I never have to use it ever again! (and burn my books when I get home) History is brutal in lessons, but so far, it's been surprisingly leniant. In September we got exam questions in for the next day; now we've not been given homework at all, but do questions in class. That just works better. At school, I'm motivated because it's a learning enviroment and there are resources to help us; at home, there are distractions and other commitments.

I don't know, maybe I'm just complaining for the sake of it because I can't talk to anyone individually about it (mention it at school and people say 'you think YOU'VE got it bad? Well at least you don't have to *insert excuse here*'. Mention it to anyone else and they either don't understand or scold you. Tell anyone at all and I get the impression of 'I have better people to talk to who don't have as many/have more important 'problems' as you; sod off!'); but it is annoying, and I do feel like it's affecting me. Nowhere near as much as the week before my art exam, but things may change when study leave begins and all my exams are right over the hill :\ (also been having mood swings - annoying ones - that I'm putting down to a lack of sugar and stress. Until I can fix these properly, I think I'll just give people some room)

I'll end on a happier subject; yesterday I went shopping in Manchester with H, my Mum and my big sister. It's the first time in years (and I do mean years; at least 10) that I've been on a shopping trip with them, so it was a really nice thing to do! ^.^ We were shopping for accesories and stuff for my Brother's wedding (in May) We met up on the train (which means I had to get up super early, but it was worth it, for once!), met up with jopyon (H's friend; she's nice!), had a full English breakfast in the morning, then went shopping until 5pm! It's not often I enjoy shopping (I'm not into the 'trendy' shops), but I had alot of fun! H, Jo and I (and Jo's big sister who met up with us later) went to a place called 'Afflex' and it's a really cool place! It's teaming with alternative wear, anime merchandise, vintage, goth, games, and really awesome geek-centric things! :D  I found a really pretty SteamPunk gown, so I ended up trying it on with a top hat, and it looked really pretty! If I had the money, I get it and wear it with a tophat and a pair of brass goggles - and some brass clockwork jewellery! :heart: I also managed to get myself a Flandre Scarlet nendroid! :D The cheapest I'd seen one on eBay was £120; and I got it for £25! (actually £15, because Jo's sister put £10 towards it; I'm not sure why she did it, but it was a lovely thing to do and I'm extremely appreciative! :meow: ) If I can find a decent backdrop for her, I'll upload a photo of her in a cute pose :meow: Also picked up a giant Angry bird cushion (red), a bag for Prom, and other accesories (still keeping quiet; I won't let anyone know about my prom dress ;-) )

I guess....that's all I have to say! Study leave begins on May 10th and ends on June 17th, so I'll definitely upload something in that period of time. I hope everyone in my position for exams is also doing well with theirs

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

P.s. you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find sheet music from certain video games!
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I'm baaaaaaack~! Prepare for a tiny bit of spam and a rather long journal! >:3

For starters, let's quickly rewind back to March 4th - 2 Mondays ago. I'd spent the weekend planning out which pictures to turn into A6 postcards to sell at Huddersfield Manga Con - the Con I was selling at yesterday. Because I anticipated how busy I was going to be the following week, I'd given myself just under 2 weeks to get everything sorted in plenty of time. This did not work. The place we were going to use to get everything printed at decided to run out of gloss paper......and not restock for absolute weeks! So that was a wasted bus journey (I also had to break the news to HAM Japan and Pugz, whho were also going to use this place, which wasn't a nice thing to do :S ) So then I decided on the Saturday that I would go and get my prints done at another printing place in town. By this time I'd told HAM Japan and they'd gone to get their prints and said they looked really good, so I was confident I would get something! Nope; because they decided to close early and not reopen until Monday! By this point I was really unhappy and was close to bashing my head against the wall (punching the wall came later in the week) I then found out that my Dad had connections to a printing place really close to where I live and he could get them to make my business cards, postcards and bookmarks for the minimum price. Cheapest I was going to get them was £13.50 for everything, and I ended up paying £23.50 for everything.....and that's while going halves with my Dad -_- But by the point of ordering them it was about 5 days until the con and I thought 'screw it; if I don't get them now, I'll have literally nothing!' They arrived on the Friday, so it was cutting it close, but Dad we got them all sliced and ready for selling on the Saturday. My Dad also purposely over-ordered everything (to get a better deal) without telling me until they arrived, and while I was a little annoyed at first (because he'd payed more so I didn't suspect anything), it worked out alright because I've got more than enough left over incase I decide to sell at another con *wink wink* I hope so!

Rewind over; back to the 'busiest week of my life';

Day 1 (Sunday); work 11 hours on Art Exam sketchbook so it's as close to finished as possible! This is while juggling physics past exam paper, history homework, maths homework, french writing assessment torture revision, and piano theory.

Day 2 (Monday); panicking about how I feel behind and unprepared for my Art Exam and how I don't feel like my book is up-to-date, despite the 11 hours of work the previous day, I vented to H for 30 seconds because I was unhappy. Her response was a mere 'So? Do more work on it then.' .........that.......hurt. 11 hours of work and all someone has to say is 'So?' kind of leaves you feeling insignificant and hollow. Also, Monday was our last choir rehearsal before a music concert on the Thursday, and because I knew all the songs already (1 was a soloist with the rest of the choir decorating her voice, one was Les Mis and the other was just downright terrible), I'd said to the teacher 'Sir, I'm sorry but I can't be at choir today because I desperately need to catch up on my Art Exam work'. He ended up going off on one about how he had a concert on Thursday and how I should have been more prepared and used all my time accordingly (impossible with every other subject placing everything on that week). I told him that my EXAM (stress on the EXAM part) was on Wednesday and that it was URGENT (more stress on the URGENT part). Eventually his back was turned - and Niko and Laurie told me to run for my life before he noticed I was gone! (much appreciated)

Day 3 (Tuesday); last Art lesson before the exam on the Wednesday, much panicking ensues (it was also announced that 'no one gets an A or A* grade without outside pieces'. With 2 days before everything gets handed in, we all panicked more). Tuesday was also the day of the dreaded French writing assessment! Anyone who knows me can tell you that I suck at French. Not down to lack-of-effort or modesty - I mean that I really do struggle with French - especially writing. I don't know why but foreign languages just don't go into my head and it's gotten to the point where myself, parents and teachers have all said that I am not coming out with more than a C (I scraped by my last writing test with a C - by 1 mark :S ). Luckily, it went a tiny little bit better than I'd hoped - i.e. I spent 90% of my time with my nose in a dictionary trying to copy out any coherent sentences I could manage. But still, it went relatively ok, and I'm just glad that I never have to write another French sentence for as long as I live! Punching the wall happened here (stress decided to boil over before I went to French), and I ended up worrying so much about French that I pulled a muscle in my neck! I spent the next 2 days not being able to turn it right |D However, after this point I did start to perk up, because French was easily my biggest worry and it was finished :'D Also, to get myself an outside piece for my Art, I took a picture off my dA account and added a second character in so it related to my chosen theme ('love') The picture I used was PugznRoku 's birthday art of her OC Robin, drawn in that sketchby style - I drew in her partner-in-crime, Azure, printed it on to A3 and handed it in with my book (I like the picture, but I can't put it online until I get my results back in August. If any of my exam/coursework stuff gets online before it's marked, it will count as invalid)

Day 4 (Wednesday); 1st day of my Art exam. My teacher had put some money towards buying us all breakfast stuff, so we all got a free breakfast! I ended up nomming most of the strawberries all by myself, and I managed to sneak a Pain au chocolat to H during break ^^; Because I was the only person using a canvas, I also got to use an easel while everyone else used a table, which was rather nice ^^; The Art exam basically consists of 2 5-hour days in the Art room doing nothing but painting/drawing/creating a final piece.........I have to say, it was the most fun exam I've ever had! The art rooms were quiet apart from the gliding of pencils across paper, there were no disturbances at all, we were allowed to eat/drink during work, nobody bothered me during work, I was posted by the window so had a really nice view of outside, got to spend all day painting a huge piece that I eded up being really proud of, and it was just.......bliss :heart: I ended up getting all of the colour on the canvas done in the first day, which meant I could spent all of the next day applying glitter and glueing huge flowers to my canvas! I also thought I'd messed up the background at first, because I was going to paint in a glow around my two characters, but I'd used the wrong shade and tried to wash it off, which made it worse, but after making the opposite side symettrical, the 'washed-away' apint actually looked really good! So I ended up using that technique for all the other highlights on my piece :meow:

Day 5 (Thursday); Final day of the Art exam, so I spent up until lunchtime putting glitter onto my piece and glueing things. I was given a hot glue gun and I'd never used one before, so I was a little nervous (I have a habit of making things explode) I was told to leave it for 5-10 minutes so it couldheat the glue, and I accidently left it until I smelt burning and it was smoking ^^; I also managed to burn myself several times on it, so that was fun. The other thing that happened was, while I was crouched down painting glitter onto the flowers, I stood up and felt something very heavy bounce off my head.....and then I realised that my canvas had come off the easel, falen forward and bumped me on the head! Everyone was staring and very silent (even for an exam) and after randomly declaring 'Ouch.' a bit to loud, everyone started sniggering and turned back to their work. So I had a big, blue, glittery bump on my forehead for the rest of the day ^^; The remaining time was spent writing up an evaluation for my work (over 3 pages long....incase you couldn't tell from my journals, I write an awful lot and have a lot to say) Honestly though, despite all my complaining, upset and escalated stress levels building up to the Art exam, I wouldn't hesitate to redo it all again because I genuinely had fun in those last 2 days. It's all handed in now, so I can't show anyone my work until August, but I hope it'll be worth it (besides I have photos for myself ;-) ) Thursday was also the day of the music concert; but because the teacher was inconsiderate enough to stop people going to EXAM work in favour of something extra-curricular, I decided not to attend, and instead stayed at home and hibernate!

Day 6 (Friday); Red nose day - everyone dressed up like it was the 80's! (Platform boots~ When I eventually took them off, I nearly fell over because of the change in height ^^; ) I also had chemistry coursework and piano theory to do.....then I could FINALLY focus on selling at the Convention the next day! One interesting thing that did happen that night was, at about 11pm, I was still deciding which cosplay to wear. The one I was going to wear wasn't working out, so I eventually got talked into flipping a coin between going as Hamja.......or going as Vergil (Devil May Cry 3) I ended up attending the Con as Vergil (I used my France coat) In the end it didn't turn out too bad because Pugz and Nikku (the HAM Japan guys I was selling with) were going as Dante and (the girl version of) Nero, who are the other main protagonists of the series. Spent the rest of the evening getting ready for the next day

Day 7 (Saturday); the day of the Con finally arrived; and despite popular belief, I actually managed to wake up on time! :D (Rarely do you find me awake before 10am on weekends - I managed to wake up at 7:30 >:3 ) I'd also arranged to get a lift to Huddersfield with Pugz (I kept quiet about the 'road-rage' part incase my parents said no, but it turns out she's actually a pretty good driver!), hwo was also driving over to Nikku's to pick him up too! As he put it, 'it ended up being a road trip with 3 demons' (Dante, Vergil and Nero are part demon) We got there with about an hour to set up our stall, and while we totally worked, there was some procrastination (i.e. plastic pistols and a katana being pointed at various people, name calling, running around the table, hvaing long chats with people...) Something very interesting also happened; there was a girl there called Leanne (who I'm assuming Pugz knew) who came over to talk to us. She was really nice and she ended up lending me her pocketwatch for the day for my cosplay, aswell as try on her amazing black pirate-esque goth coat and rock boots :D At some point, I got introduced to someone as 'Lillilotus', Leanne overheard, and glomped me from the front! It turns out she knew exactly who I was, and I'll admit that it took me a while to get my head around someone recognising me (I don't exactly see myself as popular) I was really super happy after that, so thank you Leanne! :'D She also knew who Nikku ( Nick-Kazama ), who H was (from her old Hetalia RP account on Facebook) and knew who Cay was (from her still existing Hetalia RP account, 'Monika Fatonwurst Beischmidt')

The rest of the day passed smoothly enough; I saw Keshi (wearing his Shinobi Hamja shirt and unintentionally acting as my walking billboard for the day), friends from HAM Japan, played TouHou (they had it set up - I got about 30 seconds in on Ten Desires, Lunatic, Stage 1 ^^; ), met some lovely new people, and sold quite a bit of stock! The negatives; it was a small con that didn't have much advertisement, so I didn't feel like it could have done as well as it possibly could; despite seeing everyone, there was a point where I was rather lonely because everyone was preoccupied and I couldn't think of anything to draw (tired not to show it, failed epically *head desk*); and just after going onstage for the cosplay contest, Nikku and I went to go find a vending machine, and we ended up messing up the buttons on the lift. It was also a rather violent lift, and this coupled together with lack of food, dehydration, overheating and no fresh air made me feel quite sick. Eventually after I'd doubled over and felt the motions of the lift inside me while stable on the ground, we gave up and just went back to our table. I got some cola in the end, which cooled me down and made me a little better.

Big positive; aswell as being somewhat-forced into cosplaying Vergil for the day, I also got forced into the cosplay contest. But because I was nervous about going onstage dressed as a character from a game I'd never played and knew nothing about, I went up with Nikku, who was cosplaying as Dante (main hero and Vergil's twin brother). He also lent me his katana to wave around, so we both ended up posing epically onstage and infront of everyone. We also got cheered for, which was encouraging :') Then we went to find the vending machine, then returned. After announcing the grand prize winner, they called back 5 people to decide who should get 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. They called me back, which I wasn't expecting. Then stood next to the other girls, I noticed I was the only crossplayer and that everyone else had really frilly detailed dressed on, so I anticipated a loss ^^; 3rd place went to a Pikachu-girl, 1st place went to a Madoka Magica.........and somehow I came 2nd.....! WHAT WHY HOW I DON'T KNOW! I mean, everyone else put effort into their cosplays; I literally flipped a coin the night before! (I also didn't think they'd chosen me because the announcer forgot my character name so just pointed generally my way O_o After much confusion, he got my name..........he also said 'Dante has dark hair', referencing the hated reboot, so Nikku ran back onstage to shout 'TAKE THAT BACK.', which gave everyone a good laugh :XD: ) I ended up winning a Snowy Hatsune Miku plushie; which is really soft and cute (despite my hatred for Vocaloid, I was unbelievably happy at her being my prize :'3 ) Another victory for HAM Japan was Nikku winning the art contest, so that was good too! Another big positive was 2 guys coming up to me and commissioning a chibi picture of them both.....and it wasn't until later where they said they wanted it for a vlog of theirs on youtube! So, uhh........hello Mr and Mr Youtube; you were both really nice and cool! (I'm sorry for asking if you guys were together; no offense ^^; ) A really good day, and I ended up nearly dropping to sleep in the car home (oops, sorry Pugz ^^; )

Thus, that is the busiest week of my life! Looking at the size of this journal, I'm really not surprised by how busy it was in the end :XD: Oh well; Art coursework starts up again on Monday, and I'll be getting back into drawing things again very soon! It feels nice to be able to have freetime again; it means I can write journals, draw what I want, play Zelda (nearly completed!) and have fun again without worrying about catching up with my workload :'3 I'll upload the secret picture I sold at the con, along with my business card design, and I'll definitely draw something new very soon (maybe something to remember the con by; I've not quite decided yet, since I want to draw Twinrova too ^^; )

Peace Out and Ciao~! x :heart: (Freetime~ Oh how I've missed you! *cries tears of joy* )
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(warning; don't like rants? Feel like having a 'my life is worse than yours!' contest with me? Then for your own sanity, please don't read this. That is all, you've been warned)

I'm alive, somewhat, and still working super hard on my Art exam prep. It's getting really close to the final piece now (14th March is when everything gets handed in) and to be honest, I just want to go and complete it now! I've got the idea - I've had it since Christmas - I know what size canvas I want, how to make it, what it'll look like (Chobits keeps coming to mind, strangely O_o )'s just all the sketchbook work in between that is killing me!

Here is what I have to do; realism sketches of people (i.e. romance, family, friendship, couple of flowers), more sketches from photos (I'm half way through this - just group shots and the notes I'm struggling with), 1 more artist to research (HATRED. SO MUCH HATRED!), sketches of other artists (meh), 6 more final piece ideas (pointless since I've already chosen my final piece), and a trillion tonne of notes on everything! Oh, that's ontop of the artists research development, final piece development, planning, final sketch, model photos and material collecting that is still to come...

.....I'm not going to lie, it's difficult - it's REALLY difficult....

My main problems are motivation - I don't have much. I've got my own picture ideas that I want to do, several more unforgiving subjects to worry about, tonnes of work for an event (I'll get to that - stay with me), and I'm not good with romance (i.e. terrible in every area, and wanting to bash my head into the desk until it bleeds because I'm no good). Next problem; models - my God, someone please shoot me! I've complained about this for an extremely long time; I've got a fair number of people volunteering to be models for me, but I have this really bad (in some cases obvious) feeling that many - not all - volunteers are doing it so they can get into the final piece. I know what the picture will look like and I just need models for POSING, but it drives me up the wall when someone says 'DRAW ME!' or 'Draw me and *insert name here*'. I apologise for saying this, but it comes across as vain - something I'm striving to be the opposite of. It's complicated. I've a VAGUE idea of who could be a model, but it's pretty......(how should I say this?)....basically the two models need to have a height gap between them - it's required (yeah I suppose we could cheat and get one of them to kneel, but still!) Also the last time I took a photo of myself for posing it didn't end well - I felt vain/ended up with a pain in my side that lasted 2 months (that was my own fault) Last main problem; artists research and inspiration - I don't get inspiration from artists, I get inspiration from people, music and general day-dreaming! I've successfully found 3 artists that I admire, but I'm stuck on the last one, purely because no artist inspres me enough....or they're not established enough that the examiner would credit the research :\ I'll find a way around it, but it's mind-numbingly boring! *head desk*

There was one other teeny, tiny problem too - other subjects. Aswell as all the artwork I have to do (it's an exam; it's easily the top of my priority list!), I've got subjects that take themselves way too seriously (physics), subjects that set impossible 1-day deadlines (history), and a French controlled assessment to revise for which I will surely fail at....the day before my Art exam! You tell me if it's possible to catch up on every piece of exam prep. while learning 3 pages of French text! It's. Bloody. Impossible!!!!! It's irritating how everything has decided to happen in that one week where I will have no time to breathe -  and I do mean that; the second it turns 4pm on Saturday the 16th of March, every piece of GCSE workload I had will be done! *rages*


*breathes* I'm quite finished now, thank you. *head desk*

I really want to do well in this exam - like, REALLY well, and get an A* mark! Mainly to prove I can do something good with art and make people proud, partly to show that manga isn't a death sentence and a 'stupid style', as an art teacher so nicely put it, and shove that A* down his throat! I'm really proud of the way my book looks and I'd love to show it to people in person (but I'm scared of taking it across the road to school and let alone into town!), and I really want to make this final piece something that I can be really proud of, and something that really makes people smile - that's what I want the most! But with the amount I'm stressing over it, I'm worried I won't be able to do even that! I also feel like I'm neglecting some friends because I'm working all the time on this, and I'm aiming to spent near every lunchtime in the Art room to carry on with this; while other friends I feel like I'm bothering because I need help with various other things, and I'm being a general nuisance. Geez......

I'll move on to this magical Con news in the title; on March 16th, I will be selling at my first convention! Ok, so it's actually HAM Japan ( :iconhamjapanuk: ) that are paying for the table, but I got asked if I wanted to come along and sell some stuff too - which is awfully nice of them ^^; Here's where my workload starts with it though; I need to decide on 4 pictures in my gallery that are good enough to sell as prints (preferably NOT fanart as I'm only allowed to sell limited fanart) I'll probably ask around, but if anyone has any preferances or suggestions, then it'd be great to hear them, so please comment with a link or something! If I can't get 4, then I'll probably draw something original to sell, then upload it a little while after the con (yes I'm aware this doesn't help my workload, but I will seriously kick ass and give up as much as possible so I can ace my exam and the con!) I'm also battling with Vistaprint to sort out some business cards and I should hopefuly have some of them to give out too, along with some other stuff! IF I have time between now and the Con, I will do a journal with full details in it - otherwise, if you're from Yorkshire and feel like going to a Con on March 16th, then I'll send you the details and hope to see you there :meow:

(there; shamelss advertising!) Talking about the con has actually lightened my mood a little, so I'm going to take this chance to say 'byw' and go to bed (it's...*ahem*...going up to 1am, and I should've been in bed a while ago....hehehe....*runs for life*) If I don't get online before my exam, then I'll speak to you all then and will try to get stuff uploaded again! (If worst comes to the worst, then I'll scan in some schoolbook doodles and upload them in a sketchdump) Wish me luck with my exam, everyone!

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:
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We went back to school on Monday, and we certainly dived head-first back into work! First lesson on Monday was Art, and we were given our exam paper. I mentioned this in the last journal, but now I know exactly what is happening, I can talk about it better and explain what's happening (and how it's going to affect dA activity)

First off, you're given a selection of heading. You choose one of these as your subject matter to focus on during the whole exam period. Miss said '.....well it's not the worst one we've had; but it's certainly not the best!' First one was 'caged' (NO.), second was 'rock forms' (we did that last year; it was boring as hell!), third one was 'canines' (NO!), fourth was 'layers' (that's more of a textile-based one, so not really for me), fifth was 'creepy crawlies' (don't fancy spending 8 weeks looking at spiders - nope!), sixth was 'Love', seventh was 'Blooms' (that's flowers), and eighth was 'health foods' (Miss said she'd be suicidally bored doing this one, and I thought 'by the time I'd finish it, I'd want to gorge on all the bacon in the world until I had a heart attack and died!) I'm under the impression that the government puts 'positive' messages into exams and coursework, and this really doesn't help them! Anyways, despite everything within myself telling me 'don't do it; it'll only cause trouble' and all the things I'm risking doing it (i.e. all the people who will badger me to draw them) and all the preaching that I did about 'I'm not comfortable with this subject!'.....

..............................................................I've chosen to focus on 'Love'.

I have this feeling that it could either go really well (i.e. I've already got a really pretty picture in mind for the final piece, and it's really exciting to paint on such a large scale, and the subject naturally lends itself to portraits), it could also go horribly, HORRIBLY wrong! (i.e. people don't stop saying 'draw me! Draw me! Draw me!!!' ARGH!) I also don't draw kissing. I can barely draw people hugging, so kissing is completely out of the equasion for me. In the NEO that I got this month (the one where I appear in the cosplay section :heart: ), there's a manga lesson on how to draw kissing - so I may have to make use of that. Might also have to practise drawing kssing before it goes anywhere near my art exam sketchbook! (note; the people who would say 'draw Yaoi/Yuri!', you know who you are, and I am on to you *glaaaaaares* ) There were keywords included with the heading (to help with elaboration), and alot of them mentioned 'friendship', which is something I am going to be focusing heavily on. There's also family-love, which will probably be my main focus, and 'love for country' that I thought up. I'm also going to look at colours and love in flower language (yup, it exists; go watch HeartCatch Pretty Cure :meow: ) Finally, 'love' often gets mistaken for 'lust'. I am going to stress this; I will NEVER use lust in art. I don't care if it's for class, exams, coursework, an essay, request or as a paid commission; you can guarantee that I won't go anywhere near this subject. EVER.

.........moving on! That's what I'll be looking at for the next few weeks. While I got it on Monday, I didn't get much homework, so I've only got to do my title page and some research for Monday. But after that, I'm pretty sure they're going to crack down on workload and deadlines, because there is a very fixed schedule for it. I'll manage, I know that much, but it most likely means that I won't be able to get much on here, which is a shame. :-( I've got some pictures on the-go, so I'm aiming to finish those before I go back to school - if only so there's something of worth on here during my absense. I'll still write journals and keep people (who are interested) up-to-date, but I can't guarantee how much art I'll be able to put on here. One thing that I am banking on is if I'll be able to put photos of my exam work (outside pieces, rough sketches etc.) online - I'm hoping I can, but I know that examiners have a way of quickly searching the internet for any ripped text and pictures, so I worry that if soething goes on after I've drawn it, they'll see it and think my sketchbook work is a rip-off of 'Lillilotus' work (which is ridiculous because I can't rip-off my own work - but they don't know that) One good thing I have discovered is that, unlike coursework, exam outside pieces can be done at home! :D This means that, if I'm in an emergency, I can pick a picture off my netbook, print it out and count it as an outside piece. The only problem here is if it's on dA already. As soon as the exam period is over (i.e. June or August, depending) I will get all the photos of my exam work and put them on dA for everyone! It' sad to have them held back, but it's necessary for a good grade....

....speaking of grades, the A* mark is 97% - that is a scarily high number! D: (I knew it; the government has rigged art so everyone fails!)

What else has happened? Oh yeah, small rant; for christmas, my parents ordered me a new Mario hat - or more specifically, the set of 5 (Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Fire Mario). Said items were ordered on November 11th, so they would have plenty of time to arrive before Christmas, right? NO. It's 2 months today they were ordered, and we have seen absolutely nothing of them! First time I ordered my hat, it took them 3 weeks to deliver it (not bad), so I'm a bit.....despondant that it's taken them 2 months to not deliver anything! Call me spoilt, but I'm a tad annoyed. I can only think that they weren't sent out to begin with or they've been stolen (wouldn't be the first time)....*pats head* I feel lost without some sort of hat to wear! :C (I'll wear the pirate one if I have to; just something!) They'll turn up eventually - I'm just annoyed they didn't do so a month ago!

I'm also being ditched tomorrow; H is going to a Japanese Fashion meet in Manchester with Joanne, and because I'm not a Lolita, I'm not invited. I don't think I would have gone anyway (petticoats we have are itchy), but it's more how I'm going to be on my own all day with nothing to do! I might end up going in to town, to see if there's anything good (I've got Birthday money - may as well spend a tad as well as save it, right?) Other than that, 'forever alone'!

I will tell you this though; I recently decided to try and play through 'The Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time'. I can see why they're popular, considering this was an N64 game (I'm playing the collectors edition for gamecube) The characters are nice and the music is effective. The changing time in Hyrule field is cool and there's lots of places to visit. the characters are enjoyable (even Navi, though she really doesn't know how to help properly! 'What do I do next, Navi?' 'Hey! Listen! I wonder what Saria would say if we told her we were going to save Hyrule?' '....thank you Navi; your wisdom is so very helpful. *swats navi*' and 'You played Saria's song; do you want to want to talk to Saria?' 'No?' 'Oh...well, do you want to talk to me?' 'Hell no! *swats Navi*') It was a really fun game.........except for 2 things. One is the Big Octorock miniboss; that thing is impossible to beat! I turned the game on, then rage-quit 10 minutes later because it was annoying me so much! The other thing is an enemy. In the Royal Tomb, when you enter the second room, there's some green pools (which depleat your health) and standing deadly still and unmoving near those pools are three skinny, yellow, rotting corpse-like people. They are called 'Redeads'. H was watching me play when I found them, and I just looked at her and shook my head; I did not want to go near those things! I eventually started edging my way around the wall, and got too close to one of them. It turned around and started walking extremely slowly towards me, and it had a very high-pitched womans scream. It doesn't sound scary, but I seriously freaked out and ran as fast as I possibly could out of the room! And then I had to go through the same room to get out As nice as it would be for those to be the only 3 Redads in the game, the second Ganon takes over Hyrule, they appear more...and more...and more! I got that from a walktrhough (thank you Big Octorock!), but that freaks me out! Thus, the Redeads alone are enough to put me off playing the game! I think I'l just leave it in the mario kart case....for a few more years.....didn't sleep properly for 2 nights because of them <- that's the Zelda Wikipedia article about them; read and be afraid! D:

....Wow, just realised how pessimistic the entire tone of this journal is; darn it! That wasn't mean't to happen (especially when there's others who have it way worse than I do!) Despite how grumpy the text mkes me seem, I'm ok really; just a little lonely, that's all ^^;

I'll leave you guys alone now; it's not right that people should have to read me moaning (though I do feel better now, which is always a positive! ^^; )

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:

One last thing about Zelda; Link can't jump! What madnesss is that?!
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Whle it is unlike me to make journals within 2 days of each other (I try to wait at least a week), I am being whisked of to the caravan early tomorrow morning for a New year party, and thus won't have any time to put this up before I go - and I'd rather put it up early instead of late.

So's been an interesting, fun and productive year! The big cahnge for me this year is obviously my art. For starters, back in January, I started using watercolour paints for traditional pieces, and I've really enjoyed that! I think the colours look really good and it's smooth to work with, and I must have some degree of skill with it, because my Art teacher has said to me (regarding coursework) 'start with realism and other media, then progress through to manga and watercolour for your final piece' (art teacher = win!)

The most notable change in my art is in digital though. Back in May, I won's contest to win Mang Studio Debut 4, and since then I have only opened Photoshop twice; that is how much I love this software! :heart: It's an awful lot smoother than Photoshop, which I found to be very clunky, and I feel like it's helped me draw better overall, because I can get effects with it that I couldn't before, so I can be a bit more adventurous with my pictures! :heart: I owe it to alot of people for getting me that software; HAM Japan and Animepicks are at the top of that list, and I'm very thankful to them. And while it's very recent, I got my new graphic tablet, which means that I can draw straight onto the computer much easier now (currently on with a piece of Bday art; the figure is looking pretty good, if I do say so myself :meow: ) New software + new tablet = we should be seeing some damn good results in the veyr near future! :heart: Can't wait to see what 2013 prompts in my gallery! :D

One thing that has/will be changing about my art is the amount, sadly; my art coursework is on hold at the moment so I can focus on my exam (lasts 11 weeks) and I've been warned that it takes up collosal amounts of time! While I'm not going to let that stop me from drawing (come on; how many times have I stayed up until 1am to finish a drawing over homework?! :XD: ), it does mean that my output of work could slow down (hopefully not too badly though) If worst comes to the worst, then I'll just upload photos of my school work/class doodles (depending on how much trouble I'll get into) The good thing is that this 'slow-down' will only last until June, by which time I'll have finished all my GCSE exams, and I'll be drawing lots during holidays and the back-end of 2013.

Actually come to think of it, one other thing I've got with my art this year are set-backs. I'm not sure why, but this year, while getting alot of good feedback, I've gotten quite a bit of bad feedback too - some bad enough to stop me from doing anything for weeks! Notably was my 'dolls' picture (done back in June). It's not uncommon for friends to nag request to be in pictures, and at the time of planning this one, I was having alot of doubts over my loyalties to certain friends (I can honestly say that it all came down to internet activity and RP accounts). I'd made it a point never to draw real people (due to being ditched by alot after drawing them), but I really wanted to try this idea, so I spent a week planning and debating who I trusted enough to go in this picture. It eventually came down to 4 people, and I had room for one more. I'd always suspected that people were only ever interested in pictures they starred in, so to test this, I uploaded the sketch to Facebook and said 'if anyone wants the last place in this picture, send me a message'. One person got back to me, so they got the final place. When I uploaded the digital version, someone who didn't make it on decided to very publically b*tch about me to their 2000+ friends about how I don't draw them enough. This upset me enough to stop all production for about 2-3 weeks, and I didn't start drawing again until that month's HAM Japan when someone pulled me out of the rut. The other notable even t was at my Sixth Form open evening when I went to the Art section. My teacher was away, so I had to talk to the teacher from the other class. When I asked about manga (the subject my teacher has been actively encouraging me towards), I got a 30 minute lecture as to why all manga is sh*t, repetative, pointless and a 'party trick'. This coming from a teacher, who is meant to  encourage you, was plain rude and out-of-line! (I later foud out that I wasn't the only one he's done this to - a friend of mine who did A-level art got told the same thing.....but she still went and put cosplay into her coursework anyways! :meow: ) I cna't fully remember what got me out of that rut, but I remember nagging Pugz an awful lot, and then eventually doing a watercolour painting to help with my Aeris cosplay (we're coming back to that picture in a little while; it's extremely notable ;-) )

Speaking of the 'I never draw real people' thing, I'd made that decision at the end of 2011, and I'd intended to stick to it.....but I got to know people better, and I found myself drawing them anyway; so that totally blew my revelation out of the water! I've also been more comfortable drawing my OC's - I never really expected them to get much publicity because they weren't developed enough and they weren't popular enough to get anywhere. But once again..........(ok, I'm just going to call them out here!) with winning Manga Studio, I decided that the first picture was going to HAM Japan. Since then, I've actually felt more inclined to draw Hamja because she gets such a good reaction from the members (whether it be her looking cute, or someone trying to nom on her for bacon) Hehe; friends at school have actually gotten so used to me drawing her that they can actually pick her out by her name (amongst other OCs I draw too much ^^; ) and are genuinely interested in her (also, while playing 'Piggy in the middle' in the summer, I got into the middle and was sad, so my friend pointed at me and said 'You're Hamja! :D ') She's also genuinely fun to draw and I love her, though I do worry about spamming everyone with her incase they're sick of it ^^;

Last year I spoke about how I'd made new friends - this year is different. I didn't make any new friends this year (Hell; I've lost some of them!), but I feel like I've gotten closer to old friends, and closer to friends who I didn't know that well; I always knew they were there, but I'd never had the guts to talk to them properly. I'll use a notable example; in January, I went to HAM Japan and I managed to get along with everyone quite well (i.e. I got them all to watch Hetalia >:3 ) February comes around, I stroll into a meet giddy because I'd come 2nd in a singing contest, and I get glomped for it. March comes around, and I actually ended up turning to people because I was really upset and scared about going to Italy on my own. Since then, I feel like I've gotten closer to people, and I genunely consider then friends. I'm still a little scared about getting closer with people, because I don't want to come across as stalkerish/clingy/annoying/obsessive (yeah; as if I don't already look like all of those *shot* ), but I'd like to get over that feeling - I don't know how, but I'll manage ^^;

Hmmm.....that's a look at 2012; for 2013, I'd like to draw something undeniably cute, and something undeniably epic! I'm sure I can manage with my recent upgrades! :meow: I'd also like to get into a real cosplay photoshoot....

......speaking of cosplay, and going back to the Aeris cosplay painting, I have some news; I got into the cosplay section of this months NEO magazine! :D I borrowed Cloud's sword and pulled the same pose as from my painting at TB 2012. The photo turned out really good so I sent it into NEO.....AND I GOT IN! :DDDDDD :heart: My year; made! :meow:

Everyone; lets all look forward to a great year in 2013, ne? ^_^ I shall leave you with this one statement, and see you all next year;

'2012; the year where every crappy teen fanfiction writer got a book deal.'

Peace Out and Ciao~ x :heart:
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