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Then and Now by lillilotus Then and Now by lillilotus
This was prompted from a conversation Niko, Pugz and I were having. There were some kids running around where we'd congregated, and we were talking about how we were never that unruly at 10 years old. (SOMEONE wanted to trip one up while he was going past; bad Pugz! You can't trip little children!*)

It did get me thinking about what I was like at primary school though; silent, shy, a great believer in fantasy (still am!); and just how much I'd changed. Now I'm talkative (never shuts up), more willing to speak up about stuff, more likely to have a joke with/at someone elses expense etc. I think I was more serious when I was younger though, which is weird~

SO: this is a picture of how I am now (in my red high school uniform) and how I was at about 7 years old (navy blue primary school uniform) Before anyone from school says that it doesn't look like me, my hair was shoulder length, I had a fringe, my hair was usually in bunches and I had round glasses instead of square

.....I....I wanna be that cute again! Even if I have to be small; I wanna be cute again~~~! *cries*

Art copyright to me!

*I wish we had tripped up one of those kids now, because when I got home, there were some more kids of a very similar age hanging around my school. One of them decided to put a rock through a window and make a big hole in it! I really am scared for the next generation of youngsters if they're going to be as unruly and disrespectful as this!
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September 23, 2012
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