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Smile DK Butterfly by lillilotus Smile DK Butterfly by lillilotus
Hey do you remember that drawing of that super pretty vintage dress? Y'know, this one? [link] Well I liked it enough that I decided I wanted to do another one, if not a few more! With all the prom dress shopping that's going on at the moment (which isn't going to stop anytime soon), I've got a great excuse to go and look at pretty dresses - most of which I have no hope of owning - but I can still try them on and draw them afterwards, which is a nice thought ^_^

This dress in particular was featured on the catwalk of a Prom fair I attended (had at least 10 make-up stalls as opposed to 1 dress stall - I was kinda disappointed at that) I thought it was rather pretty and I jumped at the chance to try it on (even though I'd already bought a dress by this point *wink wink*) It was very nice and shiny, but I felt that the cut was too low and it was a bit too bright for me

Know what else I didn't like about it? The price. 200 for 1 dress! I don't care who you are, that's a rip off! I jumped out of it pretty quickly after that, and needless to say, didn't buy it.......
..........however trying this dress on did fuel a rumour around my school that I did buy this dress and I'd wear it to prom! Turns out that someone from my school had tried it on first, didn't think it suited her, then saw me try it on and commented on how pretty it looked (Aw, that was super nice of them :meow: ), and jumped to the conclusion that I'd bought it. Then decided to tell everyone at school.
Just to clear anything up, I don't own, nor wil I ever, see this dress again, and it's not my prom dress. Hence why I drew it! I'm keeping my actual dress a secret until July 1st, and as far as everyone at school is aware, not even my Twin knows what my dress looks like I'm vain! |D I guess I'm just a bit too over-excited about prom ^^; Anyway, I'd like to do some more of these pictures - preferably one every 2 months since it'll fit in with wedding/prom ^^; We'll cont this as March's entry since I did the sketch in March but had no time at all to graphic it until April ^^;

Art copyright to me!
Dress copyright to House of Elliott
jopyon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My first thought as Agitha from Twilight Princess... since she's all purpley-pink, butterflies and the three dots under the eyes!
lillilotus Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Student General Artist
Haha; ok, I'll give you that one, since I like Agitha too! :P (though it's nice to feel I look as pretty as her ^^; )
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April 11, 2013
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