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Lolita Mimi - 'Gloam Valley' by lillilotus Lolita Mimi - 'Gloam Valley' by lillilotus
Here's an artist I've admired for quite a while now; :iconiggie39: has a really gorgeous style, and I'm envious of the way she can draw lolitas so flawlessly~ Her work is super detailed and I love looking at it *bought 7 badges of her DC girlies and Pretty Cures*. With her style in mind, I decided I wanted to improve the way I draw Lolitas - and there is definitely an improvement! The skirt I drew before finding a ref. image....looked crap. And the background I drew.....looked even worse. Then I actually used my brain and took note of how she draws hers, and it looks infinitely better now ^.^ So thank you to ~iggie39 for letting me stalk her page for a while :XD:

It's been way too long since I drew any Super Paper Mario characters, which is strange considering it's one of my favourite games of all time. Eager to rid myself of this blasphemy, this design was born! :D Mimi is really nice, and I can definitely see her getting into Lolita, but also being waaay OTT with it somehow :S (hopefully she's classier than my expectations) She'd probably be a Decora Lolita, but I wasn't being specific with genre - I just wanted ot make a pretty outfit based off Gloam Valley (prettiest level in the game! :heart: ) Urge to do Nastasia and Dimentio themed Lolita outfits now :meow:

What I learnt from this piece; Lolitas TERRIFY me! Obviously not all of them (I've met plenty who are nice to be around), but I have my own reason for being terrified of their collective community - and while drawing this, it made me realise that I am genuinely scared of them being bitchy about my work (if anyone is interested in reading my long rant and full justification for my fear, I'll send you the document)

Art and design copyright to me!
Mimi copyright to Nintendo!
iggie39 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013   Digital Artist
Aaa~ This is so awesome! I totally see improvement <3 the skirt looks amazing, I love all that frill and her drill hair!~ :heart: Also pink and green bestcolours<3
lillilotus Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student General Artist
:'D Thank you so much; I'm really glad you like it! ^.^ Hehe, thanks; I feel like the skirt is a little plain compared to the prints that you draw (detail~~ :meow: ) - but I am kinda proud of her hair, and the tie-dye pink, green and yellow! :XD: Thanks for the fave too! :heart:
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September 23, 2013
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