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Kyrie Eleison by lillilotus Kyrie Eleison by lillilotus
A re-design of Kyrie's normal dress, if she was part of the Order; drawn purely on a whim at HAM Japan on Saturday ^^;

If there's one thing that I like in Kyrie, it's the fact that she's dressed modestly; as in, she doesn't have a ridiculously low neckline and doesn't wear her skirt like a belt. Even though I made her skirt knee-length and took away the sleeves, I very much wanted to keep that modesty. The wing armour was taken from the necklace that Nero gave her (she's still wearing it) I also tried to think about where armour would usually be placed - I got told 'shoulders, arms, head and torso/bust', so I put wing plates there (except for the crown - she really does wear that in the prologue) She also wears a shawl in the prologue, similar to the one draped over the wings (if anyone can get that ref, I'll be impressed) The green ribbons came from the original dress and I always thought that green looked nice on a white and gold dress, so I had to put them in (or at least, put more in for the ones that I took out ^^; )

The thorns actually came from Credo's sword. I know it's a really random detail, but when I actually sat down and watched the prologue (when I finally got my hands on a copy of the game), I noticed that Credo's sword had roses and thorns on it, which differs from Nero's. So that could be a slight reference to her Brother, I suppose. The same thing also applies to the sword. Even though Nero and Credo have these huge blades that are ENGINE POWERED ( :heart: ), just after the battle with Dante, when Kyrie is bringing Red Queen to Nero, she's not quite strong enough to carry it effectively. My thought process was basically 'there's no point giving her a sword she can't even lift! Rapiers are pretty neat, and they're light and have alot of potential for fine detail...hmm...' I also just found out that the hilt I gave it ('swept hilt') was popular in Italy - and it relates back to that huge theory that 'Fortuna is an island off the coast of Italy' I gave it the wing blade to relate back to Red Queen though. The book? Not magic. If anything, it's a song or hymn book.

The wings......she very nearly had demon wings, but they just didn't look right and they didn't suit her at all. Compared to the actual demon boys, she dressed too light and looks too gentle to be a demon. Also, 'Kyrie Eleison' means 'God have mercy' (or something along those lines) so I thought 'she could be a fallen angel'. Speaking of the Kyrie Eleison (it's a song), those lyrics were nearly in the background instead of the 'Shall never surrender' speech. I'm pretty sure it's Kyrie who repeats each verse (correct me if I'm wrong - also not sure who she's repeating? Credo? Answers please!) and there were 2 verses in it that really stuck with me for some reason;
"We show no mercy, for we have none"
I don't know why I like those 2 lines, but they're in stark contrast to Kyrie Eleison O_o On the other hand, the line 'In Love and in Hate' relates back to it O______o

Art and dress copyright to me!
Kyrie copyright to Capcom!

.....far too much thought went into this *head desk*
TotalObelisk Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very pretty, nice job. I especially liked the way you did the thorns.
lillilotus Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah, thank you very much! :D I have to admit, I like the thorns too ^^;
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