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Hamja - Pg 6 by lillilotus Hamja - Pg 6 by lillilotus
Hamja page 6 - the final page for this particular storyline (there will hopefully be more IF I can come up with anymore storylines.....ones that hopefully don't end up with people being beat up/nearly killed...)

I realised while drawing page 5 that 'the comic started off with Hamja being named Tofu, but ended with someone with a sword lodged in their brain'. Not only was this not fair (despite being told countless times that it was ok), but I didn't feel like it concluded the Tofu thing, which I really needed to do.

One thing I don't like in this is the self-insertion. I feel very self-centered if I do it, and I don't like doing it because it comes across as vain. However, there are 2 reasons for it this time;

1) it was the only way to properly conclude the comic
2) I know my own limits, so I can draw myself however I like, because I know what I'm comfortable with. With someone else, you've got to take a guess or really get to know them to know if they'd be ok in a certain situation.

The otehr thing that I put in here regarding myself was 'payback'. Alot of the time, I don't do something because I wouldn't want to be treated in a certain way ('treat others as you want to be treated'). So the only way I could think of to stop Hamja being called 'Tofu' was to get called a name back. Enter Hailey; who calls me 'small one' at the meetings sometimes!* I don't mind being called that, because I know it's all in good spirit (and she is taller than me), but it was the only thing I could remember in regards to names, so it got used! :XD:

So, that's this Hamja plot done; lets hope for a couple more (unless people are sick of them? I hope not; they're quite fun to make)

Art copyright to me!
Hamja copyright to myself and HAM Japan!

*seriously; how did the name 'small one' come about?! I can hardly remember anything (might have been at the meet before I went to Italy that it first got used? Maybe?)
HAMJapanUK Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love HAMJapan comics, they're lots of fun :D

I think it was that little incident before you left for Italy; it was also the first time I was 'sisterly' to you and the pet name just kinda...appeared. It took your mind off your worries for a few minutes, so it's a good nickname xD
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student General Artist
yay! Then I shall carry on trying to make them! :meow:

I think it was, yeah (I appreciate the sisterly-ness by the way! :meow: ) ....the nickname may stay, but I'll have to come up with a name back, so I can use it when I'm taller! >:3
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July 6, 2012
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