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Hamja - Pg 5 by lillilotus Hamja - Pg 5 by lillilotus
Page 5 of my Hamja comic!

I recently went onto Smackjeeves (where Nikku's comic is being shown), and saw something a quote along the lines of 'we should say that we don't keep Nikku in a cage, and I'm not that violent really!' (I shortened it down) from Pugz.

I then realised that I was actually being really mean in these comics, because I've drawn one person dead alot, and the other person comes across as really violent pretty much all the time. And that's not fair on them, because they're not like that at all!

So I felt like I should give Pugz a nice, sisterly, totally-not-violent-in-any-way-shape-or-form scene. And I'm also going to try and draw a nicer ending for Nikku, to make up for beating him up in these comics alot! ^^;

Anyway, I feel like I've butchered about half the panels in this page (excuse the pun), because I kept putting off the final 2 panels in fear of drawing them wrong! I think they turned out ok? I also don't know if I could consider this a success, because one person liked the ending, whereas another friend didn't get the page at all, and asked me to explain it to them.

yeah, I'm just going ot leave it at that; the rest of my writing would probably just be a rant anyways ^^;

Art copyright to me!
Hamja copyright to Myself and HAM japan!
HAMJapanUK Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neither of us mind what situation you draw us in (I've been through this before), and most of Nikku's strips end with me beating him anyway xD

You enjoy drawing us and we enjoy the pages, tis all good :D
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Student General Artist
(why do I only just see this message now?!) and yeah, I'll probably still feel bad about it, no matter how many times I'm told! ^^; (I'll work to get over it tough!)

Yay; I'm glad! :meow:
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July 6, 2012
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