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'Hamja On The Farm' Pop-Up Book by lillilotus 'Hamja On The Farm' Pop-Up Book by lillilotus
For our GCSE graphics coursework, we got the option of making a pop-up book, and because I lack the ability to make merchandise packaging or an activity pack, I decided to go for the pop-up book. I decided it would be aimed at super young children so I wouldn't have to spend too much time thinking up a plot, and so I could read it to my Niece afterwards :heart: With the kiddy element firmly burned into my mind, I decided to make Hamja the star of the book! :D There were a couple of moments where I got odd-looks, like some people asked me why she had purple hair, pig features and a strange name, and my teacher wasn't sure if she was a copyrighted character (she is, to me, but if he thinks she looks good enough to be copyright, I guess that's a compliment, right? ^^; ) When we got a new teacher for Graphics (the photography teacher - he swears a lot, but he's pretty laid back ^_^ ), he got us to do a really quick sketch of what our projects would look like. Everyone else did intricate net diagrams and sketches of pages and layouts, and I felt pretty stupid because I didn't know anything about my book other than it would feature Hamja ^^; When I eventually had to show my 'sketch' to the class, I held up a picture of Hamja with a pig plushie and said 'I don't know what my pages will look like yet - so here's a pig...'

I'm pretty proud of how this pop-up book looks; it's not as good as the others in my class (i.e. I did bog-standard flaps while everyone else drew sharks jumping out of the page!), but I knew most of my marks were going to come from the pictures themselves - and what fun that was! You'd think graphics students would know what a tablet is, right? Wrong! Pretty much no one in my class knew what a tablet was, so when I started doodling before and after lessons with it, they all gawped at my computer like I was performing witchcraft! :XD:

Anyways, I ended up getting an A grade for this :D I also managed to show off Hamja to my class, and there is currently a joke/threat going around the house that the book ought to get published.....after I redraw the graphics on Manga Studio instead of photoshop |D

Art and book copyright to me!
Hamja copyright to myself and :iconhamjapanuk:

You've no idea how close it was to this book being Hamja riding a moose and charging at Nikku :XD:
Divine-Princess Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!! That's so cool!! :D
lillilotus Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Student General Artist
:D Thank you so much! Thanks for the fave too! ^.^
Divine-Princess Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're so welcome, friend!
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