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Hair Meme - Hamja by lillilotus Hair Meme - Hamja by lillilotus
I've had my eye on the hair meme for weeks, and I eventually got around to doing it before study leave. It was a pretty fun meme to do actually :-)

Ponytail; sporty, probably; to be honest, I'd refrain from drawing her with a ponytail because ponytails can be hard to draw from the front since they're not always seen from that angle. (does that make any sense? Not sure :S )
Pigtails; it kinda goes with the name, doesn't it? Hamja default - and will always be one of my favourites ^_^
Side-ponytail; I feel like I could've drawn this one better; it just looks like I cut one pigtail off (wait.....isn't that what a side ponytail is anyway?!)
Short; younger Hamja! :heart: This one also seems to be a favourite of other people
Long; another one of my favourites! Her hair is already long, so the only way I could think of her having it down is if she was asleep, and flowing out of the box so it didn't just look cut-off (how do people sleep with their hair down?! Isn't it all tangled in the morning?! Strange people!)
Updo; summery Hamja, hence the sleeveless dress too (note; that's my actual Hamja cosplay dress; I wore it to my Bro's wedding :meow: )

Art copyright to me and :iconhamjapanuk: !
Black version here [link] copyright to :iconlazysmirk:
Kate1300 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
This is amazingggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and how do people sleep with their hair up? x
jopyon Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I quite like the ponytail one :< I know what you mean about it not visually pleasing from the front, but Hamja still suits it. While her ear accessorizes her pigtails, her bow accessorizes her ponytail.
lillilotus Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Student General Artist
Hehe; thanks ^^; Yeah, it's annoying just drawing a bump where the top of the ponytail should be; it ends up looking stupid no matter how many times I redraw it T.T I prefer to draw big flowey hairstyles; much more fun! I guess you're right about the bow though; but even still, you can't see it from the front with a ponytail anyway :\
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June 7, 2013
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