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HAMJapanUK Christmas by lillilotus HAMJapanUK Christmas by lillilotus
It was decided at the beginning of the month that I'd probably end up drawing something for a couple of HAM Japan members (the ones I'm closest with, ie. Pugz, Nikku, Keshi, Niko) UNfortunately, I didn't have any time to start them until the 23rd! And the condition my tablet was in didn't exactly help either! D: (I just got Nikos done before I went to Midnight Mass on the 24th; everyone else had to wait until the 26th)

Top-left; Nikku and Poison Ivy - Ivy is pretty~ And he tried to steal my Ivy badge at the November meet, so I figured I draw him with Ivy (they were meant to be dancing or something, doesn't look like it though : ) Btw, coat looks alittle like Vergils because he was the only demon left; sorry
Top-right; Keshi - I feel bad that you're the only one without a partner, but you did say you liked Final fantasy, and since that buster sword just keeps reappreaing~ :XD: It also occured to me about Shinobis and Battle for Money, so I had to ref. that somehow! :meow:
Bottom-left; Pugz and Dante - I asked which she preferred out of Dante, Vergil and Nero (so I knew who to draw) and I got called a meanie because it was a difficult choice T.T damnit...anyways, bridal style is actually harder to draw than I remember, but maybe that's because it's not a girl in a wedding dress this time (and god damnit I'm not risking my health by drawing Pugz in a dress.....again :XD: ) Still, I do want Dante's coat.....and Neros....and Vergils....
Bottom-right; Niko and Ankh - I can't pass up the chance to draw Ankh with christmas dinner, especialy when he's part-bird! :XD: And Niko looks like a guy called Philip here, and I love it! :heart:

Merry Christmas guys; thanks for a great year! ^_^

Art copyright to me!
Poison Ivy copyright to DC Comics
Dante, Nero and Vergil copyright to Capcom (Devil May Cry)
Ankh copyright to Toei!

P.s. if anyone wanted an individual one, I sent them out, but otherwise, just ask
HAMJapanUK Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, Nero's coat looks fab on me~

Now, if only I could find an actual one...
lillilotus Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha; I'm glad you like it ^_^

I think I know how you could customise a Nero coat; I have a black coat, so if I get chance, I'll take a photo and draw over it to show what I mean (it'll work, I swear!)
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December 27, 2012
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