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Freedom Fighter Cherry by lillilotus Freedom Fighter Cherry by lillilotus
This is what I think Cherry would look like if she was old enough to be a freedom fighter with Azure, Robin and everyone else! She's actually only 7 in the series, so I'd call her about.....10 in this picture?

Too much thought went into this despite it being a quick sketch! The cape and shoulder guards I saw in Chris Hart's Occult and Horror manga book (it's a brill book, and worth a look at even if you don't need drawing tips!). I kept the blue and green tom and leggings, but put the shorts and cape over them because it looked cool! (That's usually my reason for doing stuff, even if it's not a very good motivation ^^; ) Her weapon would probably be bombs ('Cherry Bomb', get it?! :XD: ), since she's a tech girl and could probably stick them on walls and program them to go off after a time period or at the click of a button. She wears them on her belt, and uses that PDA (in her hand) to track where they are (using a map) and how long they've got left before they explode!

I think Cherry's my favourite out of all the characters so far, then Circuit (despite how rude she is) and Robin (no; not sexist at all~ :XD: )

Art copyright to me!
Cherry copyright to Nikku and Pugz! (this account: :iconhamjapanuk: go look at it!)
Nick-Kazama Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
I remember this one! Cherry Bomb....... that's frikkin' genius!! Why can't I come up with awesome stuff like that?? XD

Great stuff Dani, I'll hafta do an adult Hamja for ya! :D
lillilotus Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Student General Artist
:XD: It was a while ago now, but I still really like it! And who doesn't want to throw bombs at people?! (especially cherry bombs! X3 ) And my answer to that is 'yes you can; because you came up with such awesome characters to begin with! :D '

Thank you! *tries to visualise adult Hamja* That could be quite interesting actually! :XD:
Nick-Kazama Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012
*Chibi Nikku gives thumbs up*

Ooooooh Yeeeeeaaaaah! *Thinks of what adult Hamja will look like*
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