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Fine Drops by lillilotus Fine Drops by lillilotus
The 3rd instalment into this weird 'I feel like drawing pretty dresses' series; this one is a dress that I actually wore to my Big Brother's wedding yesterday. It was originally going to be my prom dress, until I found one that was more 'appropriate' for prom, so it got changed to wedding dress instead ^^;

The drawing is as accurate as I could get to what I wore yesterday; the only thing that is a little off is the flower on the left wrist - I thought it would be a white rose, dyed red, on a red ribbon; but when I was presented with it, it was a red rose (with a diamond in the middle), black organza ribbon, big green leaves, black feathers and silver wire. It was much lovelier than I thought it would be, so thank you to my Brother's step-sister for making those flowers for us all :D I also had a black bow in my hair to pull my fringe back(or, the bits of hair that would be my fringe if they were shorter), but it can't be seen from the front ^^; The dress itself was second-hand 'last year fashion' from a prom fair. Shoes were bought for 49 (most expensive item) - down from 100 in the sale, then got more money off by using a Gold Card for discount :XD: (the Bride's mother had the same shoes and bag as me - damnit :XD: ) Necklace was 17 from a place in town; the lady there is after my France coat, so it's nice to go in and say 'hi' when I pass through ^_^

Next one of these will be in July and will be my actual prom dress - much to the *ahem* 'anticipation' of certain people at school ^_^

Art copyright to me!

(p.s. on an added note, I wore my Hamja-esque dress the morning after the wedding.....which means I'm vaguely getting there with a summery Hamja cosplay :meow: )
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May 26, 2013
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