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Double Act by lillilotus Double Act by lillilotus

Here's a late piece that I did for my GCSE Art exam. We were told 'no one gets an A* grade without an outside piece alongside their exam piece' - the day before the exam. So naturally everyone rushes around trying to do an outside piece as fast as possible. Now, I had a slight advantage; I'd clarified with my teacher that I could use one of my digital pictures AS LONG AS it was changed slightly (we'll say 50%), and it didn't matter if it was online already. SO; my genius plan was to take ~HAMJapanUK 's birthday picture from 2012 (of Robin) and draw Azure in there as well! It was genius, and I got it done in one evening ^_^


I'm actually really glad that I found this though; when I was uploading the other GCSE pieces, I couldn't find the original file for this picture. I'd also lost the A3 printout I'd made for my exam. And then I had to delete the only known copy off my memory stick so I could fit my current coursework onto it :'( But then I found the file again somehow, so here it is! :D


Art copyright to me!

Azure and Robin copyright to :iconhamjapanuk: and :iconnick-kazama:


Someday, I'm going to put Circuit, Sav and Cherry on here - it might make a cool t-shirt :XD:

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December 11, 2013
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