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Choose Your Player! by lillilotus Choose Your Player! by lillilotus

Happy Birthday to ~Nick-Kazama and his girlfriend, Em! ^_^ Choose your fighter from your own list of cosplays! :D


These two have birthdays that are only 4 days apart, so I thought it appropriate to do an awesome combo picture :meow: Unfortunately it then occurred to me that these two have birthday that are only 4 days apart - when the Hell was I going to upload it?! Eventually decided on the 28th as it's in the middle of the two (Em = 26th, Nikku = 30th)


Right; I came up with this idea in my History lesson (my friend can vouch for this; I was a bit giddy after thinking up some form of self-declared 'genius' :XD: ) but I'd only thought of it as a solo piece for Nikku. Then I sat down and thought about it properly and it occurred to me that I could easily make it a multiple picture and it'd look much more elaborate with two players :XD: The first thing to do was to find out which cosplays they both have....which proved to be a bit trickier than I imagined. After multiple recounts and sneakily stalking FB profiles, I got the list up to 7-6. It's a little unfair to give one more cosplays than the other on their roster, so I took out one of Nikku's cosplays - Ms. Cloud, whose picture I am going to put here for you entertainment - and turned it into DLC! (HAM Japan have a deep hatred of DLC for it's exploitation of the gaming industry, but I've never seen anyone more passionately against it than him :XD: ) I decided that they should be Cloud Strife and Aeris Gainsborough (FFVII) because they're the cosplays they first met in, and I feel like it's very much their trademark now - while they'll most likely double-up cosplays at cons, the FFVII cosplays are the ones that I've seen them in the most and they're easily the most popular ^.^


Art copyright to me!

Nikku and Em copyright to themselves!

Cosplay characters copyright to their respective owners!

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December 28, 2013
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