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Chibi Nabooru by lillilotus Chibi Nabooru by lillilotus
Nabboru, I really like you, and you took the longest out of all the chibis so I'm naturally proud of how you ended up looking.........but my God; your background sucks! Why couldn't I come up with anything better?! WHY?! DX

Nabooru was fun to draw, and also the most complex to plan out. Because she sends Link into the Spirit Temple to get the silver gauntlets, I really wanted to draw her wearing them - even though she never actually gets the chance :S I'd have preferred them to be gold because it'd look better with her colour scheme, but that wouldn't have been accurate : I also wanted to give her an axe since she wields one while wearing the Iron Knuckle armour. Her outfit very nearly ended up being can, since I found pictures of her wearing that colour and I swear she wore cyan in my copy of the game. Alas, the artwork has her wearing pink, everyone draws her wearing pink, and it turns out my copy of the game does have her wearing pink aswell -_- I still think she looks pretty in cyan....The other thing I tried to get correct were her features. While researching, I found an amazing drawing of the Gerudo guards, and the artist griped about how other artists just draw Gerudos with generic manga faces and a tan. While I don't think it's true that EVERY artist does this, I tried to make it a point to make them look 'Gerudo'-ish, like in the game. SO; a larger nose and gold eye it is! (also left out the Hylian pointed ears, since I don't think they have those?) The only two things I didn't put in were the heavy lipstick and heavy eye make up, because with my style and the way I'd drawn the eyes and mouth, it looked downright ridiculous!

Nabooru herself is a pretty cool character though, and I really like the attitude they gave her in the manga; it was the 'I'll use you for my own personal gain, and I am a thief, but I'm also a good person and not a pure-hearted villain!'. I also thought it was funny how she got ahold of the mirror shield before Link; 'How did you get that shield?' 'Oh, I stole it from the temple earlier~ hehehehe~ >:3 ' 'Link could have DIED!' 'My bad; totally my fault~ :D '

Full Chibi Spread;

Art copyright to me!
Nabooru copyright to Nintendo!
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August 14, 2013
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