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Chibi Impa: Hyrule Warrior by lillilotus Chibi Impa: Hyrule Warrior by lillilotus
Here's the first Chibi in my next project; Chibi Impa: Hyrule Warrior!

A few weeks ago, I got my art A-level result back, and I was really upset with it. I didn't feel like drawing for a little while, but I knew I had to get moving with things again, so I decided to draw a quick Chibi of Impa - then I blinked and realised that it'd morphed into a whole project! Cue lots of polishing of quality and actually putting time into the background and shading!

It's basically going to be the same thing I did last year; every week I'll release a new Chibi of a character from a game - instead of Ocarina of Time, it's going to be Hyrule Warriors (because those character designs are amazing!), ad instead of the female characters, it's going to be all the playable ones - I've started with the girls though, if only because it's only Link so far

The only issue with this is that not all the characters are released yet - I could be drawing these for a long time depending on how many more reveals there are, but at the itme of starting this, I'm 5 in front, so I've got 5 weeks until I'm back up to speed with Nintendo :-)

Chibi Midna:

Last year's 'Ocarina of Time' Chibi spread (includes al links to individual Chibis in description) -
There will eventually be a Chibi Spread of all of them for this project - but considering that not all of them are revealed yet, it'd be a little silly to release it half done ^^;

Art copyright to me!
Impa copyright to Nintendo!

fun fact: did you know it's one day off being a year since I did the last Chibi project? :meow:
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July 18, 2014
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