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Chibi Impa by lillilotus Chibi Impa by lillilotus
Impa :heart: Out of all the characters in Ocarina of Time, she's my favourite! My first time playing through the game, after meeting with Zelda, I turned around to find a very tall, very intimidating woman blocking my only exit. Even after trying to sidle around her to get out, the game forced me into a cutscene - and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she wasn't half bad! In fact, she was pretty cool, and even taught me the first song! I was kinda sad in the end that you don't really see her after that (she's probably one of the sages you see the least of, disregarding Rauru who you can't get to, and Nabooru who you only meet in the second-to-last dungeon anyway)

What probably made me love Impa though, despite it not being canon, was the manga. Her overall relationship and devotion to Zelda is really sweet! Defending her from Ganondorf, and keeping an eye on her when she runs away to go play with Link in Castle Town. In the Shadow section of the manga (end of vol. 1), I feel like she has an attitude of 'I'm not letting you go after Zelda until I feel you're ready to do so'. There's a slight distrust in Link there, but at the same time, she really doesn't want anything bad to happen to Zelda; this same attitude is in her Skyward Sword incarnation.

Impa; while she's got the scariest Temple in any game I've ever played, she's definitely my favourite :heart:

Full Chibi spread here;

Art copyright to me!
Impa copyright to Nintendo!

(I'd really like to cosplay as Impa one day, but I don't think I've quite got the same sort of strength and/or protectiveness she has ^^; I'll aim to be like her a little more in the future ^_^ )
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Thank you ^_^
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