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Blue Skies by lillilotus Blue Skies by lillilotus
Something I noticed while looking at my dA homepage (continuously....all weekend....was that all 4 of my latest deviations are Legend of Zelda related. Even though I really like the series and this isn't a problem, I was surprised that I'd draw fanart for that series in bulk recently, especially since this was conceived as a Mario fanart/original work account! Anyways, I had a strike of inspiration, and this was the result, so I'm uploading it to show I can draw non-fanart :XD:

I liked how this one looked as lineart; the hair alone had 2 hours spent on it! And it was visualised to be a 'night and day' sort of thing, with the darker hair having white stars on it, and the lighter hair fading into white. It didn't work out how I thought it would - at all. Flicking white paint to make the stars seemed like a good idea because it looked really good when I did it for Majora's mask (shameless advertising since few people seem to know it's there ) just didn't work for this one. maybe it's because the area was too big, I'm not sure. I did manage to get more paint on my tablet than on the paper though -_-' I also feel like I ruined the face by trying to add make-up

Urgh -_-' starting to regret painting it, because it'll look really plain in my gallery; just hoping the other 2 paintings look better; much, MUCH better....

Art copyright to me!
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August 15, 2013
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