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Austria Sketch by lillilotus Austria Sketch by lillilotus
A sketch of Austria that I did at school (yeah; I got the whole day out of lessons for our school music competition*, so I got to draw all day! Much fun was had by all!)

I tired still-life for this one (still life? Or is it realism? I don't know, but you know what I mean!). I think it turned out quite well! We actually put the sketch up to :icondoctor-who-lover: 's face (school friend), and it turned out scarily like her (just the face not the hair; she's ginger!)

I tried to put detail in ths one, because I was feeling a bit down by my work. Recently I found this artist on here (sorry, can't remember the name, but she drew the Bad friends Trio, it's in my faves!) and I saw a picture of France that she drew, and it was amazing! IT WAS SO DETAILED; I WAS SO JEALOUS! And then I realised that the 'detail' I put in my work is absolutely god-damn nothing compared to real detail other artists do! So I was a bit depressed about my lack of creativity! So, I tried hard with this one, so the cravate (?) is a bit detailed and I put Eidelweiss on the buttons (Austrian flower, go watch the Sound of Music!) I know it's still nothing like 'real detail', but I'll improve; I mean, that's the only way to, right? Keep going and practise it! If I got depressed about my work and stopped drawing for lack of creativity, then I wouldn't get any better, so there's no point! So, I'll keep working on it, and I'll be good at detail some day! (I sound like a hippocrate, considering I don't practise piano at all, through lack of motivation!)

Coloured version: [link]

Art copyright to me!
Austria copyright to Hetalia!

*Our school music comeptition usually spans about 2 months, with auditions in the first month, and the finals always taking place all day on the day we break up for the holidays. It's tradition that you take the whole day out of lessons to go and watch if you auditioned, even if you don't get through to the final. This was my first year in the final, but I didn't win anything (a warbling, pop song won, and that really p*ssed me off, since it's saying 'classical music is dying'.)
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April 17, 2011
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