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Argentine Tango by lillilotus Argentine Tango by lillilotus
.....Holy crap, what the Hell did I just draw?! I don't draw romantic stuff, and this.....just....why?! And why did it turn out to be Circuit and Azure?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

So, 'Strictly Come Dancing' ('Dancing with the Stars' is the American version) is on TV again this Christmas, and a couple of weeks ago, a couple did the Argentine Tango. This is one of my favourite dances because it's brilliantly well-choreographed and allows for alot of fancy-footwork! There's always one lift that gets me though, and it's basically where the man almost leads the lady across the floor...I can't really explain it....just look at the picture! This particular couple did that lift really well, and I thought 'I seriously want to draw that lift!'

Cut to a couple of days later at school, and I found myself sketching out the poses during lessons. It didn't really occur to me that I was drawing anything 'different than normal' until someone caught sight of it at school and said it was raunchy! D: And then I felt really awkward and questioned whether or not I should be drawing it to begin with... My friend also saw it and, somehow, guessed straight away that it was Circuit, which I was very impressed with (it either means she's observant or I draw her too much....I'm thinking the latter...) She said I should carry on with it, so I did. I sent the picture to Nikku (he designed Circuit and Azure) to ask for permission to upload it because it was so different, and he said it was ok, so I don't feel so bad anymore! ^_^

I love Circuit's dress; I really do! :heart: It was inspired by Aliona's dress from her Argentine Tango (with Harry Judd) back in 2011! There was a very similar dress worn by another dancer a few weeks ago, and that's what reminded me of it (I prefer Aliona's; I also recently found out that dress got sold for 2000! :O ) Azure's suit was going to be red to match, but I think the blue looks better, and too much red may have been a bit overwhelming (I don't have any room to talk; I pretty much wear red everyday!) I also really like the posing; not the actual poses, but more the way they're drawn! I'm trying really hard to improve them, and this got picked up on, so I'm really happy! :meow:

Art copyright to me!
Circuit and Azure copyright to Nikku and Pugz on this account: :iconhamjapanuk: (go read Empire, damnit! :XD: )
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December 9, 2012
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