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AiR - Pg 2 by lillilotus AiR - Pg 2 by lillilotus
Back in.....I think it was January.....I started work on another page of 'Artist in Residence'. Unfortunately that went to pot when the art exam kicked in and I had to put it on hold. It was only on Monday when I actually decided 'I'm going to carry on with it so I can eventually make more pages!'

You know those voices that you sometimes hear in your head? A bit like your conscience, but not quite? (more like a 'shoulder angel and shoulder devil') Well these 'voices' sometimes appear as the voices of a few people - particularly when I'm drawing. These voices (and I will name and shame them) are Pugz (wanting boyxboy stuff/DMC - I'm calling her voice down to 'subliminal messaging'), Nikku (wanting girlxgirl/piggus), Wilko and Cae (wanting anything with themselves in them) and Niko (wanting tokusatsu-hobbit-layton-sonic anything)

While I couldn't bring myself to shove a sword in Niko's brain, hence why she's the only voice who isn't dead in that last panel, I didn't feel too bad with the other 4 ^_^ (though I nearly drew Pugz and Nikku dressed as cherubs - I drew the line there, since I do value my life) Though that last picture of poor Nikku in a bottle.... :XD:

Art and comic copyright to me!

P.s. feel like starting a flame war due to those yaoi and yuri preferences? Take it somewhere else
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May 2, 2013
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