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A terrible fate by lillilotus A terrible fate by lillilotus
"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Majora's Mask was the second Zelda game I played, straight after Ocarina. While I prefer Ocarina in terms of dungeons, I think Majora's Mask is very atmospheric, and the story is really good! The characters and their reactions to the destruction of Termina are brilliantly done; to the point where I nearly cried after failing one particular sidequest (I didn't mean to fail, Kafei; I didn't mean to leave you in that room to die! D'X ). With such a great game, I had to look up the soundtrack (the 'Final Hours' track is worth looking up) On my travels, I found a remastered soundtrack that a fan had made; and it was amazing to listen to! Sure, certain tracks took a while to get going (as it was hard to latch onto a tune), but the one I keep daydreaming to is the third one, 'terrible fate' (… ) I don't know why, but I keep imagining a ballerina.

When I eventually got around to drawing it, I asked Twin (who is a ballerina) 'what's the symbolism for 'death' in ballet?'. I vaguely remember her mentioning crossed arms, so I went with that - and when she saw the mask in her hands, I got criticised for (probably) skewing the symbolism. -_- The colours were a little tricky too; I imagined them being a little more pink and a bit warmer - instead, it looks like I copied the colours off a box of crayons. -_- It looks ok though, and I fixed the brown mess on the waist by adding in Moon tears (Majora's Mask summons the moon to crash into Termina, and you can collect Moon tears to trade and sell) I put the face paint in to resemble Majora's mask.......huh, not really sure why. I guess I was thinking about Skull Kid at the time, since he gets possessed while wearing Majora's Mask ^^; The only other piece of significance is the shadow; I wanted it to look fiery and like 'a shadow of destruction, rawr!' To makie it look extra fiery I splashed paint on it - then added more and more and more since it made a cool background - and eventually I managed to get a ton on my desk and my iPod |D

There's lots of little details that reference Majora, Termina, the Moon, Skull Kid, Death etc. so just keep an eye out ^^;

Art and design copyright to me!
Majora's mask copyright to Nintendo!

(a Fierce Deity ballerina to counter this might be quite fun :P )
GoddessMajora Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
This is Very Beautiful. 
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