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2014 Summary of Art by lillilotus 2014 Summary of Art by lillilotus
I'm sorry this is so late; I've not had a moment to breathe since I got back to school :/ (seriously, History just isn't letting up with the deadlines). Regardless, here's my summary of 2014 - complete with annotations this time :D

I feel like this is meant to show improvement, and it does up to a point - then it gets to December and drops into 'what the heck happened?!' territory D: (it gets crap because that's my Twin's birthday picture, and I had no time in between work to improve it by adding shading :/ )

Also, the latter third of the year, ahh......yeah, I couldn't decide between a few of them ^^; I wanted the Ridge picture to be in September, but I also wanted the Communist Mobile in. Then for October, my sister's birthday picture deserved to go in, but the Yogscast picture was required to go in there (after much pressurising it got sent off to hannah's Advent in December - and I got sent a card back! :'D ). November is part of an unreleased picture that I only ended up liking one character in (liked the idea; but the execution didn't work and I couldn't think of how to fix it :/ ). It was actually meant to be my Nouveau piece since that's what most of November was spent doing, but because it's part of my A2 Fine Art course, I can't put it online until it's been marked; I'm sorry

aaaaand.....that's all! :D I hope 2015 will be a much bigger line of improvement; I've already got a few pieces lined up :meow: (that I can't upload yet because, again, they're part of my A Levels DX )

(oh, April is my AS final exam piece, which I also can't upload because a) the module is being remarked, and b) it's gone missing, and we don't know where it is :C Much sadness....)
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