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2013 Summary of Art by lillilotus 2013 Summary of Art by lillilotus

Well, here it is; my 2013 Summary of Art! ^_^'s still really pink! |D


I'll be honest, I had some trouble with it this year; some months are full of drawings (March and August were difficult) while other had barely anything to show for themselves! I didn't draw as much this year because of my GCSE Art coursework and A-Level Media coursework, which is disappointing. Nevertheless, what there was to choose from....I found difficult to choose from! While I didn't draw as much, there are so many more happy memories behind this year's gallery, and it made me smile to look back and remember everything! :'3


January: This was a piece I nearly scrapped, but persevered with, and I eventually made it into a print to sell at Huddersfield Con this year ^.^

February: Wreck-it Ralph had just hit the scene, and I wanted to draw something for Huddersfield Con to do with Vanellope, so I designed her a full Decora Lolita outfit! This piece was rather quiet for a while, and I don't know what happened, but it suddenly got really popular (by my standards); it was a genuine shock to find all those faves on this one :XD: Also, going to see Wreck-it Ralph was great and I loved it!

March: Once again, I wanted to draw something for Huddersfield Con, and this is what I was working on in between my art exam prep, coursework and homework! I still really love this piece - definitely one of my favourites of the year! :heart:

April: While I like this one, it doesn't stand out that much in my gallery. the reason it's here is because it got a really good reaction from my friends, and it was the first thing I drew after I'd handed in all my graphics and art coursework - this was very much the picture that defined my new-found freedom :XD:

May: This year I discovered a new set of video games - Legend of Zelda! I'm having such fun with this series, and I'm kinda addicted to it, to say the least! ^^; While Twilight Princess isn't my favourite *looks at Skyward Sword*, I admire Agitha's character design! It's so detailed and she's adorable! ^.^

June: I revamped the HAM Japan Podcast cover and this was the result! This picture........caused me SO much trouble! I had problems making it because the background was unworkable (checkerboard patterns -_- ), and it took a while to design the dress properly. Then back in September, I was told that someone from my school had ripped this straight off my Facebook account (it's my cover photo) and used it as his cover photo with the heading 'just my latest piece'! There.....are few people that I've wanted to punch more than that bastard! It upset me a lot (he's not my friend on FB and shouldn't have access to anything of mine) because I did count it as art theft - and certain friends were less than sympathetic. I'll quote one; "It's just a joke (it'd been going on for about 4 months before I found out), and you can't do anything about it. You, one of the most unpopular girls in school, can't take down one of the most popular boys in school!" ....I preferred the other suggestion of throwing a grenade through his window. After advice from my Media teacher (guru of all things internetty) and Pugz - leader of HAM Japan and half-custody owner of Hamja - I told him that I never wanted to see anything of mine on his account and that I wanted it removed within the hour! .....*ahem* this picture is lucky that I'm proud of it enough to put up with fighting for it. :heart:

July: I had a lot of fun at Manchester MCM this year, and so I wanted to sum up the event with a picture! Everyone seemed pretty happy to be included on it :meow:

August: While this was nearly the Marionette picture, I decided on the Pink Idiot because drawing in one colour was pretty fun! There's also a sly reference to my GCSE Art result on here. Back in August, the GCSE results came out, and I found out from my teacher that our school had earned 7 A*s, and the exam board had taken all but one of them away. It really upset me, and while I do count myself as an A* student, I'll never forgive the examiners for ripping away our hard-earned marks. (especially since I found out the students who got Ds were awarded marks in order to push them further up the ranks!) The 7 stars along the top are the stars we rightfully earned

September: I'd been toying with a floaty-Aeris idea for a while now, and I was proud that I'd managed to pull this one off - especially with the water effects and the gradient to make it look like she's sinking! Shame it didn't get a bit more notice :

October: I couldn't really find much of interest for October T.T But I did work hard on this one, and I had a bit of a laugh at how the characters looked so different from how I'd intended :XD:

November: A late Halloween picture; and a reference to the darkest game I know; Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask! A perfectly dark game that I had to reference at that time of year :P (and I really wanted to have Majora facepaint for Halloween! D: )

December: Hamja grew wings, got decently drawn feet and some handbells; I was proud to hand this out as a Christmas card for 2013 :'3


I'll write a 2013 summary journal soon :-)


Art copyright to me!

All characters copyright to their respective owners!

I unfortunately forgot who made the art summary, but it's copyright to them, either way ^^;

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