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2011: Year Of The Bunny-Rabbit by lillilotus 2011: Year Of The Bunny-Rabbit by lillilotus
Happy Chinese New Year everybody! :heart:

Yeah, I know. I'm sad for putting 'bunny-rabbit' instead of just 'rabbit' but I'm still a child at heart, and I still say bunny. So no harm done (...right?)

Yes, that is Lillilotus (me) with a lantern. It's good, because I actually have a dress like that. but it's purple and has flowers on it instead of bunnies. It's too small for me now though, and I can't wear it anymore. but I'm keeping it because it was damn expensive! Plus, it's too good to send to the charity shop!

I am fully aware that theres hardly anything to do with bunnies on this (other than the writing on the lantern and the bunnies on the dress), but I don't really care. Because I wanted to do something different, and the amount of people who have drawn a chibi with bunny ears is colossal! But it's not a problem; because they're cute anyways!

Art and Lillilotus copyright to me!

P.S. I was born in the year of the rat! *squeak*

P.P.S. We had chinese food last night, and I thing we should've saved it for tonight instead (had good ol' British fish 'n' chips tonight...with chicken pakoras) Although I suppose because of the time difference, it would've been round about new year in china when we had tea anyway (YOSH!)
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February 3, 2011
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