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2011 Art Summary by lillilotus 2011 Art Summary by lillilotus
January: "Rosalina: Asia" [link]

February: "English Black Magic" [link]
February 11th 2011 - Niko corrupts my head with a wonderful thing called "Hetalia". Leads to creativity and drawing ideas going through the roof and better history results.

March: "Mermaid Rosalina" [link]

April: "Ore Wa Doitsu Sei" [link]

May: "Fairy Cakes" [link]

June: "Prussia-Hybrid Exam - 100" [link]

July: "Like, Totally" [link]

August: "Belarussian" [link]

September: "Sketchey Peach" [link]

October: "APH - Black Magic" [link]

November: "APH - Japan fruit Ninja" [link]

December: "APH - Stille Nacht" [link]

Other piece that I really love, but didn't get on: :thumb192198189: :thumb192522800: :thumb194200508: :thumb200315628: :thumb201167179: :thumb208561499: :thumb212693382: :thumb203835254: :thumb219302093: :thumb264525030: :thumb266257579: :thumb268641179: :thumb269647134: :thumb270022544: :thumb274221253:

A review of 2011 in picture: Iíve really enjoyed this year in the Art Community; Iíve been introduced to new things and new characters, experimented with new media, met an awful amount of wonderful people, and Iíve learned to draw boys properly. I guess the two biggest changes that 2011 threw at me is that Iíve been inspired by alot more people, and on a much larger scale than before. Theyíve given me ideas and encouraged me, and even outside art, theyíve been amazing. For that, I am very thankful! The second thing is that Iíve been taking on much bigger challenges; Iíve done huge pieces that I could only dream of before, set myself higher goals, and have branched out. This time last year, I was primarily a videogame artist. Now, Iím drawing games and anime, Iíve done an amazing cosplay and made my own plush. Iím definitely not the best artist and Iím still a tiny speck on dA, but to achieve all this at 15 years old is definitely an achievement! I really feel like Iíve grown this year, and Iím going to keep moving forward and improve with everything. With everyoneís help and happiness, letís make 2012 brilliant!

All Art copyright to me!
All characters copyright to their respective owners!
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