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Zorn Inspired Digital Color Palette

A free color palette download for digital artists inspired by Anders Zorn.

Master artist Anders Zorn was famous for using a limited palette of just 4 colors: Lead White, Yellow Ochre, Vermillion and Ivory Black. Despite being a limited palette, when mixed, these colors produce a large range of colors and tones. Unfortunately for digital artists, mixing white, yellow, red and black in Photoshop does not produce the same results. Many of the cool tones and green hues are lost. This is why I created these swatch files based off a traditional painter's rendition of the Zorn palette. (Credit to Michael Lynn Adams.) Originally, it was only for my personal studies, but I wish to share with other digital artists who want to study Zorn's work or just experiment with a limited palette for a while.

A huge thank you to Michael Lynn Adams. Please check out their work and their step by step tutorial on how to make your own traditional Zorn palette.…

Read me
- Download and unzip the file. Import into your program of choice.
- No Attribution required.
- Please do not sell the files themselves.

What's Included
- Photoshop Swatch File (.aco)
- Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ace)
- Clip Studio Paint Swatch File (.cls)
- Palette Image (.png)

How it works
- See tutorial. (Scroll down.)

Zorn Palette Reference: Michael Lynn Adams
Artwork (left): Martha Dana, later Mrs. William R. Mercer by Anders Zorn
Color Palette Swatch Files by Lillendandie
.ace file conversion by DreamSlayerOfficial
© 2020 - 2021 Lillendandie
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Thanks to Dream for the .ace file. These files will work in other Adobe Software as well as Affinity Photo.

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