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Location  Finland
Voyage voyage et jamais ne reviens
Media: 2D Digital Painting
Tablet: Huion 580
Program: Clip Studio Paint
Credits: Stock: kerttu (Pixabay)
Critique: Closed. Thanks for you feedback.
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Amazing! Congratulations! :happybounce:

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This is so beautifully calm yet sad, it reminds me of my childhood.
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Hi there, on behalf of the Critmas 2018 event, I'm here to spread some Critmas cheer. :)

I love the idea of this, an intimidating yet beautiful landscape where only the unknown awaits.  Your choice to make most of this piece black and white, and slightly out of focus adds that uncertainty the young girl most likely is feeling. Here is a place she doesn't understand, here is a place that is both beautiful and potentially deadly. I think you captured this nicely and I have to congratulate you on the execution. It actually reminds me of a game I recently played, called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. It's about a Celtic woman who has psychosis and is on a quest to Helheim to rescue her lover's soul (he was brutally murdered by Norsemen and left for her to find). There are multiple points where the world changes to something like this, slightly out of focus, creepy and dark, with just a bit of light to see by.

I love the abstract feel you're going for, and this next bit of advice might not apply, but the setting sun looks a little misshapen. I'm really splitting hairs here as I like the piece, but my eyes do drift to it and wonder why it's wider than the circular sun our eyes normally sees (even when it's setting). As I said, I'm sure this is intentional, but it's just some food for thought.

All in all, a lovely piece that I will be more than happy to add to my favourites collection. :) 
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Thanks. Your crit is very helpful. I plan to revise this piece at some point and I will take what you've said into account.
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Very gloomy and athmospherical but that's what attracted me to it <3
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Thanks. I've always wanted to paint a darker sunset. I want to do this one again but in color next time.
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Thank you for your kind words in the forum. I'm not able to access the thread again since my core membership is over.

I like your paintings. Keep up the great work!
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My core is going to be over too. Sweating a little... 
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are you walcome :)
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