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Vector tutorial

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Published: April 9, 2007
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I just made a very simple tutorial because I didn't have anything better to do. Well, I did have better things to do, I just didn't wanna do those things .. you know?

The finished piece can be viewed here:

I got lazy in the end. I know the way i describe to use the pen tool probably isn't the best way to use it ... yes, it's just a crappy tutorial really, but it is my first one so bear with me.

Maybe I'll try to write a tutorial on how I work from photos one day, as that's probably what most people want to learn ... I don't know. ;)
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BundlesomethingProfessional Digital Artist
Hey I Love this tutorial. I would love a little more explanation on how you treated the hair. You really nailed it. It looks great! I would also love to see what your drawing looks like completed. Do you think you could send me your file? I am a commercial designer. I could send you some stuff I have worked on as well.
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mando9020 Digital Artist
Thanks for the tut. Skin shading and hair are my biggest challenges~always trying something different and looking for good tutorials. Later~
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Omi06Hobbyist Digital Artist
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nice dude. :"> tnx for the tutorial :)
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excelente tutorial! muy útil gracias
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This is such an adorable little tutorial! 8DD
I've never tried vectoring, but I'll be sure to try it out. (:
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its absolutly fun to draw and i want to learn more about people like you.I like your dolls.
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lorain05Hobbyist General Artist
hello! i have featured this tutorial in my profile ^_^ [link]
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crystal-of-ixHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the tutorial :D I've never done one for my sketches before; only with pictures :D This should be a big help :D
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ParamourJoseph Digital Artist
I love it!
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from a person who knows his adobe, you taught me something new :)
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Best vector tutorial! Tusind takk!
kirbyklowd28's avatar
very helpful especially for beginners like me
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retro-bang Photographer
Lovely tutorial! Punkcinderella is right, though. You aren't actually making vectors, though. If anything they'd be vexels :) Photoshop is a raster based image program, where things are rendered in pixels. Illustrator is a vector based program, so the things you draw in it are composed of mathematical values instead of pixels :D
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I really need this tip for my new business! Thanks!
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thats a great tut
can you explain more about the hair highlights?
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gran tutorial

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just an fyi, it's not a "vector" its a rastor. Vectors don't show pixels no matter how zoomed in it is, thats how you can tell the difference. you should change that in your tut because its not what you claim it is lol.
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LillemorGullHobbyist General Artist
Yes, I know you can see the pixels when zoomed in like here. But if you change the size of the file (-Image Size) you don't get a loss of quality, the lines are still crisp. That's why it is a vector. But Photoshop is probably not the optimal program for creating them. ;)
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yes but photoshop doesn't create vectors. its not the correct term for them, they are rastors. :]
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LillemorGullHobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm not really interested in arguing about it, but that's wrong. If you create a graphic using the technique I used in this tutorial it -IS- a vector. It is possible to blow it up without loss of quality. There's plenty of explanations on this, also here at deviantart.

You can try for yourself if you got Photoshop. Create a new file, let's say 300pxX300px, draw an ellipse (or something) using the shape tool (make sure you have the "Shape layer" selected in the top of the browser, not the "Paths"). Then change the image size to 600pxX600px or even higher. You see? No quality loss!

You can say an easy definition of a vector is that it's possible to blow up without loss of quality. A raster can't.
If you work in Photoshop you're most of the time creating rasters, and if you work in Illustrator you're most of the time creating vectors (but not necessary all the time).

If you still don't believe me you can check out this video:[link]
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you just don't get what i was saying. if it was created in photoshop no matter what the quality/size/whatever is. it is a rastor. period.
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dear Lille,.. i finally find out the easiest way to work with pen tool. thanks for your great tutorial. i really mean it. thanks so muchhhhhhhhh... :hug:
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