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I wanted to warn as many people as possible that there is some religious based protest group in San Jose that attacks like everything they can, and they always bug Fanime which happens in the same place FC is held this year.
I think the most I saw at once was like 20 people, all with huge protest signs about sinners and such, standing in a line yelling, they stand at the street edge which is fairly far back from the door and they are fairly ignorable as long as they do not have a megaphone.

From what I understand the main goal of this group is to sue people, they sue anyone who tries to prevent their protest or who takes a swing at them (rumor has it someone is always filming them, that they are a big trap to get money from an assault case by pissing you off)

Now they protest EVERYTHING, I heard their excuse for protesting Fanime was "worshiping false idols" I heard they protested a school function. So if they show they are NOT there to protest furries, they just protest everything.

SO point is.
Know that they may show up
know that they are not specifically furry haters but just general haters out to spoil fun
know that you need to not take their presence personal at all
know that you need to just ignore them as best you can.

I figured that not knowing about the protesters could leave a lot of people feeling rather hurt, knowing about them takes away their sting. I learned about the protesters before Fanime and thus ignored them rather easy, I knew they were just a harmless pest ... now had I not known I would have been hit with something rather uncomfortable when I arrived at the con.
SO I do not want folks to be left uncomfortable thinking that some hard core furry haters were attacking the event. Just please know that these are not hard core furry haters but rather real life trolls out wasting their time in the cold trying to make you feel bad about having fun....and just ignore them.

....and cross your fingers and hope they do not show up <_<;
They have been at Fanime every freaken time I have gone.

I hope FC does what Fanime did...and park a big old moving van between the con center and their protest spot to block them from view.
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(May be 1½ months late, but I still wanna say this) Those self-important schmucks are doing anything to make themselves heard, don't they? The nerve of these ignorant crackheads...! >|c