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giant plush chinese dragon

13 feet long
15 pounds of stuffing
my guess is at least 20 pounds overall
this is an exception to the rule as i normally do not take plushie commissions.
with any luck this will make it into the CA state fair creative arts show, its always a crapshoot entering as it depends on what the judge likes.
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Where can you buy this plush kite?
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Welcome I am empire1297 on discord hers a invite to art and more 
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We're you'd get that from amazon
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I know this is old, but how did you make the scale designs on the plush? Were they made by hand?
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How much would this cost to commission?
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Fantastic creation!  Love how kitty is casually sitting there:love:
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This is an AMAZING plush. I hope one day I can create a large plush like this with such nice details and have it look half as good! 

ps is that my cat's dad because it could be his twin. It looks exactly like my Magnus, fur length and bald spot over his eye included. 
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ur cats like---"Yep,same shit as always." XD
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That thing is awesome. I love the coloring on it. 
And it looks like it has it's own cat too. 
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so cool, I wish I had one :squee:
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So cool,your awsome
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it would be cool if you made shenron the eternal dragon from dragon ball z
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It's so big!!!!! Nice work!! i like it
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Is it possible for those of use who are interested in making are own plushies; if it's alright to make an editorial on how we can make are own? Or at least show the patters to help us make one?
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How much or do you do trades?
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That's not yours... It's BeastCubs!
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I AM Beastcub ^_^; this DA account pre-dates my fursuit business and uses my real name
Wolfywingedwolf's avatar
Oh.... Sorry.... Since your BeastCub... Can you help me I'm making a bird fursuit and I need help with the wings and beak. The wings would be a bit like your barn owl fursuit. The beak is... Well... A beak... :D
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Omg this is so awesome!
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